What a great round of bowls to get off & running with some interesting results. Credit to all who stayed safe & more importantly to all supporting bowls & doing the right thing in WA so we can all safely enjoy the game we love so much.
The predictions didn't go as planned as picking away teams in R1 is probably not the smartest choice, as 4 for the 5 home teams won. In saying that, most of the new editions to 1 White made a meaningful impression so we would expect a high standard of bowls for the forthcoming year where the home records might be worth their weight in gold given the even balance across the teams. It will be interesting to see the scoring differences over the next few weeks where we might keep an eye on, as unlike most of the other top divisions, there were some big scoring differences across the 5 games.
Congrats to all in the State Fours completed over the last few weekends. It was great to watch live but also looked great over Facebook. I don't think we had any 1 White participants in the final mix but it was fantastic to see a genuine club four win the State event in Mt Lawley and being 1 Blue probably adds more significance to the win against some superb composite sides.
Gosnells 0 (6) v Kardinya 0 (2)
 Grant Nicol 1 (26) v Craig Stokes  (11) 0
 Brett Holland 0 (18) v Wayne Bezant  (22) 1
 Unplayed 0 (18) v Stephen Vinci  (23) 1
 Frank Carbone 1 (25) v Norm Ball  (9) 0

What a superb start for the newish looking Kookaburra's & yet again I learn the lesson of not going against the head & statistics. I did have a faint belief that the Kats were pretty eager to ensure they got off t a good start for the season but Gosnell's were just too strong, which is very understandable given some of the Kookaburra's recruits & home form from last year. In saying that the Kats did pickup 2 games where Bezant took Holland by 4shots & Vinci took the 2nd point by 5 shots. Nicol's got off to a flying start for Gosnells as they gelled from the 1st end against Stokes. Nicol's crew controlled the game for the majority & was never really troubled. Not the restart Ball & Co wanted as they started with a few on the board but Carbone's crew just cruised away during the middle & the game was over early enough as Carbone stretched out to finish 25-9. That's a -39 shot margin for Ball's crew in just 2 games (albeit some significant distance between games) so you'd think Ball needs more support from those in front.
Grabbing 2 points on the road is a solid days work especially if Gosnells can maintain that form against the others but the Kats just need to stay competitive on the other rinks to be thereabouts coming into the last few ends. No doubt they'll bounce back next week & Gosnells might see their seaside visit as another opportunity to add more big points next week.
Result: Gosnells 6 - 2
Prediction: Kardinya 5 - 3

Warwick 103 (7) v Quinns Rocks 58 (1)
 Geoffrey Hinge 14 v Christopher Parr  16
 Lindsay Hill 38 v Rohan Cantrill  16
 Brian Ledingham 28 v Martin Hinchcliffe  11
 Jon Borkowski 23 v John Berecz  15

Some questions were asked about which Magpies would show for Round 1 & the answer was not just a few Magpies showed but they brought the whole Parliament with them. Warwick just dominated this encounter from the start & what was telling was the matchups just landed perfect for Warwick. Warwick knew the main danger would be from Berecz & Hinchcliffe, where they got beautiful coverage of those treats in Borkowski & Ledingham. That said the Magpies crew of Borkowski & Ledingham still had to nullify those threats & didn't they do that in style, winning 8 & 17 shots respectively. Hill did a terrific job on Cantrill to blow out the score by even more as Hill's side cruised to a 22 shot win. However, Parr was not for beating as they recorded a handy 2 shot win over Hinge & grabbed a late consolation for Quinns.
Good to see Warwick dominating like they normally do at home again & it's the start they really wanted if they genuinely want to push for playoffs. Unfortunately for Quinns it's a sharp learning curve from here & a tough lesson first up. For Quinns Rock, they'll need a serious bounce back at home next week but what is a concern is the scoreline & not the loss itself, because only about 2 teams in the last 20 games which involved losing & conceding over 100 shots in that loss ended up staying up in 1 White at the end of the year but let's assume this is a R1 anomaly & lets look forward to next week.
Result: Warwick 7 - 1
Prediction: Warwick 7 - 1

Warnbro 83 (6) v Safety Bay 77 (2)
 Kieran Cousens 24 v Ron Hall  25
 William Baker 17 v Grant Taylor  21
 Lindsay Strange 22 v Chris Carruthers  15
 Sean Mawdsley 20 v Christopher Owen  16

The pretenders came out swinging for the R1 local derby as it came down to the last end for Warnbro to fall over the line in a very even contest across all rinks. Safety Bay won't be overly disappointed by grabbing 2 valuable points on the road but they might just be thinking of the what if's during the week as supposedly it was a great tussle. Hall got over Cousens by the slimmest of margins to give Safety Bay a great start. Then Taylor took Baker by 4 shots & the belief was rising for Safety Bay. However, the class shone through for Warnbro where Strange got 7 shots on Carruthers & Mawdsley took Owen by 4 shots to push Warnbro over the line & get their PL comeback train off & running.
It would be nice to see these 2 sides with another 2-3 games under their belt before we can start to obtain a picture of where they sit in the overall scheme of things. Great game to start off R1.
Result: Warnbro 6 - 2
Prediction: Warnbro 7 - 1

Osborne Park 69 (0) v Bassendean 85 (8)
 John Carter 17 v Travis Lynch  19
 Peter Allen 16 v Eugene O'Sullivan  25
 Ronald Stockton 21 v Rodney Revell  22
 Michael Dewson 15 v Michael Erceg  19

Well didn't Basso reverse the PL result in R1 by what can only be described as 4 rink domination of the Saints & what was more impressive it was 8pts won on the road. The Lions will be delighted with that result and it gives them a perfect start to the season ahead & will surely settle some selection nerves. To be fair to the Saints most of the games were very tight but they just couldn't convert over the last few ends to balance the ledger.
Carter dropped the point to Lynch by only 2 shots which was good last end excitement. Stockton added to the drama by going down to Rocket by the minimal margins again on last end drama. O'Sullivan did push Allen out near the end to win by a comfortable 9 shots & Erceg downed Dewson by 4 shots to round out a very impressive day for the Lions on the road against a strong Osborne Park side. I would be very surprised if anyone gets another 8 pts off the Saints this year but stranger things have happened.
Result: Bassendean 8 - 0
Prediction: Osborne Park 7 - 1

Wanneroo 83 (6) v Mosman Park 78 (2)
 Kingsley Toster 12 v Scott Edmonds  19
 Darren Turra 29 v Dale Marsland  17
 Hugh Ward 23 v Mitchell Cranswick  16
 David Triffitt 19 v Cameron Hoffman  26

Game of the Round sure did live up to the expectations in an absolute thriller with great bowls played by both sides. Edmonds got the Mossies off to a great start by taking Toster by 7 shots to get 1pt on the board. Hoffman chipped in another valuable point as they took Triffitt by another 7 shots. However, much like last year Turra had other ideas as his side stormed home by putting up some late scores to cruise past Marsland by 12 shots. Ward then added to this scoring by holding out Cranswick by 7 shots to grab the decider. It was looking well for the Mossies for much of this game & somewhat like their Sunday semi final in the State Fours they just got overrun late by the Roo's in R1 & by a wonderful Mt. Lawley foursome on Sunday, both by minimal margins. Mossies probably haven't lost a lot in only grabbing 2 points as many will leave the Roos with less & it's a great leveller for them to build on over the next few games.
I still feel I'll struggle to find many teams that will push these 2 sides but lets see what happens over the coming few Rounds. Eitherway, any of the other 8 will do well to grab the full allocation against these sides.
Result: Wanneroo 6 - 2
Prediction: Mosman Park 6 - 2

Quinns Rocks10100.55810356.311
Osborne Park10100.5698581.180
L Hill10022Warwick
B Ledingham10017Warwick
F Carbone10016Gosnells
G Nicol10015Gosnells
D Turra10012Wanneroo
E O'Sullivan1009Bassendean
J Borkowski1008Warwick
L Strange1007Warnbro
H Ward1007Wanneroo
S Edmonds1007Cockburn
C Hoffman1007Cockburn
S Vinci1005Kardinya
S Mawdsley1004Warnbro
M Erceg1004Bassendean
W Bezant1004Kardinya
G Taylor1004Morley
T Lynch1002Bassendean
C Parr1002Quinns Rocks
R Revell1001Bassendean
R Hall1001Morley
K Cousens010-1Warnbro
R Stockton010-1Osborne Park
J Carter010-2Osborne Park
G Hinge010-2Warwick
M Dewson010-4Osborne Park
B Holland010-4Gosnells
W Baker010-4Warnbro
C Owen010-4Morley
E Gahan010-5Gosnells
K Toster010-7Wanneroo
D Triffitt010-7Wanneroo
M Cranswick010-7Cockburn
C Carfruthers010-7Morley
J Berecz010-8Quinns Rocks
P Allen010-9Osborne Park
D Marsland010-12Cockburn
C Stokes010-15Kardinya
N Ball010-16Kardinya
M Hinchcliffe010-17Quinns Rocks
R Cantrill010-22Quinns Rocks