Another intriguing round of bowls in 1 blue north this weekend, all even games right across the board. All eyes on Sorrento and Mt Lawley to what points they get. Possibly many tops of ladder lead changes over the coming weeks as both sides push for automatic promotion

G Ginbey, A Booth, D McCloskey, B Wright
B Adams, P Bowden, B Hogg, L Moulton
P Gillespie, J Andrew, B Jeppesen, A Martin
M Piggott, J Angel, D Griffiths, P Gatti
INS: B Adams, L Moulton
OUTS: B Griffiths, A Taylor

J Buchanan, M Korycin, E Dardengo, G Barry
B Leggett, D Urquhart, D Stanik, M Wyndham
P Daley, C Leggett, T Vlahos, T Dangerfield
W Neilson, J Hunter, J Groves, T Vellios
INS: D Stanik, C Leggett
OUTS: D Webber, M Cheeseman

Great game this one – Both good solid sides that have started the season very competitively. I’ll have top go for the young guns Joondalup, playing good bowls but not getting the results go their way. Will be close and really a toss of the coin game.
Joondalup 6-2


L Martin, C Grisbrook, S Draper, S Niven
R Rogers, C Jasper, B Collins, A De Cinque
R Munt, A Walton, B Gunson, B Kiely
I Linford, T Orton, S Van Mosseveld, S Mortimer
INS: No change

W Coffey, I Cooper, G Robertson, F Faigenbaum
T Kay, R Humfrey, J McGrath, J Kaplan
B Morrison, M Lemos, P Hunter, J Matthews
T McGillvray, J West, K Humfrey, B McGrechan
INS: No change

Yes – Sorrento for me the question is how many ag points they can grab. I think it looks like a 7-1 game to me. Sorrento Easy but the doggies are tenacious if nothing else so they will be in for the fight.
Sorrento 7-1


A Einfeld, A Graham, C Lenzo, K Cornell
C Bessant, L Kelly, J Bessant, K Scott
M Masel, P Sinden, J Cottier jnr, S Connell
A Jones, G Herriott, M Palumbo, C Green
INS: No change

R Haring, D Cosgrove, W Malloy, M Fredericks
E Johnson, S Whitfield, C Bell, A Faulkner
B Heta, B Willesee, B Leed, M Leed
B Pearce, S Deering, C Hickman, N Feletti
INS: R Haring, W Malloy
OUTS: C McKenna, R Castledine

Same as above really – 7 or 8 ag points? I’ll go for a change to the ladder this week and say 8 points to Mt Lawley. Enfield to hit back hard after the bitter taste of defeat, AJ to continue his great form as well. Doubleview much better than what will happen to them on the weekend but the Mt Lawley home form line is too hard to ignore.
Mt Lawley 8-0


W Mitchell, G Armstrong, G Pinto, C Hamilton
M Callcott, V Orchard, B Geilke, W Hinchcliffe
L Spinks, V Princi, G Grieve, P Jones
L Sanders, K Nazareth, J Engelen, R Dunstan
INS: V Princi, G Pinto
OUTS: M West, T Dawson

A Southern, D Park, P Natalotto, G Foster
I Cornthwaite, P Kelly, S Anning, G Rowlinson
T Natalotto, G Tibbles, P Park, M Eckett
D Wood, T Southern, R Hutchinson, P Hilsz
INS: P Park, P Kelly, T Natalotto
OUTS: D Foster, M Garner, J Hillan

Interesting game this one – it’s a toss of the coin again both sides not playing particularly well to be honest and two sides that I expected to be a little higher. Both sides had their pants pulled down last week so they will both be wanting this one. When in this much doubt take the home team or draw . I’ll take the home team in a close one.
Morley 5-3


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R Aitken, A Schrauf, A Howe, B Muntz
J Carlsen, D Anderson, B Palfrey, B Farrant
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Barr, S Stevenson
L Mitten, R Munday, B Abrahamson, T Bannon
INS: B Muntz
OUTS: G Gregson

Battle of two carpet sides – red hot at home and fairly average away another toss of the coin. I’ll check if either have their sides in, back in a minute ………….. nope Mundaring still without the wi-fi connect thingy majiggy thing. North Beach it is then worked last week so why change.
North Beach 6-2