A couple of shock results to come out of Round 1, but i am thinking this is going to be a familiar turn of phrase this year. In one of the most open Premier Leagues all year, the season has started to promisingly on that front. Who knows who will win from week to week, a tipping nightmare.
South Perth 89 (7) v Manning 64 (1)
 Ross Bresland 17 v Lee Such  18
 Justin Opie 20 v Alan Heal  14
 Glenn Pauling 25 v Shane Knott  13
 Scott Walker 27 v Anthony Williams  19

Our first surprise was not so much the win to South Perth as predicted, but the scoreline was significant. I doubt even someone of Tom Mitchells ability could have addressed this one sided affair. Lee Such won the close one to gain a valuable point for his side, but good wins to Justin Opie, Scott Walker and Glenn Pauling with the sweep by 12 too much to overcome. We'll see how Manning bounces back this week and importantly for South Perth, wins at home are great but are meaningless without wins away from home.
Kardinya 90 (7) v Rossmoyne 67 (1)
 David Rankin 25 v Rawley Lang  17
 Steven Novak 29 v John Carter  16
 Slavko Perica 14 v Eddie Gollan  16
 Marc Abonnel 22 v Allan Petchell  18

Probably the easiest game to predict this week as Kardinya cruised to a 23 shot win. The big winner was Steve Novak by 13 and handy wins to Dave Rankin and Marc Abonnel sealed the deal. Eddie Gollan who was the best performed skipper at the club last year got his account off in a positive fashion with a victory over Sam Perica. It could be a familiar story this year for Rossmoyne so wins against them will be offset as most teams will score victories, but it's nice to win at home on your new surface for Kardinya and by a comfortable margin and importantly, in 2nd spot on the ladder. With an away game this week against North Beach, they are primed to start the year off in a blaze of glory
Cambridge 73 (2) v Sorrento 74 (6)
 Clive Adams 19 v Christopher Lander  18
 Lance Strahan 14 v Shane Ernest Rixom  22
 Blake Nairn 25 v Shane Loftus  13
 Cameron Harris 15 v Kyle McIlroy  21

For me this was the surprise result. Not that Sorrento aren't capable of wins like this but I could see everything in Cambridges favour so a huge result for Sorrento. I think it might have been Camdbidges first game at night at home, may well be their last as their home ground advantage probably negated by the night conditions. I did hear Sorrento blasted out of the box and comfortable leaders at the halfway mark before a comeback that saw Cambridge hit the lead briefly before Sorrento was able to again nose their way in front and win by the smallest of margins. A big win to Blake Nairn not enough to overcome the wins by Kyle McIlroy and Shane Rixom. A potential big signing this week might see Sorrento in a different light, more on that later in the week.
Bassendean 74 (2) v Osborne Park 90 (6)
 Dan Nicholls 11 v Cody Packer  27
 Stephen Fewster 21 v Ryan Brown  28
 Stein Davies 19 v Gary Caffell  15
 Simon Alden 23 v Neville Stevens  20

A bit disappointing to lose but not surprising for most in the bowls community I would guess. It really came about from Cody Packer and his rink that played superbly well. Dan Nicholls did well to keep it to a 16 point margin really such was the dominance of Packer. He is a fine bowler and probably the best in the state at the moment. I was able to negate Packer as I was well up against Neville Stevens early but his rink clawed their way back into the game winning 13 ends to 8, just dropping big ends at the wrong time. Stein Davies and Gary Caffell always a close margin but I'm sure Davies always seemed to be in front, the same story with Ryan Brown and Stephen Fewster with Brown always seeming to be in control of the win.
Doubleview 68 (7) v North Beach 64 (1)
 Ryan Moyle 16 v Mark Douthie  16
 Charles Slavich 18 v Geoffrey Devenish  16
 Stewart Gosstray 20 v Brad Gillingham  18
 John Slavich 14 v Paul Walker  14

I mentioned in my preview it was the result that would be interesting here and you could say it certainly was. Doubleview never lost a rink, but the biggest win was only 2 shots, shared by Stewart Gosstray and Charlie Slavich. Not sure how the game went down but must have been an absolute nail biter at the end.
So what does this result say about Doubleview or North Beach? Time will tell, we'll know more after this weekend but Doubleview will be stoked with the 7 points because essentially that's all the result means and 3rd on the ladder. North Beach will also know they can be competitive this season and not to write them off just yet.
South Perth110038964139.067
Osborne Pk110029074121.626
North Beach10101646894.121
C Packer10016Osborne Pk
S Novak10013Kardinya
G Pauling10012South Perth
B Nairn10012Cambridge
S Walker1008South Perth
D Rankin1008Kardinya
S Rixom1008Sorrento
R Brown1007Osborne Pk
J Opie1006South Perth
K McIlroy1006Sorrento
S Davies1004Bassendean
M Abonnel1004Kardinya
S Alden1003Bassendean
S Gosstray1002Doubleview
C Slavich1002Doubleview
E Gollan1002Rossmoyne
L Such1001Manning
C Adams1001Cambridge
R Moyle0010Doubleview
J Slavich0010Doubleview
P Walker0010North Beach
M Douthie0010North Beach
C Lander010-1Sorrento
R Bresland010-1South Perth
S Perica010-2Kardinya
B Gillingham010-2North Beach
G Devenish010-2North Beach
N Stevens010-3Osborne Pk
A Petchell010-4Rossmoyne
G Caffell010-4Osborne Pk
A Heal010-6Manning
C Harris010-6Cambridge
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
A Williams010-8Manning
L Strahan010-8Cambridge
R Lang010-8Rossmoyne
S Knott010-12Manning
S Loftus010-12Sorrento
J Carter010-13Rossmoyne
D Nicholls010-16Bassendean