Wow haven't we seen some massive upsets in this Round?! Warwick beating one of the favourites for the top 3 of the ladder and doing so pretty comfortable apart from 1 rink. Then those at the bottom of the table were not done there, as Kardinya rolled Warnbro by a whomping 21 shots AWAY!!!! The Lions were bang on course for a trio of huge upsets but lost that opportunity on a nerve racking last end against the Roo's. You couldn't write it.....
Statistics, form, the rule book and the baby with the bath water have all gone clean out the window after Round 11........I'm still in shock.

Warwick 80 (6.5) v Mosman Park 76 (1.5)
 Graeme Smith 23 v Louie Beurteaux  15
 Lindsay Hill 26 v Stephen Jocelyn  13
 Brian Ledingham 16 v Dale Marsland  16
 Jon Borkowski 15 v Cameron Hoffman  32

Simply a massive result for the Magpies and even bigger for Gosnells as they stroll into the coveted 3rd spot on the ladder. Warwick don't really move much on the ladder but they are now level with Kardinya & pull Basso & Quinns back towards them in the battle to get out of trouble.
The big surprise for the division was the ease at which the Magpies tore apart the Mossies & if the Hoffman rink didn't pull away late then it could of been even more impressive.
Smith got the Magpies off to a flyer against the in form Beurteaux by 8 sts. Hill also took the other Mossies in-form rink in Jocelyn by a big 13 shots which gave Warwick a huge platform to pull off the unlikely. Ledingham & Marsland couldn't be split in a very tight contest. Hoffman did try a save the day late on but the ship had sailed even though he managed to get 17 shots on Borkowski, which is no mean feat.
That's 1 win from 4 for Mosman Park & that dreaded mid season wobbles has hit hard & with that the possibility of automatic promotion back to the PL. If they were to top they would need to go unbeaten from here & it's unlikely that any team dropping 5 losses would end up getting top spot. Congrats to the Magpies, whatever happens from here they know they can mix it with the best in 1 White & if they can get to a playoff spot you would tend to fancy them against a 1 Blue side.
Result: Warwick 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Mosman Park 6 - 2

Warnbro 60 (1) v Kardinya 81 (7)
 Lindsay Strange 20 v Stephen Vinci  21
 Kieran Cousens 13 v Wayne Bezant  16
 William Baker 4 v Daryl Radford  32
 Sean Mawdsley 23 v Norm Ball  12

And the shocks continued as the bottom sides woke up after Xmas & decided...what the hell, there nothing to lose from here & put on an expedition. We did mention the Kats Away form but this was bordering on ridiculous to pull this one from the ashes 7 gives them a right chance of survival.
Just to summarise, Kardinya won 3 of the 4 rinks, put 81 shots on the Wizards (which nobody has done this season) & one of those rinks won by a eye watering 28 shots. Speaking of which, Radford's side played unbelievably all day to hold Baker's side to just 4 shots at HOME. Strange got knocked off by the minimum against Vinci's side in a good contest. Bezant took Cousens by 3 shots but Mawdsley wasn't for beating against Ball as the No1 skipper in 1 White took Ball by 11 shots.
Superb result for the Kats & probably triumphs what the Magpies did as it was away & against a side unbeaten at home. well done on a fantastic performance, the KATS are back!!!
Result: Kardinya 7 - 1
Prediction: Warnbro 8 - 0

Wanneroo 78 (7) v Bassendean 75 (1)
 David Triffitt 25 v Rodney Revell  19
 Darren Turra 20 v Travis Lynch  15
 Hugh Ward 20 v Jovan Krstic  18
 Kingsley Toster 13 v Aidan Caccioppoli  23

The Roo’s played this one a little to close to the mark coming up the last end as the Roos has a chance to take the Agg. Only 3 shots separated the sides in the end & Basso will be disappointed that they didn’t get at least another point if not the Agg from their performance.
Triffitt had Rocket by 6shots to get the show on the road for the Roos. Turra took Lynch by 5 shots to maintain the top form by only dropping 2 games. Ward continued the dominant home performance by 2 shots over an in-form Krstic. Although nobody gave Caccioppoli the roll over & die memo as they knocked over the hero team from the week before as they beat Tosters side by 10 shots to give the Roos a right scare.
Roos had all the luck going their way as they push 8pts ahead of the chasing pack which is pretty big coming into the final stretch. Basso are now in playoff trouble but they’ve a few home games to focus on.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Osborne Park 67 (1) v Safety Bay 91 (7)
 John Carter 17 v Chris Carruthers  24
 Mark Pasalich 17 v Christopher Owen  18
 Fernando Di Giuseppe 22 v Ron Hall  20
 Michael Dewson 11 v Grant Taylor  29

I did think the Saints would put in a good performance this Round but fell short on 1 rink. The other 3 rinks were fairly competitive but the Bay had all the answers all day to grab a very valuable 7pts as the tops teams drop some points. There’s now only 4pts between 2nd & 5th which is incredible close.
Carruthers took Carter by 7shots. Pasalich dropped another but this time only by the minimum margin to Owen. DiGiuseppe continued his return to form by taking Hall by 2 shots. All was looking competitor until Taylor steam rolled Dewson by a massive 18 shots to end any chance of a close Agg.
The Bay are now back in contention which they’ll be delighted with as another loss would hard to swallow. They’re only 1pt off 4th spot so everything to play for.
Result: Safety Bay 7 - 1
Prediction: Osborne Park 6 - 2

Gosnells 81 (7) v Quinns Rocks 60 (1)
 Brett Holland 14 v John Berecz  20
 Grant Nicol 19 v Christopher Parr  16
 Frank Carbone 25 v Martin Hinchcliffe  13
 Eoghan Gahan 23 v Rohan Cantrill  11

Gosnells were at that point where their season could go both ways & they jumped on the winning train this Round to launch them right into the Top 3.
Holland struggled against a top 5 rink as Berecz won by 6 shots. Nicol edged Parr by 3 shots. Carbone collected a dozen off Hinchcliffe to put it beyond doubt & Gahan stuck another dozen on Cantrill as a cherry on top.
Quinns continue to struggle on the road but are still within 1 good win of Finals & also 1 loss away from a dreaded playoff spot. Such are the margins in 1 White. The Kookaburras now have real momentum for the run home but it doesn’t get easier next Round.
Result: Gosnells 7 - 1
Prediction: Gosnells 6 - 2

Mosman Park1165025.5876812107.8849.5
Safety Bay1155126.5894829107.8448.5
Quinns Rocks1165020.582087094.2544.5
Osborne Park112901477795481.4522
S Mawdsley82147Warnbro
D Turra82037Wanneroo
R Hall72116Safety Bay
J Berecz73134Quinns Rocks
F Carbone74042Gosnells
G Nicol74035Gosnells
L Strange74032Warnbro
K Toster74027Wanneroo
C Owen7408Safety Bay
B Ledingham64115Warwick
C Carruthers65033Safety Bay
R Revell65019Bassendean
C Parr6506Quinns Rocks
D Marsland53315Mosman Park
S Jocelyn530-1Mosman Park
C Hoffman55123Mosman Park
D Triffitt5510Wanneroo
S Vinci551-8Kardinya
J Borkowski551-36Warwick
K Cousens56063Warnbro
B Holland5608Gosnells
W Bezant5602Kardinya
M Dewson560-12Osborne Park
H Ward560-13Wanneroo
L Beurteaux41130Mosman Park
J Krstic41031Bassendean
S Edmonds41030Mosman Park
G Taylor44112Safety Bay
M Erceg450-17Bassendean
N Ball461-16Kardinya
L Hill461-16Warwick
R Cantrill461-34Quinns Rocks
M Pasalich341-3Osborne Park
E O'Sullivan360-21Bassendean
E Gahan380-32Gosnells
J Carter380-48Osborne Park
M Hinchcliffe380-56Quinns Rocks
D Radford20040Kardinya
F DiGiuseppe2004Osborne Park
D Pattullo21013Warnbro
G Smith231-15Warwick
T Lynch251-15Bassendean
C Stokes250-25Kardinya
W Baker260-62Warnbro
A Holmes10010Safety Bay
E Widermanski1003Wanneroo
A Caccioppoli1108Bassendean
R Knapp110-14Kardinya
G Hinge140-34Warwick
A Freeman0010Safety Bay
J Radford010-14Safety Bay
L Bell020-12Osborne Park
P Allen020-13Osborne Park
M Cranswick030-33Mosman Park
R Stockton030-42Osborne Park
C Fleay050-51Osborne Park