And all the enthusiasm over the break about changing the trends & reversing bad form pretty much came to nothing, as form pushed past expectation & delivered as expected across the 5 games. All prediction came through this week which we picked purely on form rather than looking for an upset. The margin between the top and 3rd is now nearly 4 games (on average scoring per game) which means Osborne Park are they only ones that can really catch Sorrento but whether they even can be bothered who knows until R16 to see if it worth the double pointer when they next play at Osborne Park.
All 5 top teams won & all 5 bottom teams lost which is a double whammy as nobody goes anywhere in the top half & the bottom sides will be kicking themselves as they missed a golden opportunity to crawl out of trouble & grab some ground on the surrounding teams.

OSBORNE PARK 80 (7) v WARWICK 58 (1)
Tod Weir 13 v Jeffery Post  17
Michael Dewson 24 v Geoffrey Hinge  14
Fernando Di Giuseppe 27 v Lindsay Hill 15
 Jason Thorn 16 v Jon Borkowski  12

The Saints go marching home with another 7pts in the back pocket & needed the win considering everyone else won around them. They are over a game ahead of 3rd & 2 ahead of 4th so they'll be very happy with that position coming into the back end of the season.
Warwick they start well with Post getting a much needed win by 4 shots against Weir which isn't that easy to achieve especially with the Weir rink playing at home. Dewson brought the balance back in order v Hinge where they pushed out a tidy 10shot win. DiGiuseppe added to the performance in a big 12shot victory over Hill who debut as skipper didn't go his way but DiGiuseppe's rink has being doing that to most teams this year so no need to ponder on the result too much. That's a huge 8 from 9 for Allan/Boyd/Carmichael/DiGiuseppe this season so congrats to them on a brilliant season so far. Thorn came good against a strong Borkowski side to win by 4 shots & in that give the Saints a very nice win against a good mid-table team.
That loss probably meant more to Warwick than the win did to Osborne Park as thats 4 in a row dropped for Warwick & with it the possibility of Finals. They are now sitting 7th & in the danger zone for playoffs, so no doubt they'll be looking to put a sword to Morley next week & look to grab all 8pts.
Result: Osborne Park 7 - 1
Prediction: Osborne Park 6 - 2

SORRENTO 89 (8) v KARDINYA 55 (0)
 Shane Ernest Rixom 23 v Ross Knapp  10
 Christopher Lander 19 v Michael Yates  16
 Rhett Butler 20 v Craig Stokes  17
 Shane Loftus 27 v Graeme Fewings  12

Sorrento made it look easy against the Kats while cruising to a 34 shot victory & with it another full complement of 8pts.
Rixom's side bounced back nicely after a couple of losses to knock 13 shots on Knapp & started the ball rolling early. Loftus then came in heavy with the big scores v Fewings as he put 15shots on the Fewings side to give the Swans a comfortable lead all day.
Butler edged Stokes in a close contest by 3 shots to end Stokes 2 games on the trot. Butler is now unbeaten since R2 & travelling well. In the final game of the day we had the 2 big skippers running head to head. It was a classic encounter where it was confirmed that Yates could talk the talk but Lander can walk the walk. Yates suffers his first defeat in a while but Lander is now 9 on the trot & now the pressure builds every week from here to go 18-0 & unbeaten for the season.
Kats now sit just outside the trouble zone by score difference only & need some big wins, while the Swans move to 9-0 for the season & can now start to focus on the big finish for the back end of the season.
Result: Sorrento 8 - 0
Prediction: Sorrento 7 - 1

ROSSMOYNE 79 (7) v COCKBURN 59 (1)
 Allan Petchell 30 v William TePania  10
 Lee Jervies 15 v Mirko Musulin  14
 Edward Gollan 20 v Marin Sokol  19
 Rawley Lang 14 v Josip (Joe) Marevich  16

This game was a lot closer than the scores suggest as the Roosters came to win & had the River Rats on the ropes across 3 of the rinks but that one blowout just created to much of a margin to recover.
The big difference was the big hitters where Petchell took on TePania on knocked together a huge 20 shot win against a very good Cockburn side. That 20 shots was exactly the score difference in the end so the other rinks were very competitive. Jervies v Musulin was edged by the Rossmoyne rink where Jervies won by the minimum of margins. Gollan had the exact same script against Sokol where they again won it on the last end by 1. The sole point, which could be very valuable, went to Marevich's side who are travelling well as they edged Lang by 2 shots, where it again came down to the last end.
The River Rats are now back in 3rd spot with a nice margin to 4th & even further to 5th which is a big advantage for them & they have a nice healthy percentage to go with that key position. The Roosters are now officially in trouble & need some urgent wins over the next few weeks or it's going to be a tough home run. With only 2 wins from 9 they sit 8th & there's a fair margin to 7th. They had South Perth next week & if they lose that one then it'll be very difficult to recover.
Result: Rossmoyne 7 - 1
Prediction: Rossmoyne 7 - 1

SOUTH PERTH 76 (1) v WANNEROO 85 (7)
 Dean Calvo 16 v Darren Turra  29
 Steve Kelly 26 v Hugh Ward  10
 Michael McRae 11 v Chris Buchholz  21
 Bill Roelofs 23 v Steve Denny  25

The Millers might be rueing this loss as they came reasonably close to a very good Wanneroo side but the Roo's just had too much fire power across 3 rinks. South Perth probably only have 1-2 games to change their season or that ship will sail pretty soon.
In the first game Calvo had another tough day v Turra, as they struggled to contain a good Wanneroo side as the Roos cruised to a 13 shot win. That’s -31shots over 2 games for the Calvo rink so they’ll need to tighten a few loose ends to keep it competitive.
McRaes rink had a surprise loss to a good Buchholz side but reports were that this one was superbly contested & won on the front end. Supposedly Petrich v Whitman was a lead tussle for the ages. Both went head to head, sitting each other out end after end but Whitman seemed to just edge the contest to give the Roos a vital 10 shot victory.
Roelofs v Denny also went the way of the Roos as Denny got the jump on Roelofs & was 10-0 after 2 ends. The Millers pulled it back through the game but couldn’t regain the lead & Denny’s side grabbed some late scores to grab a 2shot win. Kelly’s side needed a win & were the sole winner's v Ward, where again it seemed to be dominated on the front end as they cruised to a 16shot victory to give the Millers a valuable point that could be important in a few weeks.
Wanneroo needed those 7pts as getting nothing from that game would of left them 0.5pt off 7th with Sorrento next week & Osborne Pk the following around but they now sit in a comfortable 4th. South Perth have a massive game v Cockburn in R10 which they need to win.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

BASSENDEAN 90 (7) v MORLEY 78 (1)
 Jovan Krstic 31 v Lindsay Sanders  11
 Rodney Revell 18 v Wayne Mitchell  16
 Eugene O'Sullivan 23 v Wayne Barker  19
 Michael Erceg 18 v Raymond (Tom) Dawson  32

Basso probably feel they left a point on the table here but then again the scoreline of that 1 point from Morley would beg to differ by a significant margin. Still Basso winning by only 12shots might of been a little close for comfort but the points are in the bag & they now sit in a solid 5th spot & believe it or not, are only 1 game off a Finals spot??! Who would've thought that at the start of R6 when the Lions were 1 from 5 & sitting in mighty trouble in 9th. Four games later & 4 wins & boom, regulation nerves are replaced by Finals chatter!!
Krstic v Sanders went to the Basso side by a huge 20pts which really made the difference in the day. Rocket v Mitchell had a great contest with Rockets side just edging the Mavericks on the last end. O’Sullivan also had a close encounter as then took Barkers side by 4 shots. But the surprise blowout of the day was Erceg v Dawson where the Morley side towelled up the Lions side by 14shots. Morley need a few more of those performances from the back end to get closer in games as keeping it close with a few ends to go will be critical for them to grab this first win.
The Lions continue to recover well so interesting few weeks ahead for them but there’s momentum on their side now.
Result: Bassendean 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 8 - 0

Osborne Park972023727654111.1651
South Perth927012.570178789.0720.5
C Lander90080Sorrento
F DiGiuseppe81070Osborne Park
E Gollan81044Rossmoyne
R Butler71169Sorrento
S Loftus61266Sorrento
M Yates62033Kardinya
C Buchholz63050Wanneroo
A Petchell63042Rossmoyne
D Turra52130Wanneroo
J Post54034Warwick
J Borkowski54019Warwick
W TePania5407Cockburn
M Dewson540-11Osborne Park
J Marevich4324Cockburn
J Thorn4322Osborne Park
N Costello43010Wanneroo
J Krstic44125Bassendean
R Knapp44120Kardinya
T Weir44112Osborne Park
R Revell45019Bassendean
E O'Sullivan450-7Bassendean
H Ward450-18Wanneroo
S Rixom32027Sorrento
T Dawson330-12Morley
D Calvo341-17South Perth
B Roelefs351-3South Perth
G Fewings351-24Kardinya
C Stokes350-12Kardinya
B Ledingham350-42Warwick
L Sanders360-43Morley
R Halse2106Rossmoyne
D Bandy221-8South Perth
G Taylor220-29Sorrento
G Hinge234-20Warwick
M Erceg231-28Bassendean
M Sokol230-10Cockburn
R Lang260-27Rossmoyne
W Mitchell270-51Morley
D Green1001Rossmoyne
S Denny110-7Wanneroo
S Srhoy121-20Cockburn
S Kelly12012South Perth
M McRae120-13South Perth
R Havercroft120-27South Perth
L Gervies132-24Rossmoyne
W Barker130-7Morley
M Musulin140-12Cockburn
J Thomas140-44Morley
J Opie0010South Perth
A Sharp010-5South Perth
B Henley010-9Kardinya
I Barrie010-11Kardinya
E Widermanski010-11Wanneroo
L Hill010-12Warwick
M Krajancic022-24Cockburn
G Reagan030-25South Perth
A Smith030-25Bassendean
G Grieve030-44Morley