Well, I certainly got a few of my selections wrong, but it is early days.
Probably the biggest surprise in this first round was the gallant win of the newcomers to Blue South, that of the Rockingham Rams over the Thornlie Ravens, a great way to start the year.
The Freo Mariners also coming up trumps over the Hilton Hawks, away from home, beating there near rivals comprehensively. The Eagles and the Millers looking ominous away from home also.
Hilton Park 75 (1) v Fremantle 103 (7)
 Robert Hunter 35 v Peter Wachmer  16
 David Newton 6 v Tony Krajancic  36
 Gary Dodd 17 v Dinko Bacich  29
 Craig Standley 17 v Mark Gill  22

The Mariners, boosted by their star new recruits, certainly towelled the Hawks up at Hilton.
A magnificent win to Tony Krajncic, Dinko Golem, Mark Lindsay and Josh Trigwell, winning by a thirty shot margin over the overwhelmed Dave Newton and his boys. I know of the front three, but not sure of Trigwell. But from all accounts he set them up nicely. Good wins to Bacich and Gill also, making sure the aggregate was safe.
I still think the Hawks will swoop though, some star players to bolster their ranks soon.
Manning 1 90 (7) v Kalamunda 75 (1)
 Shane Adams 25 v Wayne Olive  20
 Alan Pryce 16 v William Brandsma  17
 Michael Carey 17 v Dwayne Wooltorton  15
 Graham O'Brien 32 v Arthur Bartlett  23

The Eagles as predicted, had a fairly comfortable win over the Cougars, but the visitors will “ take “ some confidence from this game, as they put up a brave fight.
Only fifteen shots in the aggregate, with the Cougars picking up a valuable point in the process. The overall win for the home side was set up by the O’Brien rink who won by a handsome nine shots. The Adams family plus two carrying on from last year, and winning also, along with Carey and his boys. Billy Brandsma starting off the year with a narrow win over the star studded Pryce rink.
Leeming 70 (7) v Cockburn 61 (1)
 Karl Vandersluys 27 v Kenneth Wylie  9
 Alexander Anderson 8 v William Tepania  26
 Gary Ford 21 v Josip (joe) Marevic  13
 James Newton 14 v Michael Simunovic  13

The rink skipped by Karl Vandersluys, and comprising Peter Boys, Doug Johnson and Wayne Burrell, started off the year where they finished last season, easily beating the Wylie foursome and carrying the day for the 🦁 at home.
This four are certainly the yardstick for the Lions, almost impossible to beat at home or away it seems.
Willie Tepania, with Dave Ravlich, Steve Srhoy and Brian Blagaich doing this best for the visitors, to comprehensively beat the Anderson four.
Thornlie 69 (1) v Rockingham 81 (7)
 Gary Beckwith 18 v Mark Devenny  21
 Paul Pohe 18 v John Lethlean  15
 Glyn Vaughan 18 v Bruce Edwards  21
 Doddy Innes 15 v Steve Hutchinson  24

The surprise of the round here, with the Ravens playing at home on their new synthetic green I presume, were still beaten by the visiting 🐑. A really great way for the Rams to start off their campaign in this division. It must have been a jovial trip home for the Rockingham boys, a good start in Blue South.
A nine shit win to Steve Hutchinson, Kim Tremlett, Lindsay Atkins and Derek Poole, they beat the new ex Gosnells skip in Dodd’s Innes and team.
Spearwood 78 (2) v South Perth 89 (6)
 Ivan Unkovich 21 v Michael McRae  18
 Ken Nadilo 13 v Steve Kelly  27
 Nikola Silich 22 v Bill Roelofs  18
 Nikola Sokol 22 v Vincent Santostefano  26

Well I got this one right, with the visiting Millers gaining the majority of points and winning quite comfortably at the end of eighty four ends. The Millers looming good, even at this early stage of the season, maybe One White looms again I would think.
A big win to Steve Kelly, Dean Calvo, Richard Negus and Lou Moretti, over the Nadilo rink, fourteen shots the difference at the finish. Vince Santostefano also claiming a win for the Millers. Unkovich and Silich grabbing two points for the home side, who have some soul searching to do.
South Perth110028978114.16
Hilton Park101017510372.821
T Krajancic10030Fremantle
R Hunter10019Hilton Park
K Vandersluys10018Leeming
W Tepania10018Cockburn
S Kelly10014South Perth
D Bacich10012Fremantle
G O'Brien1009Manning
S Hutchinson1009Rockingham
G Ford1008Leeming
S Adams1005Manning
M Gill1005Fremantle
N Silich1004Spearwood
V Santostefano1004South Perth
B Edwards1003Rockingham
I Unkovich1003Spearwood
M Devanny1003Rockingham
P Pohe1003Thornlie
M Carey1002Manning
J Newton1001Leeming
B Brandsma1001Kalamunda
A Pryce010-1Manning
M Simunovich010-1Cockburn
D Wooltorton010-2Kalamunda
G Beckwith010-3Thornlie
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
M McRae010-3South Perth
G Vaughan010-3Thornlie
B Roelefs010-4South Perth
N Sokol010-4Spearwood
C Standley010-5Hilton Park
W Olive010-5Kalamunda
J Marevic010-8Cockburn
D Innes010-9Thornlie
A Bartlett010-9Kalamunda
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
K Nadilo010-14Spearwood
A Anderson010-18Leeming
K Wylie010-18Cockburn
P Wachmer010-19Fremantle
D Newton010-30Hilton Park