Another great round which will see the ladder start to take some shape – no side wants to be 3 zip or 1-2 leading into the round after this one so there is a lot riding on R3 for some clubs. The match as sadistic as it sounds that I’ll be taking drive to see will be the Mt Lawley V Morley match intrigued to see this up and coming white side of Mt Lawley take on last years white side of Morley. Could there be an upset brewing?


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J Buchanan, M Korycin, C Street, G Barry
B Leggett, D Urquhart, E Dardengo, M Wyndham
P Daley, T Vlahos, D Stanik, M Cheesman
W Neilson, J Hunter, J Groves, T Vellios
INS: C Street
OUTS: D Farrow

Interesting game here, on form you would say Joondalup but we know Mundaring grow a leg at home so its going to be a great game and a hard one to determine the winner. Not much change for Joondalup their sides stay very stable throughout the season which is great for rink harmony. For this reason, I will tip the new kids on the block to notch up their first win. Mundaring would start favourites to win this one but I’m tipping Joondalup for the upset win.
Joondalup 6-2


R Aitken, A Schrauf, A Howe, G Gregson
J Carlsen, D Anderson, B Palfrey, B Farrant
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Barr, S Stevenson
L Mitten, R Munday, B Abrahamson, D Vinicombe
INS: A Howe
OUTS: T Jones

W Coffee, I Cooper, G Robertson, F Faigenbaum
T Kay, M Lemos, J McGrath, J Kaplan
R Humfrey, P Hunter, J Lorencs, J Matthews
T McGillvray, J West, K Humfrey, B McGrechan
INS: M Lemos, B McGrechan
OUTS: M Sharp, B Morrison

Another great match here between two of my favourite sides in the comp, North Beach will want to put last weeks nightmare on Rockwood St right behind them and they get the chance here. Will Yokine handle the 20 sec synthetics? They have certainly opened up the season in the best way possible but I think this Saturday we will see the true North Beach and they will get their season started. Close but NB for me.
North Beach 6-2


L Martin, C Grisbrook, S Draper, S Niven
R Rogers, C Jasper, B Collins, A De Cinque
R Munt, A Walton, B Gunson, B Kiely
I Linford, T Orton, M Burton, S Mortimer
INS: B Collins
OUTS: P Kain

E Johnson, S Whitfield, C Bell, A Faulkner
B Heta, B Willesee, B Leed, M Leed
B Pearce, S Deering, D Cosgrove, N Filetti
C McKenna, W Langdon, D Hayden, M Fredericks
INS: M Leed
OUTS: B Watts

Another good game here, The View boys opened up their account last week and will be up and about whilst Sorrento took care of Swan at Swan which make the win even more worthy. This one will not be close and I’m tipping Sorrento to match the Mounters last week and have a very healthy win here.
Sorrento 8-0


M Piggott, J Angel, P Gatti, R Dolton
B Griffiths, S Salamon, P Bowden, B Hogg
P Gillespie, J Andrew, B Jeppesen, A Martin
A Taylor, G Ginbey, A Booth, B Wright
INS: J Andrew, A Taylor
OUTS: D McCloskey, S Hughes

A Southern, T Southern, S Anning, D Foster
D Park, I Cornthwaite, G Rowlinson, P Park
T Natalotto, G Tibbles, P Natalotto, M Eckett
D Wood, R Hutchinson, J Hillan, P Hilsz
INS: P Park, P Natalotto
OUTS: B Owen, G Foster

Manning have been good and they only need to reproduce the past two weeks efforts and they could get the win here, Swan also very good a hiccup last week no doubt. Much depends on the rink match ups. Murray Piggott has been flying and if can avoid the Alan Southern or Tony Natalotto rink from Swan then Manning are in this game providing a rink or two steps up and assist. That said I still believe last week was a little bump in the road for Swan and they should prove to consistent across the board so I’ll tip them to win.
Swan 6-2


A Einfeld, A Graham, C Lenzo, K Cornell
C Bessant, L Kelly, J Bessant, K Scott
M Masel, P Sinden, J Cottier jnr, P Callison
A Jones, G Herriott, M Palumbo, C Green
INS: P Callison
OUTS: S Connell

W Mitchell, T Dawson, M West, C Hamilton
M Callcott, V Orchard, B Geilke, W Hinchcliffe
L Sanders, K Nazareth, J Engelen, P Jones
G Armstrong, L Spinks, G Grieve, R Dunstan
INS: No change

Hopefully no Morley bowlers have rang any NB boys for some advice otherwise they mightn’t even show up for this one. Not much to say here other than can Morley get a point or two against the Mounters? Will they keep the loss under 60 shots? all questions that will be answered come 5 pm Saturday arvo.
Mt Lawley 8-0