B Gillingham, M Sear, R Dempsey, M Buttel
P Walker, N Costello, J Post, G Yabuka
G Devenish, P Augustson, M McConnell, J Clayton
M Douthie, G Crosthwaite, R Hunter, L Mola
INS: No change

M Abonnel, G White, T Leahy, J Terrell
S Novak, B Henley, D Flintoff, R Bates
S Perica, D Radford, T Cocodis, D Wood
D Rankin, P Davies, D Comrie, S West
INS: No change

We kick off our previews with Kardinya travelling to North Beach. North Beach were plucky last week against Doubleview and will be bouyed that they can be competitive this year but a very strong outfit from Kardy will be visiting them. Last season in the corresponding fixture at Round 16 saw North Beach win over all and on 2 rinks but the Beach team has got a bit weaker since then. It won't be all smooth sailing for the Kats, but I think they should be too strong
Kardinya 6-2


S Knott, N Jones, M Ayres, L Herbert
A Williams, S Patterson, B Butler, S O'Brien
A Heal, P Ker, M Allan, G Quann
L Such, L Grigg, M Kemp, P Herbert
INS: B Butler
OUTS: M Ellis

C Adams, R Bolton, N Bolton, W Manning
L Strahan, S Rushforth, A Foster, P Potts
B Nairn, C Wooldridge, D Jones, D Leeson
C Harris, N Lewis, L Bolton, G Allen
INS: W Manning
OUTS: E Tolotti

My tip for top spot had a blip last week at home so Cambridge will be keen to get onto the winners list for this year, but it is a tough game to do it against. Manning though haven't got an impressive home record in recent times. Cambridge did not play them at Manning last season but the season before they travelled there and won, albeit courtesy of 1 rink winning by 27 shots.
They seem fairly evenly matched as skippers, Manning have the best 4 skippers as a group in the comp this year but they have lost 1 of them for an undetermined amount of time in Tom Mitchell, so that does give teams a chance. AJ Heal more than capable but it flows down the line. Cambridge have some stars and can win by buckets, not sure it will happen this time but will go for an upset and Cambridge to win a close one.
Cambridge 6-2


N Stevens, T Weir, T Ingram, G Smith
G Caffell, C Biddle, R Lawrence, I Lilburne
C Packer, J East, E Martin, M Rollings
R Brown, K Pickering, S O'Neill, G King
INS: No change

R Moyle, B White, L Thorn, T Whitfield
C Slavich, A Tennant, G Nelson, A Wetzler
S Gosstray, S Cerff, G Faulkner, J Barry
J Slavich, S Scott, R Haring, F Williamson
INS: No change

Gee haven't we got some good games this weekend, another corker here as we get another gauge on the strength of these 2 teams. Both won as expected last week so the winning team tomorrow will be off to a great start to the season. Skippers wise you would have to favour Doubleview, but front end wise you would have to favour Osborne Park. It will be an intriguing battle of front end versus back end. Who will draw Cody Packer?? He is the lynch pin to success for the Saints and defeating him is the priority for teams this year. But the same can be said for Doubleview, John Slavich is all quality and if you can get hold of his rink then you are well on your way to winning the day. Let's hope they draw each other.
Osborne Park 6-2


S Loftus, P Flack, M Hulbert, I Linford
C Lander, R Cunningham, B Lucas, L Oldham
K McIlroy, B Eagles, P Murray, P Morgan
S Rixom, A Barron, T Murray, G Murray
INS: No change

D Nicholls, M Simpson, D Killisch Von Horn, A Elmer
S Davies, R Kenyon, L Pike, B Dinnison
S Fewster, J Krstic, L McKay, N Kirkup
S Alden, B Manton, N Smith, M Whitely
INS: No change

The Lions travel out to the Swans home ground and I played at Sorrento a month or so ago and the surface was a delight to play on. It's the wind that can get tricky here and the locals will know how to play it, so they will have to start favourites here. The team will be bouyed with the signing of Daniel Brown this week, he will skipper in Round 3, but who steps back? All 4 skippers named this week are very capable so that will be of interest to see who makes way. Perhaps the 4 of them are playing for their spot so they will be keen to win.
Bassendean did travel to Sorrento and win on 3 rinks 2 years ago but lost overall, but it is a very different Bassendean and Sorrento side that matches up this week. It will be a tough game for us but I'm confident we can still come away with a win
Bassendean of course!


J Carter, C Edson, D Price, M Barrett
E Gollan, R Vind, D Haddow, B O'Brien
R Lang, R Halse, S Bartlett, B Cranswick
A Petchell, W Harvey, T Churcher, G Maesepp
INS: No change

S Walker, M Biglin, P Holmes, T Reid
G Pauling, T Alberti, D Mortley, D Angell
J Opie, N Griffin, T Kinnane, K Pride
R Bresland, T Antonio, R Havercroft, F Anderson
INS: T Reid
OUTS: B Owen

Our final game sees Rossmoyne chasing their first win in the Premier League hosting South Perth. I'm still not 100% sure where Rossmoyne are playing their PL games this year but they would be well served to play undercover for this match as South Perth would feel more at home on their outside greens. It's a good South Perth side on every line and even playing undercover you would have to go for The Millers, but I feel it would be Rossmoynes best chance to win this one.
South Perth 7-1