It seems that there are cracking match up’s every Saturday in one blue at and round 6 is no different. Every match I look at could be won by any club …… other than Mt Lawley of course they are just changing in third gear in six speed automatic transmission. They take on the young guns at Joondalup so this may be a little harder as they have had a great run of home games perhaps even 4 of the 5 games have been at home so the young guns at Joondalup with be giving it their all but the “Mounters” will be too strong at the business end. Sorrento will need to win to stay in touch of top spot, unfortunately their slip up last week has cost them any chance of achieving that feat and they will be looking through the fixture books thinking who will do them a favour and knock off the Mighty Mounters……….. they may have to turn the page and look at the white division pages because they won’t find their answer in the one blue fixtures. Any how enough about my new favourite team lets get into the other matches.


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G Ginbey, A Booth, D McCloskey, B Wright
B Adams, P Bowden, B Hogg, L Moulton
P Gillespie, J Andrew, B Jeppesen, A Martin
M Piggott, J Angel, S Salamon, P Gatti
INS: S Salamon
OUTS: D Griffiths

How good were the Doggies last week? their woof woof war cry would have been burning the Swans ears I’m sure. They have sent out their own message that they are the real deal this season and have plans to be the second side to grab that white promotion. Manning are no slouches and will take it right up to the Dogs but it’s the back-end fire power of the Yokine that is most impressive and for that reason I see them winning this one quite comfortably.
Yokine 7-1


J Buchanan, M Korycin, E Dardengo, M Cheesman
B Leggett, D Urquhart, D Stanik, M Wyndham
P Daley, C Leggett, T Vlahos, T Dangerfield
W Neilson, J Hunter, G Barry, T Vellios
INS: M Cheesman
OUTS: J Groves

A Einfeld, A Graham, C Lenzo, K Cornell
C Bessant, L Kelly, J Bessant, K Scott
M Masel, P Sinden, J Cottier jnr, S Connell
A Jones, G Herriot, M Palumbo, C Green
INS: No change

Yeah unfortunately for Joondalup they will only be playing for a point and if they do really really well 2 points. Mt Lawley have gelled and that’s not great news for the rest of the one blue comp as far as white promotional aspirations go. Having said that Joondalup I’m sure would have set their first-year goal in one blue as the old survive and we have met our seasons expectations so in that aspect they are doing a great job and to me it looks like they should finish anywhere from 4th to 6th so that’s a great first season in Blue. The “Mighty Mounters “for me.
Mt Lawley 8-0


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L Martin, C Grisbrook, S Draper, S Niven
R Rogers, C Jasper, B Collins, A De Cinque
R Munt, A Walton, B Gunson, B Kiely
I Linford, M Burton, S Van Mosseveld, S Mortimer
INS: M Burton
OUTS: T Orton

Let me check Mundaring’s side out …….. nope no sides in but I wont fall for the old two card trick again, they were sensational last week against a cock a hoop North Beach side who went up the hill thinking by how far, then drove down the hill thinking how were they on the bottom of the ladder. The experience at Mundaring is often not a very good one and has been the club’s biggest asset and the down fall of many clubs who have travelled down the hill pondering what could have been. This is going to be a ripper of a match and it’s a hard one to select, heart says Mundaring, head says Sorrento. Will fall back on my old home team policy. Mundaring for me with no more than 6 shots separating the overall ag.
Mundaring 6-2


R Aitken, A Schrauf, A Howe, G Gregson
J Carlsen, B Palfrey, D Anderson, B Farrant
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Barr, S Stevenson
L Mitten, R Munday, B Abrahamson, T Bannon
INS: G Gregson
OUTS: B Muntz

A Southern, T Southern, R Hutchinson, G Foster
I Cornthwaite, P Kelly, S Anning, G Rowlinson
T Natalotto, G Tibbles, M Garner, M Eckett
D Wood, D Park, J Hillan, P Hilsz
INS: M Garner, J Hillan
OUTS: P Park, P Natalotto

Poor old Swans just struggling to get their season started they have been noticeably on the wrong end of some narrow loses , the magnets have been thrown around 2 in 2 out each week I have noticed but as I mentioned they have been close in most of their games so it tells me a win is around the corner but unfortunately North Beach is off a round about so it wont be this week . North Beaches greens will be running at 30 seconds as per normal, a great shot will be 1.5 to 2 metres away from the Kitty as I have been told its impossible to play on yet when I was there, I was able to get one a metre away and my skip was nearly crying with joy!! North Beach for me in a tight one if Swan can walk away with a couple of points they would have done well.
North Beach 6-2


E Johnson, B Watts, C Bell, A Faulkner
B Pearce, S Deering, S Whitfield, N Feletti
B Willesee, D Cosgrove, D Hayden, M Fredericks
B Heta, W Langdon, B Leed, M Leed
INS: S Whitfield, D Hayden, W Langdon
OUTS: C Hickman, R Haring, W Molloy

W Mitchell, T Dawson, G Armstrong, C Hamilton
M Callcott, V Orchard, W Hinchcliffe, G Pinto
M West, L Spinks, G Grieve, P Jones
L Sanders, K Nazareth, J Engelen, R Dunstan
INS: M West, G Armstrong
OUTS: B Geilke, V Princi

Another 50/50 game, Morley coming of a great win and Doubleview played exceptionally well against Mt Lawley so tough game to select the winner here. Changes galore in both teams so that’s hard to line up as well whether forced or form changes not sure. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Morley will win this game , They seem to have found their place in one blue and are far more settled the sit 2-3 as does Doubleview , The stats on these two sides is so close that It’s quite possible a draw may be the fair result but I’ll get off the fence and select Morley to win I had them around the finals spot at season ends and if that is to be the case they will need to win this one.
Morley 6-2