Another great Round of bowls with some big results in the upper half of the table. The Roo's grabbed a huge win away to Mosman Park & they Bay got revenge against Warnbro in a very tight contest to get them right back on track for a Finals push.

Kardinya 74 (2) v Gosnells 83 (6)
 Stephen Vinci 13 v Brett Holland  19
 Norm Ball 10 v Grant Nicol  26
 Wayne Bezant 24 v Frank Carbone  23
 Daryl Radford 27 v Eoghan Gahan  15

The Kookaburra's did very well to grab 6pts of the Kats away by 9 shots. Holland continued the good form for Gosnells as they won by 6 shots against Vinci. Nicol compounded that by rolling Ball by 16 shots. Bezant did pull 1 back by the minimum margin against Carbone & Radford had an easy dozen over Gahan to make it somewhat close but not close enough. Gahan's side are now 2 from 10 & need to get some form going to protect those Agg margins as they run a -44 shots spread, which other teams look to pounce on.
The Kats are all but gone now, not mathematical as they have only lost one more than Safety Bay but any side that loses 4 from 5 at home coming into the back end of the season will find it extremely difficult to find 5 wins from 8 where 4 of them are away & the home track is not providing them with a significant advantage.
Result: Gosnells 6 - 2
Prediction: Gosnells 6 - 2

Quinns Rocks 90 (7.5) v Warwick 62 (0.5)
 John Berecz 18 v Jon Borkowski  18
 Rohan Cantrill 21 v Brian Ledingham  17
 Christopher Parr 22 v Graeme Smith  14
 Martin Hinchcliffe 29 v Lindsay Hill  13

Another huge home win for Quinns as they build nicely into the back end. They are now back into 4th & a key position to hold that Finals spot for a place in the big league. It really is a 3 horse race for that 4th Finals spot & Quinns are right in the count. although they have now played 6 home games so that's 5 of the remaining 8 on the road where they have only picked up 1 win so far but there's a long way to go.
Berecz & Borkowski couldn't be separated finishing 18-18. Cantrill had a solid performance over Ledingham by 4 shots. Parr set up the big win by taking Smith byb 8 shots & Hinchcliffe needing a big win after 2 from 9, stuck the cherry on top in style by knocking over Hill by a huge 16 shots & makes it 3 from 10 for Hill. These lower scoring are actually pretty common this year for whatever reason as anyone scoring 4 from 10 or higher is actually in the Top 20 skippers.....strange olde year we're having.
Back to the drawing board for the Magpies as they look to find a way out of the basement but much like the Kats they'll need a huge run from here to just make the playoffs.
Result: Quinns Rocks 7.5 - 0.5
Prediction: Quinns Rock 7 - 1

Safety Bay 75 (6.5) v Warnbro 67 (1.5)
 Christopher Owen 13 v Lindsay Strange  24
 Chris Carruthers 24 v Kieran Cousens  13
 Grant Taylor 21 v William Baker  13
 Ron Hall 17 v Sean Mawdsley  17

Probably the upset of the Round here as they Bay reversed the corresponding fixture by nearly the same score which shows how close these sides are well playing each other.....can't beat good local rivalry.
That's 2 in a row for the Bay & they're now back into contention for Finals. The Wizards lost their top spot as they now sit behind the Roo's by 2 points but Warnbro will know they have 6 of the last 8 games at Home so I still fancy them coming home pretty strong over the next month or so. If the Roo's want PL it will surely be decided in R14 when they travel down the Kwinana.
The Bay were again brilliant at home with Carruthers putting 9 on Cousens & Taylor pulling away late from Baker to win by 8 shots. Hall & Mawdsley played out a draw which was probably a fair result but the big result of the day was Strange knocking over Owen by 11 shots to grab another valuable 1pt to go with the 0.5pt.
If the Bay can work out that Away form & actually win a game on the road they'll be absolutely right there come Finals. Again the good thing for them is they also have 4 of the remaining 8 at home so that should keep them in Finals contention.
Result: Safety Bay 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Warnbro 6 - 2

Bassendean 95 (6) v Osborne Park 64 (2)
 Jovan Krstic 23 v John Carter  11
 Travis Lynch 19 v Michael Dewson  25
 Aidan Caccioppoli 18 v Fernando Di Giuseppe  20
 Rodney Revell 35 v Colin Fleay  8

The Lions broke that 2 game losing streak with a solid performance against the bottom side. They might have wanted more than 6pts at home but any Agg this time of the year is highly sought after. They increased their scoring which was good to see & nearly broke the 100 shots which will help the percentage if it comes down to that.
Rocket's side are back into the Top10 on the skippers ladder but Basso have nobody else within the top 25 which they need others to start lifting. The Saints might have to look at helping the Fleay rink with 0 from 5 not where they want to be. Dewson took Lynch easy enough & that's now 2 from 7 for Lynch's side so they'll need to keep an eye on those looser rinks over the next few weeks. Di Giuseppe came back into skippering with a nice W for a welcome back as they took Caccioppoli side by 2. Although Krstic continued their great unbeaten form by cruising past Carter by a dozen to put it beyond the Saints & back to the drawing board for them on their escape plan. Like the Fleay rink, Carter's side are 3 from 10 but both rinks are clearly better than that so I would expect the Saints to grab some more wins over the coming few weeks.
Result: Bassendean 6 - 2
Prediction: Bassendean 7 - 1

Mosman Park 69 (2) v Wanneroo 80 (6)
 Cameron Hoffman 14 v David Triffitt  20
 Dale Marsland 19 v Darren Turra  17
 Louie Beurteaux 25 v Hugh Ward  14
 Stephen Jocelyn 11 v Kingsley Toster  29

What a away performance by the Roo's not just to break the losing streak but this was a huge game for all PL hope going into the busy end of the season. With the Wizards losing they also just back into top spot so they'll be delighted with the result.
That was the Mossies first Home loss of the season & I didn't think the Roos could do it by double figures but they edged over the line by 11 shots in the end, all thanks to a heroic performance by Toster's rink.....they'll be toasting him this week. And they did it against one of the Mossies best performing rinks in Jocelyn by 18 shots.
It wasn't all sailing for the Roo's as Marsland took Turra by 2 shots & Beurteaux put a big 11 shots on Ward. Triffitt sides grinded out a great 6 shot win from Hoffman to leave the game in the balance for Toster's side to cruise home. Mossies are still a comfortable 3rd & they'll bounce back next week. The Roo's should kick on from here but have some tough games ahead.
Result: Wanneroo 6 - 2
Prediction: Mosman Park 6 - 2

Mosman Park1064024800732109.2948
Quinns Rocks1064019.576078996.3243.5
Safety Bay1045123.5803762105.3841.5
Osborne Park102801371086382.2721
R Hall71118Safety Bay
S Mawdsley72136Warnbro
D Turra72032Wanneroo
K Toster73037Wanneroo
L Strange73033Warnbro
J Berecz63128Quinns Rocks
G Nicol64032Gosnells
F Carbone64030Gosnells
R Revell64025Bassendean
B Ledingham64015Warwick
C Parr6409Quinns Rocks
C Owen6407Safety Bay
S Jocelyn52012Mosman Park
D Marsland53215Mosman Park
J Borkowski541-19Warwick
K Cousens55066Warnbro
C Carruthers55026Safety Bay
B Holland55014Gosnells
M Dewson5506Osborne Park
L Beurteaux40138Mosman Park
J Krstic40033Bassendean
S Edmonds41030Mosman Park
C Hoffman4516Mosman Park
N Ball451-5Kardinya
D Triffitt451-6Wanneroo
S Vinci451-9Kardinya
R Cantrill451-22Quinns Rocks
M Erceg450-17Bassendean
W Bezant460-1Kardinya
H Ward460-15Wanneroo
M Pasalich331-2Osborne Park
G Taylor341-6Safety Bay
L Hill361-29Warwick
E O'Sullivan360-21Bassendean
J Carter370-41Osborne Park
M Hinchcliffe370-44Quinns Rocks
D Pattullo21013Warnbro
T Lynch241-10Bassendean
C Stokes250-25Kardinya
W Baker250-34Warnbro
E Gahan280-44Gosnells
D Radford10012Kardinya
A Holmes10010Safety Bay
E Widermanski1003Wanneroo
F DiGiuseppe1002Osborne Park
R Knapp110-14Kardinya
G Smith131-23Warwick
G Hinge140-34Warwick
A Freeman0010Safety Bay
A Caccioppoli010-2Bassendean
J Radford010-14Safety Bay
L Bell020-12Osborne Park
P Allen020-13Osborne Park
M Cranswick030-33Mosman Park
R Stockton030-42Osborne Park
C Fleay050-51Osborne Park