A shock result and a massive win and a dog bite are the three talking points out of round 2. Sorrento travelled over to the home of the other Swan in the competition and it was the Swans that reside closest to the ocean that got the whole 8 points. Mt Lawley flexed their muscles against North Beach who will have some soul searching to do after. Yokine travelled to the young guns home in Joondalup and won a nail biter to put all other sides on notice that they too are a serious contender for finals this season.

Morley 79 (7) v Manning 2 64 (1)
 Wayne Mitchell 13 v Murray Piggott  23
 Lindsay Sanders 19 v Steven Salamon  15
 Gregory Armstrong 26 v Phil Gillespie  15
 Mark Callcott 21 v Greg Ginbey  11

Morley grab there first win as I suspected they would, once again it was Murray Piggott’s boys who lead the way for Manning and once another rink or two steps up Manning could trouble a few sides. Morley were brilliant all day and some great conversions by there back end really set up this win for them. They will be very happy to get that win under their belts and will now move on with some confidence that they are more than competitive in this division. Well done to Morley and to Greg Armstrong whose rink led the way with a 11-shot victory assisting in Morley opening their winning account and I’m sure Manning won’t be far behind them.
Tip - Morley 6-2 RESULT Morley 7-1
Joondalup 69 (1) v Yokine 72 (7)
 Jimmy Buchanan 15 v Wayne Coffey  16
 Ben Leggett 20 v Trevor McGillivray  19
 Patrick Daley 18 v Bradley Morrison  20
 Wesley Neilson 16 v Anthony Kay  17

The doggies hit the road up the freeway to Joondalup and were snarling by the time they arrived. What a battle and again Joondalup so close to getting their first win of the season just falling 4 shots short of sweet victory. They will be winning more than they loose that much I am sure of and once they get the first win under their belts, I see them having a nice run of wins from there on. Full credit to the Dogs who I liked but was not brave enough to tip them. The biggest rink win for the game was 2 the other 3 rinks were only separated by a single shot a great fighting win by the doggies to sit 2-0 in this comp is a great start.
Tip - Joondalup 6-2 RESULT Yokine 7-1
Swan 62 (0) v Sorrento 78 (8)
 Alan Southern 15 v Lance Martin  18
 Daniel Wood 18 v Ronald Rogers  21
 David Park 16 v Rick Munt  22
 Tony Natalotto 13 v Ian Linford  17

Sorrento are the sleeping giants in this comp, as I’ve stated several times the club has never been healthier, they are blessed with talent everywhere and that was before Acca and Brownie decided to place their bowls bags at the club for this year. Adding them two to the equation and it makes this one blue side very competitive and it could be them that will be the second side from 1 blue that pushes into white next year. A great away win for them and one that would have hurt Swan but also may be a loss that makes them a little hungrier which will not be good news for their next opponent. Well done to the Ocean Swan on giving the old River Swan a good old pecking.
Tip Swan 6-2 RESULT Sorrento 8-0
Doubleview 93 (7) v Mundaring 60 (1)
 Brian Watts 31 v John Doncon  6
 Brandon Heta 19 v Rex Cox  25
 Bradley Pearce 22 v Geoffrey Bear  11
 Christopher McKenna 21 v Kevin Warne  18

It must be like ground hog day for poor old Mundaring, just the mention of grass is like finger nails on a chalk board. A great win for the Doubleview boys and one they would be extremely happy with, they were expected to win and got the job done. Inspector Rex put up some resistance and grabbed a valuable point for the wreckage with a 6 shot rink win. The big wrecking ball for Doubleview was the Watts foursome who gave John Doncon a big wallop winning by a lazy 25 shots. Win rinks like that and you’ll usually find you will win most matches. Mundaring to Lick their wounds and cuddle their carpet next week with the prospect of a win it won’t take them long to get over it. Well done to the View who open up their account in style.
Tip - Doubleview 6 – 2 RESULT Doubleview 7-1
Mt Lawley 111 (8) v North Beach 51 (0)
 Andrew Jones 24 v Richard Aitken  14
 Corey Bessant 29 v Lee Mitten  16
 Anthony Einfeld 35 v John Carlsen  10
 Mark Masel 23 v John Bartorillo  11

If you can’t handle blood or you’re a North Beach fan …. Look Away now. Mt Lawley seething at dropping one rink last week came out and gave it to the North Beach boys with both barrels the Beach Boys could do little but stand back and watch the show and hum Help Help me Rhonda as the Mounters relentlessly sliced and diced them on the green. It’s been a while since we have seen a score line like this in One Blue. A 60-shot victory to the Mounters with the average winning rink being 15 shots that makes the rink win of Enfield, Graham, Lenzo and Cornell well above average. They won by 25 shots over John Carlsen and that’s no easy feat as John is a very good skip in his own right. I am looking at the fixturing and cannot see a side that can match it with the Mounters at this stage … perhaps Sorrento? It’s a very early call but It appears that the rest of the comp will be playing for second spot with Mt Lawley sending out a loud and clear message of their intent to play one white next season. Huge win by a club that has done so much right in the off season and along with Sorrento will be a club that .
Tip - Mt Lawley 8-0 – RESULT Mt Lawley 8-0
Mt Lawley22007192131146.5615
North Beach2011212718767.914
M Piggott20028Manning
A Einfeld20028Mt Lawley
C Bessant20021Mt Lawley
M Masel20020Mt Lawley
L Martin20017Sorrento
B Morrison20016Yokine
R Rogers20015Sorrento
M Callcott20011Morley
R Cox20010Mundaring
C McKenna2008Doubleview
A Kay2004Yokine
I Linford1004Sorrento
B Watts11022Doubleview
T Natalotto1109Swan
J Buchanan1105Joondalup
R Munt1105Sorrento
P Daley1103Joondalup
D Wood1102Swan
B Heta1100Doubleview
B Pearce110-3Doubleview
G Armstrong110-3Morley
W Coffey110-5Yokine
W Mitchell110-7Morley
B Leggett110-7Joondalup
G Bear110-8Mundaring
L Sanders110-8Morley
A Jones110-8Mt Lawley
L Mitten110-10North Beach
J Carlsen110-17North Beach
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
R Dolton010-3Manning
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
R Aitken010-10North Beach
W Neilson020-4Joondalup
A Southern020-6Swan
T McGillivray020-6Yokine
D Park020-10Swan
K Warne020-16Mundaring
J Bartorillo020-17North Beach
G Ginbey020-18Manning
P Gillespie020-19Manning
J Doncon020-30Mundaring