Here we are already at round 4 and there are really only two things we have learnt so far in 1 blue north – Mt Lawley will go to white – Sorrento may follow and the rest is one big raffle. Another round of chances comes up …. Chances for some clubs to string 2 wins on the trot and others will watch their chances slip away if they do not win.


C McKenna, D Cosgrove, R Castledine, M Fredericks
E Johnson, S Whitfield, C Bell, A Faulkner
B Heta, B Willesee, B Leed, M Leed
B Pearce, S Deering, C Hickman, N Filetti
INS: R Castledine, C Hickman
OUTS: W Langdon, D Hayden

M Piggott, J Angel, P Gatti, L Moulton
B Griffiths, P Bowden, D McCloskey, B Hogg
P Gillespie, J Andrew, B Jeppesen, A Martin
A Taylor, G Ginbey, A Booth, B Wright
INS: L Moulton, D McCloskey
OUTS: R Dolton, C Bates

This game will be a ripper – Manning 2 really shocked Swan last week and if they bring that same game they should prove to good for the View. The View at home are always a strong chance so a 50/50 game this one but I’ll go for Manning 2 I think they have the Skips to get over the line here. Murray Piggott continues to do well and a drawn match against Alan Southern last week shows that his rink wins have been no fluke. Manning 2 for me.
Manning 7-1


A Southern, T Southern, S Anning, D Foster
D Park, I Cornthwaite, G Foster, G Rowlinson
T Natalotto, G Tibbles, M Garner, M Eckett
D Wood, R Hutchinson, J Hillan, P Hilsz
INS: M Garner, G Foster
OUTS: P Park, P Natalotto

A Einfeld, A Graham, C Lenzo, K Cornell
C Bessant, L Kelly, J Bessant, K Scott
M Masel, P Sinden, J Cottier jnr, S Connell
A Jones, G Herriott, M Palumbo, C Green
INS: S Connell
OUTS: P Callison

Boy o Boy do Swan need to lift, close losses and what if’s, maybes amount to nothing at seasons end if you can’t win the close ones. They have lost the past 2 aggregates by 4 shots in each game. Turn those around and they could actually be 3-0 instead they are left languishing in 9th spot and facing the arduous task of heading to my new favourite side The Mighty Mounters who by the Bowls WA must love as this is there 3rd home game in a row I noticed that whilst doing the form- strange one I’m sure Swan wouldn’t be overly excited about that although we do know Swan greens do not like rain so possibly not playable ?? Any how enough about that – Mt Lawley by a lot.
Mt Lawley 8-0


J Buchanan, M Korycin, D Webber, G Barry
B Leggett, D Urquhart, E Dardengo, M Wyndham
P Daley, T Vlahos, T Dangerfield, M Cheesman
W Neilson, J Hunter, J Groves, T Vellios
INS: T Dangerfield
OUTS: D Stanik

L Martin, C Grisbrook, S Draper, S Niven
R Rogers, C Jasper, B Collins, A De Cinque
R Munt, A Walton, B Gunson, B Kiely
I Linford, T Orton, S Van Mosseveld, S Mortimer
INS: S Van Mosseveld
OUTS: M Burton

Young guns vs a white promotional favourite? going to be a great game. I like the look of Joondalup and they will trouble many sides this season. Unfortunately, Sorrento will not be one of them. The young guns would have celebrated hard last week after knocking off a hapless Mundaring, Leggett and Neilson leading they way whilst old Jimmy Buchannan had to take a back seat on his Zimmer frame for a change but the class of Sorrento’s top end will get them the majority of the away points as they make sure Mt Lawley don’t get to far ahead of them.
Sorrento 6-2


W Coffee, I Cooper, G Robertson, F Faigenbaum
T Kay, R Humfrey, J McGrath, J Kaplan
B Morrison, M Lemos, P Hunter, J Matthews
T McGillvray, J West, K Humfrey, B McGrechan
INS: B Morrison
OUTS: J Lorencs

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Here is my upset of the round, I’m always good for one and this game is the one. Market says Yokine easy I say Mundaring to secure their first win and get the party started. How good has Inspector Rex been? I mentioned last week he has turned back the clock and is just playing the shots as he see’s them, converting time and time again. He just needs some support and I believe he will get that this week although I wish someone would put up the sides he may not even be playing as far as I know. You know what ….. I have changed my mind, I will pick Yokine now, the only reason for that is I cannot see Mundaring’s side. C’mon Mundaring help us out surely someone knows how to use a computer up the hill.
Yokine 7-1


R Aitken, A Schrauf, A Howe, G Gregson
J Carlsen, D Anderson, B Palfrey, B Farrant
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Barr, S Stevenson
L Mitten, R Munday, B Abrahamson, T Bannon
INS: T Bannon
OUTS: D Vinicombe

W Mitchell, T Dawson, G Armstrong, C Hamilton
M Callcott, V Orchard, B Geilke, W Hinchcliffe
M West, L Spinks, G Grieve, P Jones
L Sanders, K Nazareth, J Engelen, R Dunstan
INS: No change

North Beach one blue side take a bow, what a win by the boys. I believe they had to lower the tone down after the Red side came back a little late from Rossmoyne and turned the music down mid celebration. Go again boys really take advantage of your 23 sec greens, perhaps get down tonight and watch the top side for some pointers. Morley will not be looking forward to this one after notching up a nice win last week they trundle up Reid Hwy knowing the NB boys had a +50-shot victory. Morley definitely up to it and I do expect them to go a lot closer than Yokine did last Saturday but the Beach Boys are up and about so I tip them to win a close one.
North Beach 6-2