B Manton, L Pike, A Elmer, M Whitely
S Alden, S Fewster, N Smith, M Bessant
D Nicholls, J Krstic, L McKay, D Killisch Von Horn
S Davies, R Kenyon, M Simpson, B Dinnison
INS: M Bessant
OUTS: N Kirkup

S Knott, N Jones, M Ayres, L Herbert
A Williams, S Patterson, B Butler, S O'Brien
L Grigg, A Heal, M Allan, G Quann
L Such, P Ker, M Kemp, P Herbert
INS: No change

A huge game here for the loser, they will be starting the year with 3 losses and history shows it's extremely hard to play finals after starting 0-3. Not impossible, but extremely hard. Bassendean have made 1 change and re-jigged their rinks, Manning no changes but also re-jigged their line up, Lewis Grigg taking charge of a rink at the expense of AJ Heal after his 0 win start.
Manning have a better record at Bassendean than they do playing the same team at home, over the last 5 seasons they sit at 3-1 at Bassendean so the pressure builds for the Bassendean team to turn their season around at their home ground. I expect the Manning side to be super loud and super competitive as they try and turn their year around. Bassendean will need to bring their A game, it's going to be a close game
Bassendean of course!


S Walker, M Biglin, P Holmes, T Reid
G Pauling, T Alberti, D Mortley, D Angell
J Opie, N Griffin, T Kinnane, K Pride
R Bresland, T Antonio, R Havercroft, F Anderson

C Adams, R Bolton, N Bolton, W Manning
L Strahan, S Rushforth, A Foster, M Bolton
B Nairn, C Wooldridge, D Jones, D Leeson
C Harris, N Lewis, P Potts, G Allen
INS: M Bolton
OUTS: L Bolton

Another cracking game here as top side South Perth host Cambridge in a bid to stay on top. Like Manning @ Bassendean, Cambridge have a very record at South Perth over the last few years, South Perth won their match last year by 9 but Cambridge did win the previous couple of matches, all close games. So I think we have another close and pivotal game here. I predicted Cambridge to finish on top and their Game 1 surprised me but Sorrento are showing they are a good side so the loss is an admirable loss. South Perth are on top but with wins against sides currently 8th and 10th, so this is their first real test for the year. With the away record Cambridge has, a similar surface it comes down to personnel, I'm going to tip a slight Cambridge win
Cambridge 6-2


R Moyle, B White, L Thorn, T Whitfield
C Slavich, A Tennant, G Nelson, A Wetzler
S Gosstray, S Cerff, G Faulkner, J Barry
J Slavich, S Scott, R Haring, F Williamson
INS: No change

C Lander, R Cunningham, B Lucas, L Oldham
S Rixom, A Barron, M Hulbert, G Taylor
D Brown, S Loftus, P Flack, G Murray
K McIlroy, B Eagles, P Murray, P Morgan
INS: No change

Boy oh boy another good contest and the return of Kyle McIlroy to his old stomping ground. These two teams have started the polar opposites, Sorrento convincing winners over Cambridge and Bassendean, Doubleview unconvincing winners over North Beach and no punch against Osborne Park. They need to make a statement here and show opposition clubs that their light hasn't faded with all their departures in the off season, and what better way to do it against the new kids and a team making all posts at this early stage a winner, especially at their home ground. Sorrento though looking so strong and hard to tip against them in this game
Sorrento 7-1


M Abonnel, G White, T Leahy, J Terrell
S Novak, B Henley, D Flintoff, R Bates
S Perica, D Radford, T Cocodis, D Wood
D Rankin, P Davies, D Comrie, S West
INS: No change

N Stevens, T Weir, T Ingram, G Smith
G Caffell, C Biddle, R Lawrence, I Lilburne
C Packer, J East, E Martin, M Rollings
R Brown, K Pickering, S O'Neill, G King
INS: No change

Another close game and one to keep a watch out for, Osborne Park travel to Kardinya and the new surface. It's hard to line up previous years because of that fact, the home side still getting used to their own green and the speed not that obscene to play on and get the grips of, so we have to choose based on line ups. Gee I wish I knew who was playing Cody Packer. After October games were finalised Cody was named the top bowler in the country, a great achievement for him and for a WA bowler, let's hope he can stay there for a while. His match up key I think to the result, as much as it is the Dave Rankin draw. I value these 2 as our top 2 bowlers in the state at the moment, how good would it be to see them draw each other. We'll assume they won't and thats a rink win each. So who wins the other 2 rinks? I will lean towards the home side Kardinya without the confidence I may have had in years gone by, Kardinya in a close one.
Kardinya 6-2


J Carter, C Edson, D Price, M Barrett
E Gollan, R Vind, D Haddow, B O'Brien
R Lang, R Halse, S Bartlett, B Cranswick
A Petchell, W Harvey, T Churcher, G Maesepp
INS: No change

B Gillingham, M Sear, T Jones, M Buttel
P Walker, N Costello, J Post, G Yabuka
G Devenish, P Augustson, M McConnell, J Clayton
M Douthie, G Crosthwaite, R Hunter, L Mola
INS: T Jones
OUTS: R Dempsey

Our two predicted bottom sides battle here but if North Beach can travel to Rossmoyne and get the win, with 2 wins they may even find themselves in the four after Round 3. Close losses against Doubleview and a good win last week against Kardinya will see them bouyed with confidence to win this game. Rossmoyne in both games close to half time but fell away, so they will want to start well but continue that form. If they looked at the draw at the start of the year they would view this game as their big chance to win a game in the PL so they will be strong and want to win. But who wins? A real toss up and you can make a good case for both teams. If I had tipped this game before the season I would have gone Rossmoyne but North Beach have started the year well and I will go for them to continue their good form.
North Beach 6-2