Manning 0 (6) v South Perth 0 (2)
 Lewis Grigg 1 (21) v Scott Walker  (16) 0
 Shane Knott 1 (26) v Ross Bresland  (16) 0
 Anthony Williams 1 (21) v Glenn Pauling  (20) 0
 Lee Such 1 (24) v Justin Opie  (8) 0

Well it's fair to say Manning have found the right combination with a resounding 8 points over the ladder leaders South Perth and their season is now back on track. South Perth now have some concerns with 3 losses in a row and they need to get their season back after a brilliant start to the year. Glenn Pauling has lost top spot on the skippers table with his 1 shot loss but it was the huge win to Lee Such over Justin Opie the highlight for Manning.
Rossmoyne 78 (2) v Kardinya 82 (6)
 John Carter 17 v Brad Ball  25
 Eddie Gollan 22 v Marc Abonnel  18
 Rawley Lang 16 v Steven Novak  21
 Allan Petchell 23 v David Rankin  18

Exciting game at Rossmoyne in a game they really needed to win, with 5 up and 2 ends to play it was looking good for the home team. Up steps the new recruit Brad Ball to grab 9 shots in 2 ends, win his rink and win the aggregate for his team. My records show it was the first time Ball has won as a PL skipper, what a time to pull out the victory. The win keeps Kardinya in the hunt for finals but the loss was huge for Rossmoyne, with only 3 home games left they need to win a couple away from home to ensure they survive in the League.
Sorrento 87 (6.5) v Cambridge 78 (1.5)
 Daniel Brown 20 v Clive Adams  20
 Christopher Lander 28 v Steven Rushforth  20
 Shane Ernest Rixom 19 v Blake Nairn  16
 Kyle McIlroy 20 v Cameron Harris  22

Another single digit loss to Cambridge and these close losses are really starting to mount up. It was really the 1 rink that did the damage to, Chris Lander fresh from his runner up in the state pairs was far too good for Steve Rushforth to inflict his first loss for the year. Sorrento are cruising along nicely, sit in 3rd spot but with only 0.5 points separating the top 3 teams, and they play bottom placed Bassendean this week, it is looking good for a top spot coming up. Cambridge will be rueing so many lost opportunities and while it would appear relegation won't occur, their finals dream is nearly shot.
Osborne Park 79 (6) v Bassendean 78 (2)
 Neville Stevens 22 v Beau Manton  28
 Gary Caffell 18 v Stein Davies  17
 Cody Packer 26 v Simon Alden  11
 Ryan Brown 13 v Dan Nicholls  22

Bassendean again so close but ultimately Osborne Park showed their grit to tough out a 1 shot win. It seems 1 rink is proving costly and this week it was mine, a 15 shot win to Cody Packer carrying the aggregate for Ossy Park. At 1 point Bassendean were about 15 up before Osborne Park mounted their challenge and themselves got to about 12 up. Bassendean finished hard but ultimately fell short by the sole point.
North Beach 82 (7) v Doubleview 76 (1)
 Geoffrey Devenish 24 v Samuel Scott  13
 Paul Walker 15 v Ryan Moyle  25
 Mark Douthie 24 v Charles Slavich  20
 Brad Gillingham 19 v John Slavich  18

Another exciting match here as it came down to the last end for Doubleview to pinch this one but they also fell short and North Beach win at home again and put some important gaps to the bottom 2 positions. Doubleview remain in the top and striking distance of top spot, it's a tough venue to win at and they were so close but won't be too disappointed with the 1 point and get back on some grass. I'm thinking 50 points will be enough to stave off demotion and with the win North Beach have got to 39, and with 3 home games left at a distinct home ground advantage they should get enough points.
South Perth1063126.5815707115.2852.5
Osborne Pk1072122.5787770102.2152.5
North Beach1055019.575876499.2139.5
R Moyle81158Doubleview
G Pauling82074South Perth
C Packer82067Osborne Pk
C Adams72162Cambridge
E Gollan7215Rossmoyne
J Slavich62255Doubleview
D Brown62146Sorrento
S Rixom63120Sorrento
S Knott63117Manning
M Douthie6317North Beach
S Walker631-5South Perth
J Opie64029South Perth
S Novak64022Kardinya
R Bresland64010South Perth
D Rankin5412Kardinya
K McIlroy55011Sorrento
C Harris550-7Cambridge
R Brown550-21Osborne Pk
P Walker44216North Beach
N Stevens442-12Osborne Pk
L Such4417Manning
G Devenish451-11North Beach
G Caffell451-17Osborne Pk
B Manton450-19Bassendean
C Lander4608Sorrento
M Abonnel460-2Kardinya
S Alden460-26Bassendean
S Rushforth3108Cambridge
L Grigg331-7Manning
B Nairn352-6Cambridge
S Gosstray351-16Doubleview
S Davies361-15Bassendean
B Gillingham361-18North Beach
J Carter360-15Rossmoyne
A Williams360-25Manning
C Slavich370-24Doubleview
A Petchell370-49Rossmoyne
S Perica250-16Kardinya
R Lang270-46Rossmoyne
B Ball1008Kardinya
C Edson1004Rossmoyne
R Halse1003Rossmoyne
L Strahan141-26Cambridge
D Nicholls181-72Bassendean
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
S Scott010-11Doubleview
S Loftus010-12Sorrento
A Heal020-20Manning
D Radford020-22Kardinya
B Butler030-12Manning