As usual, we had our share of what you would have thought were surprises last Saturday, but would you believe I picked 5 from 5, rare for me.
It just goes to show what a home ground advantage there can be in this competition. Bottom of the table sides in Spearwood and Thornlie both had great wins. Spearwood toppling the Roosters and Spearwood demolishing the Rams. The Manning Eagles soundly beating the South Perth Millers, to consolidate their second spot on the ladder.

Manning 1 98 (8) v South Perth 69 (0)
 Michael Carey 26 v Vincent Santostefano  17
 Graham O'Brien 22 v Denis Bandy  17
 Murray Piggott 22 v Michael McRae  21
 David McIlhenney 28 v Dean Calvo  14

The Eagles not really giving the Millers a sniff on Saturday, sending them down the road with not a point to carry surprisingly.
The big winners for the Eagles were skip McIlhenney, Pryce, Salamon and the veteran Bob Connell. They beat Dean Calvo and his rink by 14 shots to help carry the Aggregate. Carey having a good win also, beating Santostefano by nine shots. All in all, a very good afternoons work for the 2nd placed home side.
Leeming 80 (6) v Fremantle 72 (2)
 James Newton 13 v Shaun McCormack  17
 Karl Vandersluys 21 v Barry Coote  19
 Gary Ford 19 v Peter Wachmer  21
 Noel Bennetts 27 v Tony Krajancic  15

The Lions getting over the line, mainly through the great win of the unheralded rink of Dennis Anderson, Norm Shannon, Greg Freeman and skip Noel Bennetts. They beat the more fancied rink of Tony Krajancic by twelve shots. It just goes to show that your next defeat may be just round the corner. The Lions best skip, Karl Vandersluys also grabbed a narrow win for the home side, beating Coote by two shots. Wachmer and McCormack picked up two valuable points for the visitors.
Spearwood 101 (8) v Rockingham 61 (0)
 Denis Tomasich 20 v Robert Costello  17
 Ken Nadilo 33 v Kim Tremlett  12
 Ivan Unkovich 26 v Bruce Edwards  13
 Ivan Perica 22 v Mark Devenny  19

The Spearwood clan finally hit some winning form to absolutely thrashing the visiting Rams outfit by a demoralising 40 shots. Is there still hope for the home side, after a disappointing year before this game? Great to see the affable Ken Nadilo Skip his rink of Flamengo. Dropulic and Vidovich, to a resounding victory of 21 shots over the Tremlett foursome. Ivan( The Great) Unkovich winning by 13 shots over the evergreen Bruce Edwards.
Thornlie 88 (7) v Cockburn 72 (1)
 Michael Yates 25 v Kenneth Wylie  9
 Mark Separovich 19 v Josip (joe) Marevic  18
 Paul Pohe 19 v William Tepania  25
 Murray White 25 v Michael Simunovic  20

A Sixteen shot victory to the second last side in Thornlie, over the top of the table Cockburn Roosters and seven points to put in the piggy bank. I picked this upset to occur, but I didn’t think the home side would win by sixteen shots. Michael Yates, who has proved to be a great pick up, was the big winner. He thrashed the Ken Wyllie rink by sixteen shots, to carry the aggregate. Separovich and White picking up the other points for the Ravens.The Ravens showing that they are no easy beats.
Hilton Park 77 (7) v Kalamunda 74 (1)
 Hugh McKay 24 v Arthur Bartlett  14
 Craig Standley 19 v Peter Townsend  18
 Robert Hunter 22 v Dwayne Wooltorton  21
 Travis Simpson 12 v William Brandsma  21

This game had it all, great draw bowling and some solid drives, finally got the Hawks across the line over the valiant Cougars. The home side snatching victory in the last couple of ends. The Saint helped his skip Hugh McKay to a good win over Arthur Bartlett, winning by 10 shots. This win proved to be the main difference between these two sides. Billy Brandsma was simply magnificent for the Cougars, in his rinks win over the normally reliable Simpson four. Brandsma and his team nearly causing a major away 😠.
Hilton Park1174022.5856851100.5950.5
South Perth1165019894878101.8243
T Krajancic92084Fremantle
M Simunovich92064Cockburn
B Brandsma83028Kalamunda
M Carey73126Manning
G O'Brien74040Manning
W Tepania74030Cockburn
G Ford74024Leeming
I Perica63010Spearwood
J Marevic65038Cockburn
J Newton65033Leeming
A Bartlett65017Kalamunda
M McRae650-6South Perth
B Edwards650-22Rockingham
M Yates51040Thornlie
R Foy52127Hilton Park
T Simpson54022Hilton Park
G Vaughan54022Thornlie
P Pohe5408Thornlie
K Wylie55112Cockburn
K Vandersluys5512Leeming
R Costello55032Rockingham
I Unkovich550-17Spearwood
C Standley5609Hilton Park
V Santostefano5605South Perth
D Wooltorton560-26Kalamunda
D McIlhenney41027Manning
S Hutchinson431-34Rockingham
B Roelefs4400South Perth
M Devenny460-12Rockingham
M White30019Thornlie
K McKay3108Hilton Park
A Pryce3302Manning
R Hunter340-10Hilton Park
P Wachmer350-31Fremantle
K Nadilo361-5Spearwood
S McCormack360-11Fremantle
D Bacich20113Fremantle
M Separovich210-18Thornlie
M Gill221-5Fremantle
S Adams240-27Manning
W Olive250-29Kalamunda
D Tomasich250-49Spearwood
S Kelly280-9South Perth
D Bandy11024South Perth
D Calvo1102South Perth
P Townshend1102Kalamunda
A Burt110-1Kalamunda
N Bennetts110-6Leeming
M Piggott122-10Manning
J Stean121-7Thornlie
H McKay120-9Hilton Park
K Tremlett120-24Rockingham
N Shannon140-24Leeming
N Silich140-27Spearwood
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
B Coote170-42Fremantle
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming