WARNBRO 69 (1.5) v BASSENDEAN 87 (6.5)
 Lindsay Strange 14 v David Rhodes  20
 Barry Kalinowsky 21 v Dan Nicholls  21
 Kieran Cousens 13 v Simon Alden  32
 William Baker 21 v Beau Manton  14

We travelled down to Warnbro and raced out of the blocks and looking good for an 8 nil scoreline, but then Warnbro knuckled down and fought back. Beau Manton was well up but with Dennis Pattullo and Bill Baker bowling some absolute gems they managed to peg it back, hit the front and win going away. Dan Nicholls was also well up, they were the rink furthest away from me but it seemed like third John Hudson and skipper Barry Kalinowsky lifted to get the draw. Even the rink with David Rhodes was also well up but Lindsay Strange and connor biddle tightened that gap with some good, but Rhodes able to hold firm and eventually win by 6.
Luckily for me our rink played wonderfully well and we were able to hold on to our lead established at the start of the game and win by 19. We could have won by more but to the credit of Kieran Cousens kept trying and getting some shots to keep it from being more of a blowout.
Warnbro are showing plenty of pluck this year but they will be demoted. I won't be surprised if they win another game or two in the second half of the season. Bassendean remained on top and sit 21 points ahead of 5th, which augers well for them to play finals again for the 1st time in 4 years.
DOUBLEVIEW 75 (6.5) v NORTH BEACH 72 (1.5)
 Charles Slavich 16 v Brad Gillingham  22
 Ryan Moyle 26 v Geoffrey Devenish  19
 John Slavich 18 v Ron Kuziela  18
 Kyle Mcilroy 15 v Mark Douthie  13

Doubleview would have approached this game with a bit of confidence to win but it was a tight game and North Beach pushed them all the way. 3 shots winners with 6.5 points and in light of how the game panned out they would take it. North Beach again have pushed a top side without getting the lions share of the points but they showing enough to indicate they will hang around for another season.
Ryan Moyle was the big winner by 7 over Geoff Devenish, but this was offset with the 6 shot win to Brad Gillingham over Charlie Slavich. The drawn rink between John Slavich and Ron Kuziela made things very interesting. And so it was down to Kyle McIlroy and Mark Douthie, McIlroy saluting by 2 and so ensuring the points for Doubleview.
Like Bassendean they seem to be entrenched in the four and set for a tilt at the three-peat, North Beach one of the chasing pack and they need to aim high and want to play in finals to ensure their longevity in the Premier League
 Steven Novak 15 v Cody Packer  19
 Kevin McKay 25 v Gary Caffell  15
 David Rankin 25 v Kevin Pickering  13
 Daryl Radford 23 v Neville Stevens  16

Probably an expected result here, the scoreline is more than more would have thought though, especially with the very late withdrawal of Daniel Brown at 9am that morning, but his Kats were still able to produce the goods and win 7 points by 25 shots. They had some big wins too, David Rankin the 12 shot winner over Kevin Pickering, word has it that Rankin has continued his good bowls from last year and too good, Paul Davies and Dinko Golem also bowling very well. Pickering tried hard with no luck. The other big win was Kevin McKay over Gary Caffell which is hard to do. Caffell was in front for the lions share of the day but McKay played some telling bowls which saw them hit the lead. Caffell forced to play shots to catch the gap which blew the scoreline out more than it might have been, but McKay a deserved winner.
Replacement skipper Daryl Radford also chalking up a win. Not a game that reached any great heights but it was the last game Darren Rowland will be playing for Osborne Park for a while as he jets off to Denmark, not that Denmark but the real one in Scandinavia for work. We wish Cavey all the best on that adventure. Unfortunately for him he wasn't able to depart on a high. His leader Gordon King played well but the Kardinya rink was too solid. The only highlight for Osborne Park was the win by Cody Packer who is winning everything at the moment. His 4 shot win gave them a point which may come in handy.
I thought Kardinya would be the sleeping giant in the run home and it looks by this game they have started to flex their muscles. They jumped to 5th and 5.5 points shy of 4th and they are in a pack for 4 teams racing for that 4th spot. One of that pack is Osborne Park so they are not out of the season at all, will re-group this week.
CAMBRIDGE 71 (7) v MANNING 54 (1)
 Lance Strahan 14 v Thomas Mitchell  15
 Slavko Perica 26 v Shane Knott  13
 Clive Adams 15 v Anthony Williams  14
 Pieter Harris 16 v Lee Such  12

This was the tough game to select no surprise to see an improved performance from Cambridge and see them scoop 7 very valuable points and commence their charge for the finals. Their intent was obvious early when Sam Perica jumped out to a 9-0 lead over Shane Knott after only 4 ends and from there was able to control the game eventually winning by 13 and this really set the aggregate result for Cambridge and ensure the other rinks could focus on winning.
It proved decisive as the other 3 rinks was touch and go all day with never more than a handful of shots in it all day. Clive Adams and Anthony Williams a real battle and with the last end to play Adams was 2 up, Williams was able to peg that back by one but not the two needed and Adams winning that game by 1. Pieter Harris was back to his awesome best with some super bowls and always was up on the rink, albeit by not a big margin but enough to keep his nose in front. Lee Such an opportunity to pinch it by holding 3 at the end but Harris again the heart breaker, winning his rink by 4.
Manning did get a point, Lance Strahan and Cam Harris playing well saw their rink up by 2 with an end to play but Tom Mitchell and his rink holding 2 at the crossover, with Mitchell then drawing the 3rd to win that rink by 1 in a cracking game of bowls. Manning hold on to 4th and maybe that point might be handy. With the teams hot on their heels every point, especially away from home, will be crucial for these 5 teams vying for 4th spot.
 Louie Beurteaux 16 v Ross Bresland  27
 Patrick Daley 20 v Scott Walker  21
 Cameron Hoffman 16 v Justin Opie  18
 Dale Marsland 12 v Glenn Pauling  24

Our final game and the expected South Perth victory but gee I wasn't expecting an 8-0 26 shot win to them. They are in some serious form and if Scott Walker doesn't get back in time for the big game over Bassendean this Saturday it will be a big loss for them (Walker that is, not the result). But on to this game, Glenn Pauling again the architect of the big win with his 12 shot win over Dale Marsland and his re-jigged rink. Ross Bresland as well chiming in with a 9 shot win over Louie Beurteaux. They seem to be the strongest rinks for Mosman Park on paper so it was the lesser rinks that nearly got the Mosman Park team some points. Cameron Hoffman close to only go down by 2 shots over Justin Opie and Pat Daley who always seems to be knocking on the door of a win without actually chalking it up, falling shy by 1 shot against Scott Walker.
The win to South Perth has done 2 things. It has almost shored up the top 3 teams at the halfway mark but alo created that big gap to 5th place. All 3 of the top teams really only have to win 4 games now and they will likely play finals. Easier said thatn done but that's the mathematics. Of course those 3 teams will want more than 4 wins leading in to the finals series. For Mosman Park, a season that started so brightly has really fizzled out, they sit 13 points shy of 8th and hard to see them turn it around unless the rumour of Rooster returning comes to fruition. Their hope lies in White, with Sorrento assured of top spot, if the other finalists are made up of teams currently in the Premier League, 9th spot may not get demoted.
South Perth972023740613120.7251
Osborne Pk945016.5671665100.932.5
North Beach945015.565774488.3131.5
Mosman Park927010.564077682.4718.5
S Alden80158Bassendean
J Slavich71160Doubleview
S Walker71146South Perth
K McIlroy72027Doubleview
G Pauling62161South Perth
S Knott62141Manning
B Manton6305Bassendean
R Moyle630-2Doubleview
D Nicholls53119Bassendean
C Packer53114Osborne Pk
G Caffell53040Osborne Pk
J Opie53025South Perth
D Rankin53018Kardinya
D Rhodes53013Bassendean
P Harris54038Cambridge
A Williams54035Manning
D Marsland5407Mosman Park
C Slavich5400Doubleview
L Such540-3Manning
M Douthie540-19North Beach
C Adams41118Cambridge
N Stevens45014Osborne Pk
K McKay4500Kardinya
S Novak450-15Kardinya
J McGinlay331-17North Beach
D Brown340-2Kardinya
L Strange340-15Warnbro
S Perica3511Cambridge
R Kuziela351-30North Beach
K Cousens360-46Warnbro
L Beurteaux360-55Mosman Park
B Gillingham20022North Beach
R Bolton2007Cambridge
R Bresland2304South Perth
B Baker251-48Warnbro
T Mitchell270-16Manning
C Margin10017Bassendean
D Radford1007Kardinya
T Antonio1004South Perth
C Biddle1104Warnbro
N Griffin130-13South Perth
K Pickering162-44Osborne Pk
P Walker160-36North Beach
L Strahan171-28Cambridge
P Daley171-42Mosman Park
B Kalinowsky171-64Warnbro
C Hoffman180-46Mosman Park
G Devenish011-7North Beach
P Davies010-4Kardinya
D Pattullo010-4Warnbro
S Rushforth010-11Cambridge
S O'Neill010-18Osborne Pk
D Golem010-20Kardinya