5 from 5 including my roughie Doubleview to beat ladder leaders Yokine! Ladder positions are starting to sort themselves out with Mt Lawley flexing some home muscle against Manning to lift themselves to ladder leaders once more. Joondalup had a great win over North Beach who let a golden opportunity slip to secure a top 4 spot. Swan got the result they were looking for to start their second half run and Sorrento as I suspected handled the Morley greens well and had a very good away win. The performance of the round was definitely from The View who toppled the ladder leaders against the odds.

Joondalup 84 (7) v North Beach 81 (1)
 Wesley Neilson 21 v Richard Aitken  19
 Patrick Daley 12 v Lee Mitten  23
 Ben Leggett 31 v John Carlsen  21
 Jimmy Buchanan 20 v John Bartorillo  18

Joondalup are the sleepers for mine, I like their mix of youth and experience it works well for them. They are a side that enjoy playing for each other that is very evident, they have fun and that is a large part of the success. North Beach had a golden opportunity to secure a top four position and they had a real crack. Ben Leggett who is a very good young player was the difference in this game he secured a buffer against John Carlsen and never let it go. I see Ben as a future state player once the changing of the guard happens with our state side. Great win by Joondalup.
TIP: Joondalup 7-1
Result: Joondalup 7-1
Mt Lawley 126 (8) v Manning 2 44 (0)
 Guy Herriot 28 v Allan Taylor  13
 Corey Bessant 40 v Brian Jeppesen  6
 Mark Masel 21 v Phil Gillespie  13
 Andrew Jones 37 v Brett Adams  12

I said it was an opportunity for Mt Lawley to kick start their season with a big win and whilst I expected the whole pot of ag points on offer, I did not predict the score line. Mt Lawley winning this by 82 shots in total was quite the shock. Manning are better than that so they will bounce back, they are going to have to otherwise relegation will be on the cards. Dominant win by the Mounters with AJ and CB having a race to first to 40 it was the Bessant rink that won that contest and the Pots to boot. Great win.
Tip: Mt Lawley 8-0
Result: Mt Lawley 8-0
Doubleview 103 (8) v Yokine 61 (0)
 Bradley Pearce 23 v Anthony Kay  10
 Ben Willesee 30 v Bradley Morrison  15
 Brian Watts 23 v Shane Shaw  21
 Brandon Heta 27 v Trevor McGillivray  15

What the? again I tipped The View boys but again never expected it to be the whole bucket of aggregate points. What a win this was and what a tip by myself!! rapped for the Doubleview Lads as I like the look of this side, very similar to Joondalup a great mix of younger bowlers and experience. When you can get it to work there is nothing better than seeing it in action. Yokine would have expected to win this one and the result may be a wakeup call they need. Traditionally slow starters they will bounce back so no real issues with the loss they second spot on the ladder by 3 points over Joondalup.
Tip: Doubleview 6-2
Result: Doubleview 8-0
Swan 79 (7) v Mundaring 63 (1)
 Alan Southern 22 v Rex Cox  17
 Daniel Wood 15 v Geoffrey Bear  16
 Paul Kelly 23 v John Doncon  14
 Tony Natalotto 19 v Lindsay Pickles  16

Swan finally get another win and let’s hope it’s the one that awakes the sleeping giant, I have predicted they will finish strongly so this win was important. Again, whilst Mundaring competitive they just lack the knockout blows when on grass. I notice a slight swithy roo with Paul Kelly taking over a rink with immediate results. Southern was the other good winner for Swan. An expected win for Swan and Mundaring back home next week will be back on then winners list.
Tip: Swan 7-1
Result: Swan 7-1
Morley 82 (2) v Sorrento 91 (6)
 Wayne Mitchell 14 v Ronald Rogers  29
 Mark Callcott 21 v Rick Munt  24
 Lindsay Sanders 21 v Lance Martin  19
 Keith Nazareth 26 v Timothy Murray  19

Sorrento get a great away win at Morley thanks to the Ron Rodgers rink who carried the ag for his beloved Swans. Morley were tremendous in defeat but just had no answers when the questions were asked of them. Wind was not really a factor until late in the game so no excuses there. Morley now find themselves in some strife and are 1 of 5 sites that will finish between 6th and 10th so they will need to turn the L’s into W’s. Solid workman like win by The Swans.
Tip: Sorrento 6-2
Result: Sorrento 6-2
Mt Lawley1082026906676134.0258
North Beach1054121832745111.6843
A Kay81143Yokine
R Munt82080Sorrento
C Bessant73085Mt Lawley
M Masel73040Mt Lawley
J Buchanan73029Joondalup
A Jones63159Mt Lawley
L Mitten64019North Beach
L Martin64018Sorrento
M Callcott64013Morley
B Morrison53126Yokine
W Neilson54133Joondalup
B Leggett5415Joondalup
R Rogers541-13Sorrento
R Cox541-34Mundaring
R Aitken54035North Beach
J Bartorillo55055North Beach
B Heta55029Doubleview
T McGillivray550-7Yokine
W Mitchell550-16Morley
J Carlsen550-16North Beach
T Natalotto550-21Swan
M Piggott41140Manning
C McKenna41019Doubleview
A Einfeld44131Mt Lawley
L Pickles44020Mundaring
W Coffey440-34Yokine
B Pearce451-57Doubleview
G Bear450-35Mundaring
P Daley460-24Joondalup
I Linford32017Sorrento
E Johnson330-16Doubleview
L Sanders350-52Morley
A Southern3618Swan
D Wood370-37Swan
P Gillespie370-63Manning
B Jeppeson211-15Manning
B Watts21024Doubleview
K Nazareth21012Morley
B Willesee230-35Doubleview
B Adams240-12Manning
J Doncon280-56Mundaring
G Herriott10015Mt Lawley
P Kelly1009Swan
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Armstrong120-15Morley
I Cornthwaite131-3Swan
M West131-14Morley
G Ginbey130-22Manning
A Taylor150-51Manning
L Spinks010-1Morley
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
R Dolton010-3Manning
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
S Shaw020-3Yokine
T Murray040-24Sorrento
D Park040-36Swan