We are now starting to get a bit of an idea as to who the better sides are, even at this early stage of the season. The Eagles 🦅 soaring high with a great start to the year, the only unbeaten side so far. Will that end this Saturday though? Leeming, Rockingham, South Perth, Fremantle all looking solid. To me though Hilton are the ‘ Smokey’s.
I believe that there will be some great games this coming Saturday, with the home ground advantage favouring both the Roosters and the Hawks, when they do battle with the Eagles and the Millers respectively.


W Tepania, D Ravlich, S Srhoy, B Blagaich
J Marevich, I Mateljak, M Krajancic, A Edwards
M Simunovich, M Sokol, D Gurr, D Dobb
K Wylie, J Ricci, M Zusman, J Salmeri
INS: M Sokol, J Salmeri
OUTS: D Topine, M Musulin

S Adams, B Adams, S Salamon, P Barrow
A Pryce, D Mcllheney, M Ellis, J Evans
M Carey, G Hogg, A Lill, S Lambert
G O'Brien, W Heldt, N Rees, M Hoskin
INS: No changes

This game will be played under cover at the home of the Roosters, which is completely different to the svelte like grass surface at Manning.
The Cockburn boys play their surface extremely well, with a lot of long ends, bowls always up into the head. They will be “ cock a hoop “ after their away win last week, mind you so will be the visiting, and unbeaten Eagles. The rinks of O’Brien and Carey from Manning, also the very strong Tepania four from Cockburn all unbeaten at this early stage of the year. I note that Musulin is out for the Roosters, but I still think that the home green advantage just might sway the result here. A lot of experienced and wily bowlers in the Roosters side, Srhroy, Krajancic, Zusman to name a few.
Cockburn 6-2


S Hutchinson, K Tremlett, L Atkins, D Poole
B Edwards, M Peters, T Threlfall, G Roberts
M Devenny, P Villa, S Wales, J Laukkanen
R Costello, J Lethlean, M Wilson, T Rubery
INS: M Peters
OUTS: R Park

W Olive, R Pringle, P Pringle, M Thomas
B Brandsma, I Quayle, G McDonald, T Mountford
D Wooltorton, R Cooper, H Clifford, M Clancy
A Bartlett, P Townsend, B Farrant, V Hughes
INS: M Clancy
OUTS: D Russell

I predict a long trip home for the Cougars, maybe the bus won’t even be able to climb the many hills. The Rams play their surface well and this should help them carry the day at home. They would be well pleased with their return to Blue South, and they appear to have some good and solid rinks. The addition of Bruce Edwards from Manning, certainly gives the Rams that good extra skip that they needed from a couple of years ago. Can the Brandsma rink maintain their unbeaten start to the season?
Once again the home ground advantage might be the difference here.
Rockingham 7-1


T Krajancic, D Golem, B Ciccotosto, J Trigwell
D Bacich, B Coote, K Bowden, P Rimmer
S McCormack, P Wachmer, M Lindsay, J Chessell
M Gill, J Stewart, A Judge, B Sumich
INS: P Rimmer, A Judge
OUTS: A Hocken, P Kelly

I Unkovich, B Yakas, I Dragicevich, B Bavcevic
K Nadilo, D Tomasich, M Krajancic, I Petkovich
N Sokol, T Mathein, B Dropulic, J Stojan
I Perica, B Vidovich, T Gimblett, T Fiamengo
INS: T Fiamengo
OUTS: N Silich

No doubt that the Mariners will be looking forward to hosting their near neighbours from just up the hill a little. Freo had a stirring win last week, winning away at Thornlie, no mean feat. But the boys from Spearwood are a fighting unit normally, and might just fire up for this game, they certainly need to. It would be a good game if Crackerjack and his team draw the Ivan the Great rink. One thing is for certain though, that whoever does draw the rink of Tony Krajancic and his team, will need to put up an almighty fight for Spearwood to have any chance. Skip Silich out I see for the visitors.
Maybe the rain this week will slow the normally fast grass at Fremantle down, and help the visitors.
Freo for me though, but in a tight one.
Fremantle 6-2


A Anderson, N Shannon, D Clayton, D Cleal
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, B Eather, R Bellis
J Newton, G Burgess, P Hickey, A Andersson
INS: D Clayton
OUTS: S Dobie

G Beckwith, D Slade, I Rewell, H Collins
P Pohe, M Separovich, C Penaluna, J Thorn
G Vaughan, G Collier, P Riggio, A Williams
N Holden, D Innes, J Stean, J Mitchell
INS: No change

The Lions will be very keen to get back on the winning track again, and they have a great chance here. But, it must be said that the Ravens look somewhat stronger with the addition of Slade and Holden, both good backend bowlers.
The Lions back on their home “ turf “ this week, will be very hard to beat though, and will be keen to get back on track. The rink of Gary Ford, Bowden, Eather, Bellis have certainly done well this year, and along with Vandersluys and the Newton fours, present a challenge for any opposition.
Leeming 7-1


R Hunter, H McKay, C McMahon, S Farrell
T Simpson, Dave Newton, L Onley Jnr, R Fortini
R Foy, G Dodd, K Willis, R Butler
C Standley, P Stone, B Smith, T Maxwell
INS: No change

B Roelefs, D Bandy, T Percival, J Percival
M McRae, M Petrich, G Reagan, M Hughes
S Kelly, D Calvo, R Negus, L Moretti
V Santostefano, I Rennie, J Galipo, B Owen
INS: No changes

The Hawks at home, with some of their star imports on the track should be far too strong for the Millers. The vastly different surface that the visitors will have to contend with, certainly won’t help them.
I have been informed that the grass at Hilton is fairly ordinary at best, so this won’t help the visitors. I notice that Kevin McKay and Daniel Newton are not named to play, so this might help the Millers a fair bit. Though, having Rob Foy as one of your skips and Hugh McKay as a third, certainly strengthens your sixteen. Having said that the Millers have an abundance of quality players spread through their team.
The Hawks for me.
Hilton 7-1