4.5 from 5 for last week’s predictions. A couple of scares after round 1 but most games went the way we predicted. Probably the two big surprises were North beach and Joondalup drawing and Mt Lawleys narrow victory over Manning 2. It makes tipping a little harder this week but it normally takes 5 or 6 weeks for the comp to settle into who’s who in the zoo of 1 Blue. I must congratulate the Mt Lawley four of Mark Masel , Anthony Enfield, Paul Sinden and Adam Graham on winning the State Fours over Ryan Moyles side. It was a great win and a great game was put on by both the finalists Mt Lawley’s effort was huge and one that really does go to show that there is really not that much between the top one blue bowler’s and the rest so a great effort , you done your club and our 1 blue comp proud.
North Beach 76 (4) v Joondalup 76 (4)
 Alan Schrauf 17 v Jimmy Buchanan  23
 John Carlsen 25 v Ben Leggett  17
 John Bartorillo 15 v Pat Daley 20
 Lee Mitten 19 v Wesley Neilson  16

Got this one a little wrong but full credit to the Joondalup boys to go over to North Beach and come away with 4 points I’d imagine not many clubs will be able to do that this year so not to disappointing at all for the Joondalup team. North Beach I would imagine would be the side out of this match that would be ruing the missed opportunity. Good rink wins by the Jimmy Buchannan rink and John Carlson’s rink both matching each other as far as shot up goes.
North Beach 4 – Joondalup 4 ……my selection North Beach – 6-2
Manning 2 80 (1) v Mt Lawley 81 (7)
 Murray Piggott 31 v Andrew Jones  13
 Greg Ginbey 14 v Corey Bessant  22
 Ross Dolton 24 v Anthony Einfeld  27
 Phil Gillespie 11 v Mark Masel  19

I got this one correct but didn’t think it would be achieved the way it was with only 1 shot separating the aggregate in the end Mt Lawley can consider themselves luck to have walked away with 7 points and would be wondering what the heck happened. No real details on the match other than the great win of Murray Piggott’s side over Andrew Jones by some 18 shots they nearly snatched the 4 aggregate points on offer. It must have done wonders for the Mt Lawley four that showed up for the state finals yesterday they were behind early in both their matches but won them both well to be crowned State Fours champions 20/21 season. Well done to Mt Lawley they came away with 7 points and that’s all that matters.
Mt Lawley 7-1……. My Selection Mt Lawley 7-1
Yokine 77 (6) v Doubleview 71 (2)
 Anthony Kay 18 v Brian Watts  15
 Wayne Coffey 15 v Brandon Heta  21
 Bradley Morrison 31 v Bradley Pearce  17
 Trevor McGillivray 13 v Christopher McKenna  18

Not much in this one either to be honest only 6 in the aggregate in the end but the Dogs managed to get the job done after a great win for Bradley Robinsons rink who won by 14 shots over the Pearce Doubleview rink. A great start for Yokine and Doubleview will also get something from the match knowing that they can match it with one of the stronger sides in one blue.
Yokine 6 – 2 ….. My selection Yokine 7-1
Mundaring 68 (2) v Swan 79 (6)
 John Doncon 17 v Daniel Wood  22
 Kevin Warne 10 v Tony Natalotto  23
 Rex Cox 22 v David Park  18
 Geoffrey Bear 19 v Alan Southern  16

As suspected Swan looked to be a little to consistent for a game Mundaring side , It was the Natalotto and Wood rink that did the damage for Swan there was not much in the other two rinks at all and again would fill Mundaring with some confidence that at their best they can match it with one of the stronger sides in one blue so will fill them with some confidence moving for the remainder of the season.
Swan 6 – 2 My Selection Swan 6-2
Sorrento 87 (6) v Morley 65 (2)
 Lance Martin 27 v Gregory Armstrong  13
 Rick Munt 18 v Mark Callcott  19
 Greg Taylor 17 v Wayne Mitchell  20
 Ronald Rogers 25 v Lindsay Sanders  13

Morley couldn’t get the job done at Sorrento whilst two rinks Rogers and Martin for Sorrento were very comfortable winners indeed Morley managed to grab a very valuable two points away with narrow victories on both. Sorrento looked the goods from the outset but to Morley’s credit they fought back and made a real match of it. Morley will definitely trouble a few sides this year and at home next week they will be up for the challenge.
Sorrento 6-2 my prediction Sorrento 5-3
Mt Lawley110038180101.257
North Beach1001276761004
M Piggott10018Manning
L Martin10014Sorrento
B Morrison10014Yokine
T Natalotto10013Swan
R Rogers10012Sorrento
C Bessant1008Mt Lawley
M Masel1008Mt Lawley
J Carlsen1008North Beach
J Buchanan1006Joondalup
B Heta1006Doubleview
P Daley1005Joondalup
D Wood1005Swan
C McKenna1005Doubleview
R Cox1004Mundaring
A Kay1003Yokine
W Mitchell1003Morley
A Einfeld1003Mt Lawley
L Mitten1003North Beach
G Bear1003Mundaring
M Callcott1001Morley
R Munt010-1Sorrento
A Southern010-3Swan
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
W Neilson010-3Joondalup
B Watts010-3Doubleview
R Dolton010-3Manning
D Park010-4Swan
J Bartorillo010-5North Beach
T McGillivray010-5Yokine
J Doncon010-5Mundaring
W Coffey010-6Yokine
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
B Leggett010-8Joondalup
P Gillespie010-8Manning
G Ginbey010-8Manning
L Sanders010-12Morley
K Warne010-13Mundaring
B Pearce010-14Doubleview
G Armstrong010-14Morley
A Jones010-18Mt Lawley