Will the real Thornlie please stand up, for at the moment they are all over the place especially on Saturday when they were belted by Gosnells on their own turf. All other games went as predicted though, with Hilton putting up a great fight over at Leeming, on their non preferred surface.
The first round is now completed with the stand out teams of Safety Bay and Gosnells looking the goods at the top of the ladder. They sit 9.5 and 7.5 points in front of the third placed team of Hilton.
Unfortunately Armadale definitely look automatic relegation material, with Fremantle only eight points in front of Vic Park, who lye ninth.
At the half way mark the skippers table is very interesting, with Chris Carruthers all alone at the top of the table, but only a half point in front of team mate Chris Owen, Gary Beckwith, Karl Vandersluys and Brett Holland.

THORNLIE 59 (0) v GOSNELLS 98 (8)
 Norman Holden 17 v Brett Holland  27
 Gary Beckwith 14 v Frank Carbone  19
 Glyn Vaughan 13 v Grant Nicol  16
 Glenn Sewell 15 v Maurice Crabb  36

The Kookaburras were certainly laughing on the way home on Saturday afternoon, as they simply demolished the home side by a whopping thirty nine shots.
A fantastic win, well set up by the rink of Crabbe, Lynch, Watters and McKelvie who thrashed the Sewell rink by some twenty one shots.
The Ravens would be bitterly disappointed not to win one rink, with Vaughan and his team mates putting up a great fight against the General, who prevailed by just thee shots, in what I believe was a fantastic tussle.
MANNING 82 (6) v SPEARWOOD 75 (2)
 Stephen Hughes 17 v Ivan Unkovich  27
 Alan Pryce 13 v Boris Yakas  20
 Shane Adams 25 v Vled Pesich  14
 Graham O'Brien 27 v Nikola Sokol  14

The rinks of Shane Adams and Graham O’Brien carried the day for the home side who had a not so convincing win over the visitors from Spearwood.
Only seven shots separated these teams at the finish of a contest that was fiercely fought out to the end, I have been told. The Spearwood boys took this game right up to the Eagles all the way, only to fall away at the finish.
Unkovich, who is having another good year and Boris Yakas grabbing two valuable points for the vanquished.
Manning now sneak ahead of Spearwood on the ladder by a slender margin.
FREMANTLE 98 (7) v ARMADALE 59 (1)
 Mark Gill 17 v Chadd Hunt  24
 Shaun McCormack 28 v Brian Davis  11
 Peter Wachmer 34 v Brandon Heta  10
 Wayne Heldt 19 v Blair Griffiths  14

The Mariners winning as expected, over the hapless visitors from Armadale, who struggled on the quickish Fremantle green. Forty points the margin at the completion of eighty four ends, and a long ride home into the bargain for the Storm.
The big winners for the home side were the rinks of Wachmer and young Shaun McCormack who had wins of twenty four and seventeen shots respectively.
Wachmer, apparently back to his brilliant best, was well supported by M Holt, McCarthy and Ngui.
The Hunt foursome picking up one point for the visiting Storm, denying the Mariners a clean sweep.
LEEMING 78 (7) v HILTON PARK 74 (1)
 Karl Vandersluys 20 v Travis Simpson  21
 Alexander Anderson 20 v Robert Hunter  19
 Gary Ford 20 v Gary Dodd  17
 James Newton 18 v Craig Standley  17

What a cracker of a game this clash turned out to be, with the Lions gaining seven valuable points over the spirited visitors.
Three rinks separated by one shot only, with the other game finishing with a narrow three shot win to the Lions.
Anderson, Ford and Newton skipping their experienced rinks to closely fought wins over Hunter, Dodd and Standley.
Vandersluys In a rare loss to the rink of Fortini, Stone, David Newton (Dad), and Simpson, who is having a good run at the moment. I believe this contest was extremely fiercely fought especially on one particular rink, a real heart stopper indeed.
The Lions importantly sneaking up the ladder to be less than four points behind the Hawks now.
 Paul Beaumont 19 v Jonathan Jermalinski  21
 Chris Carruthers 19 v John Hiskins  19
 Christopher Owen 35 v David Florance  13
 Ron Hall 24 v Michael Simms  22

The home side gaining 6.5 points, but they wouldn’t be overly happy with three rinks certainly not getting their own way over the visiting Reds.
The big match winning rink for The Bay was that side skipped by Chris Owen, ably assisted by his very capable third in Ray Kennedy, Scott Gallon and Zac Boddy.
They won by twenty two shots over the Florance four, who were never in the hunt.
Young Jonathon Jermalinski from the Reds having a nail biting win over the Beaumont rink.
While Chris Hoskins snatched a draw over the well performed Carruthers foursome.
Safety Bay972025.5796619128.5953.5
Hilton Park963020778649119.8844
Victoria Park Carlisle92701369077589.0321
C Owen71062Safety Bay
G Beckwith72055Thornlie
K Vandersluys72049Leeming
R Hall72048Safety Bay
B Holland72045Gosnells
C Carruthers62154Safety Bay
J Newton62131Leeming
G Nicol62121Gosnells
R Hunter63061Hilton Park
G Vaughan63043Thornlie
I Unkovich63021Spearwood
S Hughes5316Manning
T Simpson53030Hilton Park
K Nadilo5309Spearwood
S Adams54036Manning
F Carbone540-3Gosnells
M Crabb4401Gosnells
P Wachmer440-2Fremantle
C Standley45021Hilton Park
G Dodd4507Hilton Park
G Ford450-4Leeming
S McCormack31023Fremantle
M Gill3203Fremantle
P Beaumont3301Safety Bay
B Coote330-34Fremantle
A Pryce35110Manning
N Holden3512Thornlie
V Pesich351-17Spearwood
W Heldt350-11Fremantle
A Anderson360-13Leeming
G Quann20030Manning
J Jermalinski2006Victoria Park Carlisle
J Hiskins211-1Victoria Park Carlisle
A Daddow21014Safety Bay
R Johnson241-4Victoria Park Carlisle
C Hunt250-36Armadale
D Florance250-38Victoria Park Carlisle
B Davis260-62Armadale
M Simms270-27Victoria Park Carlisle
J Bajic10010Hilton Park
B Yakas1007Spearwood
D Innes1006Gosnells
N Staude1001Victoria Park Carlisle
G Sewell121-12Thornlie
B Jeppeseon1200Manning
P Freund120-1Victoria Park Carlisle
I Perica130-5Spearwood
G O'Brien130-12Manning
N Silich130-29Spearwood
T Churcher140-26Thornlie
D Bacich140-47Fremantle
B Heta160-104Armadale
B Griffiths170-90Armadale
T Dellar010-2Safety Bay
N Sokol010-13Spearwood
C Davis020-38Armadale
J Holland030-21Victoria Park Carlisle