Round Three kicks off on Saturday with a couple of blockbusters on offer.
The first of these games will be held at Hilton, where the Hawks will host the Leeming Lions, in what could be a defining game for the Hawks.
The second game that grabs my attention is the clash between the South Perth Miller’s and the Kalamunda Cougers.
I think that after this Saturday, we will only have one unbeaten team, that being Manning.


G Beckwith, D Slade, I Rewell, H Collins
P Pohe, M Separovich, C Penaluna, J Thorn
G Vaughan, G Collier, P Riggio, A Williams
N Holden, D Innes, J Stean, J Mitchell
INS: J Walker, N Holden
OUTS: L Curtis, D Slade

T Krajancic, D Golem, B Ciccotosto, J Trigwell
D Bacich, B Coote, K Bowden, A Hocken
S McCormack, P Wachmer, M Lindsay, J Chessell
M Gill, J Stewart, P Kelly, B Sumich
INS: S McCormack, J Chessell, P Kelly
OUTS: G Hill, N Gaspar, M Starcevich

The Mariners travel inland this Saturday to take on the Ravens at Thornlie. The home side have had a disappointing start to the season, and will be keen to get some runs on the board. Freo are a bit of a mystery to me still, never quite know what to expect from their outfit.
Both sides have made positional changes, but the Mariners have more good quality players spread over their rinks I believe. Vaughan skipping again for Thornlie, Wachmer not for Fremantle i see.
Fremantle 6-2


R Hunter, H McKay, C McMahon, S Farrell
T Simpson, Dave Newton, L Onley Jnr, R Fortini
G Dodd, K Willis, J Bajic, R Butler
C Standley, P Stone, B Smith, T Maxwell
INS: P Stone, J Bajic
OUTS: K McKay, Daniel Newton

A Anderson, N Shannon, S Dobie, D Cleal
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, B Eather, R Bellis
J Newton, G Burgess, P Hickey, A Andersson
INS: No change

I fully expect that the Hawks will fly high on Saturday, playing at home on their own grass surface. It takes a little time for new players to settle into a new club, and that settling in period might just take place at Hilton this week. Another good pickup for the Hawks, as yet another player leaves Kardinya, that being the brilliant Rob Foy. Hugh McKay is another good experienced pickup for the Hawks, his ecperience if used properly should assist the home side. Both teams possess some quality back end bowlers, evenly spread for each sixteen. No doubt, as usual Vandersluys and his rink will give some trouble to their opponents, with Newton and Ford no slouches either. . I do notice though, that both Kevin McKay and Daniel Newton are not playing this week, two huge outs for the Hawks. The home sides green advantage might get them over the line, just.
Hilton 6-2


I Unkovich, B Yakas, I Dragicevich, B Bavcevic
N Silich, D Tomasich, B Dropulich, T Gimblett
I Perica, T Mathein, M Krajancic, I Petkovich
K Nadilo, N Sokol, B Vidovich, T Fiamengo
INS: No change

K Wylie, J Ricci, M Zusman, D Topine
W Tepania, D Ravlich, S Srhoy, B Blagaich
J Marevich, I Mateljak, M Krajancic, A Edwards
M Simunovich, M Musulin, D Gurr, D Dobb
INS: D Topine, D Dobb
OUTS: J Salmeri, J Wray

There is certainly no love lost between these two near neighbors and things might just get a little willing at Spearwood, you would think. Both outfits have bowlers that have played for the other club at times, so a lot of these guys know each other pretty well. There is certainly a lot of good experienced bowlers in both teams, which should produce a close contest. The Roosters were super impressive at home last week, and even though they are playing away this week, they might just sneak over the line. Across the sixteen players, they have some quality personnel and a wealth of experience. So I think the visiting Roosters might just do the crowing. Spearwood with some work to do if they lose.
Cockburn 6-2


S Adams, B Adams, B Connell, P Barrow
A Pryce, D Mcllheney, M Ellis, J Evans
M Carey, G Hogg, A Lill, S Lambert
G O'Brien, W Heldt, N Rees, M Hoskin
INS: D McIlheney
OUTS: A Taylor

S Hutchinson, K Tremlett, L Atkins, D Poole
B Edwards, T Threlfall, P Villa, G Roberts
M Peters, S Wales, R Park, J Laukkanen
R Costello, J Lethlean, M Wilson, T Rubery
INS: R Park
OUTS: M Devenny

This game will certainly find out whether the Rams are true contenders, or just visiting pretenders. Playing on the slick grass at the home of the 🦅 has caught many clubs out, and I believe that this will be the case on Saturday afternoon at Manning.
Overall, the Eagles carry far too many weapons for the Rams, and should win comfortably.
Edwards returns to his former club to do battle with some of his old teammates. I have said it many times before and I will say it again here, the Eagles have some good quality up front players, and that is where most games are set up and won. Devenney, a big loss for the visitors. Costello steps up in that rink.
The Eagles in a canter for me.
Manning 7-1


W Olive, R Pringle, P Pringle, M Thomas
B Brandsma, I Quayle, G McDonald, D Russell
D Wooltorton, R Cooper, H Clifford, T Mountford
A Bartlett, P Townsend, B Farrant, V Hughes
INS: H Clifford
OUTS: M Clancy

B Roelefs, D Bandy, T Percival, J Percival
M McRae, M Petrich, G Reagan, M Hughes
S Kelly, D Calvo, R Negus, L Moretti
V Santostefano, I Rennie, J Galipo, B Owen
INS: J Percival
OUTS: P Brown

The Millers take to the hills on Saturday to do battle with the Cougers, who play their second home game in a row, quite a big advantage for the hillbillies. Even though the visitors have a wealth of experienced players, with a fair sprinkling of ex Premier League bowlers, I think the home ground advantage might be telling.
Brandsma will be keen to keep on winning and his band of experienced bowlers might just carry the day, But the Millers will be keen to get their season back on track after a hiccup last week.
Kalamunda 6-2