Round Five on Saturday sees some interesting encounters, as I see it a anyway. The Manning Eagles host the Fremantle Mariners, which should give us an idea as to whether the visitors are up to it this year.
Kalamunda Cougars host the Cockburn Roosters, will also tell us the real form of the experienced Cockburn sixteen.
Also, the game at South Perth who host the one of the early competition leaders in the Rockingham Rams, will be a telling encounter.

S Adams, B Griffiths, A Taylor, P Barrow
A Pryce, M Ellis, S Salamon, J Evans
M Carey, G Hogg, A Lill, S Lambert
G O'Brien, W Heldt, N Rees, M Hoskin
INS: B Griffiths, D McIlhenney
OUTS: B Adams, A Taylor

T Krajancic, D Golem, B Ciccotosto, N Gaspar
D Bacich, B Coote, K Bowden, A Hocken
S McCormack, P Wachmer, M Lindsay, J Chessell
M Gill, J Stewart, A Judge, B Sumich
INS: N Gaspar, A Hocken
OUTS: J Trigwell, P Rimmer

Both of these teams are three and one after just four games, however the Mariners have played the two winless teams in Thornlie and Spearwood, but they did dish it up to the Hawks away from home. Whilst the Eagles have already beaten two of the better teams in South Perth and Rockingham, so they have had the harder draw so far.
Manning and the Mariners have made some changes, with young Blair Griffith, ex Armadale getting his chance I see. Young Trigwell out for the Mariners.
The experience and home ground advantage will see the Eagles win comfortably.
Manning 7-1


I Unkovich, N Silich, B Yakas, B Bavcevic
K Nadilo, N Sokol, B Dropulic, T Fiamengo
D Tomasich, T Mathein, M Krajancic, J Stojan
I Perica, B Vidovich, T Gimblett, I Dragicevich
INS: N Sokol
OUTS: I Petkovich

N Shannon, E Banner, D Clayton, D Cleal
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, B Eather, R Bellis
J Newton, G Burgess, P Hickey, A Andersson
INS: E Banner
OUTS: A Anderson

Can the boys from Spearwood break their duck? They just might I believe, they are not getting beaten by much, but winless they are. However the Lions, from over the Freeway, have had three wins so far. They have beaten Cockburn, Fremantle and Thornlie, so it is a bit hard to gauge exactly where they at.
Spearwood have got some pretty good back end players on paper, but it is certainly not transgressing onto the green, yet anyway.
Unkovich and a Ford or Vandersluys contest could hold the key, Fords rink unbeaten at this early stage. I will go for an upset here.
Spearwood 6-2


W Olive, R Pringle, H Clifford, M Thomas
B Brandsma, R Cooper, G McDonald, T Mountford
D Wooltorton, A Burt, T Price, M Clancy
A Bartlett, P Townsend, B Farrant, V Hughes
INS: H Clifford, T Price
OUTS: P Pringle, I Quayle

M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gurr, D Dobb
J Marevic, I Mateljak, M Krajancic, A Edwards
W Tepania, M Sokol, S Srhoy, B Blagaich
K Wylie, J Ricci, M Zusman, D Topine
INS: D Topine, M Musulin
OUTS: D Ravlich, J Salmeri

Will the Roosters get the majority of the points on Saturday? It will be a long journey home if they don’t. The Cougars have only won one game so far, however that was against the Hawks, so a good win there. It will be a similar surface up at Kalamunda for the Roosters, so that should help immensely.
I don’t think that the Cougars have got the depth and experience of the Roosters though, so I will go for the visiting sixteen here. The Cougars have a lot of experienced personnel, but not of the same depth as the Roosters. Tepania versus Brandsma would be fine contest to view.
Cockburn 6-2


B Roelefs, D Bandy, T Percival, J Percival
M McRae, M Petrich, G Reagan, M Hughes
S Kelly, D Calvo, R Negus, L Moretti
V Santostefano, I Rennie, J Galipo, B Owen
INS: No change

S Hutchinson, K Tremlett, L Atkins, D Poole
B Edwards, M Peters, T Threlfall, G Roberts
M Devenny, P Villa, S Wales, J Laukkanen
R Costello, J Lethlean, M Wilson, T Rubery
INS: No change

The Rams, sitting second on the table, take on the Millers here in what could be a defining game for the visiting sixteen. A lot of capable skips are sprinkled across the various rinks here. Hutchinson, Edwards, Devenney for the Rams, while the Millers have fine skips in McRae, Roelofs and Kelly. The home ground advantage, plus the steady up front bowlers from the Millers will carry the day I believe.
South Perth 7-1


J Stean, N Holden, D Innes, J Mitchell
G Beckwith, D Slade, I Rewell, H Collins
G Vaughan, G Collier, C Penaluna, A Williams
P Pohe, M Separovich, P Riggio, J Thorn
INS: No change

C Standley, P Stone, B Smith, T Maxwell
K McKay, Daniel Newton, Dave Newton, R Fortini
R Foy, G Dodd, K Willis, R Butler
R Hunter, H McKay, L Onley Jnr, S Farrell
INS: K McKay, Dave Newton
OUTS: C McMahon, T Simpson

The Hawks have really loaded up for this game, with all their big imports playing against the hapless Ravens. The three new imports in Hugh & Kevin McKay, plus Robbie Foy all pulling the boots on for the visitors. I predict a big blowout here, with the Hawks to win eight to zip. Far too much class at the back end, with a solid up front mix as well for the Hawks. Travis Simpson out for the visitors, but his loss is more than covered by the inclusions. Jim Stean gets his chance as skip in lieu of Holden and Innes for the Ravens, the three of them in the one side.
Hilton 8-0