Another great round of bowls – The ladder is starting to take shape at the top end the bottom four look to be set and Morley look to have a mortgage on 6th Position. Matches that are of particular interest this weekend is Yokine vs North beach – Can North Beach bounce back after a horrible home ground defeat at the hands of my Mounters or will Yokine punish them some more and inflict their first ever two in a row defeat? Doubleview vs Sorrento is the other that looks like a cracking match, Doubleview are flying at the moment whilst Sorrento just starting to flounder a little really struggling to put bottom of the ladder Swan away at home, they will need top play much better than last time they took to the green to defeat The View at home. The rest of the matches hold little or no importance to the top of the table positions.


J Buchanan, M Korycin, E Dardengo, M Cheesman
B Leggett, D Urquhart, J Groves, M Wyndham
P Daley, C Leggett, N Groves, T Dangerfield
W Neilson, J Hunter, T Vlahos, G Barry
INS: D Urquhart
OUTS: B Driscoll

J Doncon        , P Van Der Reest, M Bending, R Coumbe        
L Pickles       , N Marsh, K Green, D Johnson
R Cox, M Critchell, T Watson, P Rhodes
G Bear, T Smith, D Carter, D Gavin
INS: No changes

Great game this one … for Joondalup not so good for the Mundaring lads as they have to trek from one side of the metro area to the other. If it was to play on carpet, they would feel a little better and they would back themselves in, however on grass its just a different story their struggles have continued this year but such great home form has kept them in the hunt. I have to go with the young guns and Jimmy Buchannan they are just too strong and are set to play finals all things being equal.
Joondalup 6-2


T Kay, R Humfrey, J McGrath, J Kaplan
B Morrison, M Lemos, P Hunter, J Matthews
S Shaw, W Coffey, G Robertson, F Faigenbaum
T McGillvray, J West, K Humfrey, B McGrechan
INS: B Morrison
OUTS: P Griffiths

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Match of the day by a long way – Two sides that need to win, one in form and one starting to slip with a few cracks starting to appear it shapes for an intriguing match. On paper you look and say Yokine easily and why wouldn’t you they sit second with a great home and away record. North beach away from their lightning bolt fast turf and onto a 16 second green this match will have it all. Yokine just have too much to play for and I think will inflict North Beaches second consecutive defeat for the first time this season.
Yokine 6-2


C McKenna, B Watts, N Feletti, M Fredericks
B Pearce, A Tennant, S Whitfield, D Cosgrove
B Willesee, E Johnson, C Bell, A Faulkner
B Heta, W Langdon, B Leed, M Leed
INS: A Tennant
OUTS: C Hickman

L Martin, R Bone, C Grisbrook, S Niven
R Rogers, C Jasper, L Oldham, B Kiely
R Munt, A Walton, B Gunson, S Mortimer
T Murray, P Kain, B Lucas, G Murray
INS: L Oldham
OUTS: B Collins

Cracking match and very similar to the one above, one team on fire the other starting to labour just a little. Both sides in good positions on the ladder and it will come down to experience vs enthusiasm and I think on this occasion the enthusiasm of Doubleview will win out. Sorrento just seem out of sorts over the past few weeks they really did have to give their all just to obtain a draw with Swan. That effort will not be sufficed here so it’s the View for me.
Doubleview 7-1


A Southern, T Southern, P Natalotto, P Hilsz
P Kelly, I Cornthwaite, S Anning, G Rowlinson
T Natalotto, G Tibbles, R Hutchinson, M Garner
D Wood, D Park, D Foster, M Eckett
INS: No changes

B Adams, J Andrew, S Adams, B Hogg
A Taylor, J Angel, P Gatti, L Moulton
B Jeppesen, A Booth, D Griffiths, J Evans
P Gillespie, G Ginbey, D McCloskey, R Pears
INS: P Bowden
OUTS: L Moulton

Home game for Swan who will fancy their chances against Manning who have just hit the bottom of the ladder replacing Swan who were there for at least 8 weeks. Swan will again be glad to be back at home on familiar turf whilst Manning will be looking to hit the scoreboard that produces a result. Swan for mine to record only their 3rd victory of the season.
Swan 6 -2


W Mitchell, T Dawson, B Driscoll, G Pinto
M Callcott, V Orchard, B Geilke, W Hinchcliffe
K Nazareth, L Spinks, G Grieve, P Jones
L Sanders, M West, J Engelen, R Dunstan
INS: B Geilke
OUTS: C Hamilton

A Einfeld, A Graham, K Cornell, S Connell
C Bessant, G Herriot, J Bessant, K Scott
M Masel, P Sinden, J Cottier jnr, P Callison
A Jones, L Kelly, M Palumbo, C Green
INS: G Herriot
OUTS: C Lenzo

How good are Mt Lawley? As I have always suspected they are a one white side in waiting, they are playing great bowls as a team and will baring a major melt down be heading to white next season. Morley are quite the get on with Business side they have taken some great scalps this season but at the same time they have lost some very winnable games. They are not out of this match given that it is a home game for them but they would have to improve some 40% to get over the top of my all-time favourite side the mighty Mounters.
Mt Lawley 7-1