Round two produced some surprises as usual, none bigger than that of the Eagles beating the Millers down at South Perth, a good effort indeed.
The Mariners going down in a close contest to the visiting and hungry Lions. A mighty win to the Roosters over the Ravens at home.

South Perth 77 (2) v Manning 1 84 (6)
 Bill Roelofs 18 v Shane Adams  17
 Michael McRae 21 v Alan Pryce  14
 Vincent Santostefano 21 v Michael Carey  24
 Steve Kelly 17 v Graham O'Brien  29

The visiting Eagles winning this fiercely contested derby by seven shots at the finish of eighty four ends. There was never a big margin in this game for the whole contest, and I have been told that the bowls played were of an extremely high quality. The biggest margin occurred on the rink where Skips Graeme O’Brien and Steve Kelly did battle, Obrien and his team winning by twelve shots. Ex Premier League Player Nigel Rees was outstanding and set up his team brilliantly. The Eagles now two from two, in their quest for promotion.
Fremantle 74 (2) v Leeming 78 (6)
 Mark Gill 21 v Alexander Anderson  21
 Dinko Bacich 20 v Karl Vandersluys  20
 Peter Wachmer 12 v Gary Ford  23
 Tony Krajancic 21 v James Newton  14

My bowls mate at Leeming informs me that they have used one of their “ get out of jail “ cards already. The home team shooting out to an early lead and holding that all day, until an ill timed drive from one of the Freo rinks cost them a seven. This appeared to deflate the home side somewhat, with most rinks then dropping shots for the crucial last ends. Freo have a bad habit of losing close contests.
A great draw to Bacich, Coote, Bowden and brilliant lead in Hocken, holding the Vandersluys rink and keeping the Mariners in the contest.
Rockingham 86 (7) v Spearwood 52 (1)
 Steve Hutchinson 20 v Nikola Silich  16
 Bruce Edwards 16 v Ivan Unkovich  20
 Mark Devenny 25 v Nikola Sokol  8
 Robert Costello 25 v Thomas Mathein  8

The Rams making in two wins on the trot, when they thrashed the visiting Spearwood sixteen by some thirty four shots. Unkovich and his team grabbing one point as per usual, he must have sore shoulders I believe. The rinks skipped by Mark Devenney and Rob Costello both winning by a comfortable eighteen shots. Big Steve Hutchinson winning the other point for the home side, who would be well pleased with their start to the season.
Cockburn 101 (8) v Thornlie 64 (0)
 Michael Simunovic 23 v Glyn Vaughan  18
 Josip (joe) Marevic 29 v Gary Beckwith  11
 William Tepania 29 v Doddy Innes  19
 Kenneth Wylie 20 v Paul Pohe  16

Not so much the win by the Roosters, but the size of the win, was surprising, thirty seven shots to be precise, and not one point to take back over the Freeway for the Ravens. The Roosters shooting away to an early lead on their tricky undercover surface and maintains that lead all day. The big Kiwi Willie Tepania copying the mighty All Blacks with a very solid win over former Kookaburra Doddy Innes, ten shots the margin. Marevic, Mateljak, Krajancic and “ Wrayavic “ beating the Beckwith rink comprehensively, being the big winners on a very good day for the Roosters.
Kalamunda 79 (6) v Hilton Park 68 (2)
 Wayne Olive 17 v Craig Standley  20
 William Brandsma 20 v Travis Simpson  16
 Dwayne Wooltorton 17 v Kevin McKay  20
 Arthur Bartlett 25 v Robert Hunter  12

A fighting win to the Cougers, who narrowly beat the visitors from the flats, in the Hawks.
The big winner for the victors was the veteran Arthur Bartlett and his rink of Farrant, Townsend and Hughes, who thrashed the volatile Robbie Hunter and his teammates. A bit of angst on this rink I believe.
Billy Brandsma winning again, albeit narrowly over the strong Simpson rink.
The Hawks, who have recruited strongly, having a long trip home to Hilton.
Not a happy team I was informed.
South Perth21104166162102.478
Hilton Park2020314318278.573
T Krajancic20037Fremantle
W Tepania20028Cockburn
G O'Brien20021Manning
M Devanny20020Rockingham
G Ford20019Leeming
S Hutchinson20013Rockingham
I Unkovich2007Spearwood
M Carey2005Manning
B Brandsma2005Kalamunda
K Vandersluys10118Leeming
D Bacich10112Fremantle
M Gill1015Fremantle
R Costello10017Rockingham
K McKay1003Hilton Park
J Marevic11010Cockburn
R Hunter1106Hilton Park
S Adams1104Manning
M Simunovich1104Cockburn
M McRae1104South Perth
A Bartlett1104Kalamunda
S Kelly1102South Perth
V Santostefano1101South Perth
N Silich1100Spearwood
B Edwards110-1Rockingham
P Pohe110-1Thornlie
C Standley110-2Hilton Park
B Roelefs110-3South Perth
J Newton110-6Leeming
K Wylie110-14Cockburn
A Anderson011-18Leeming
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
T Simpson010-4Hilton Park
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
K Nadilo010-14Spearwood
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
D Wooltorton020-5Kalamunda
A Pryce020-8Manning
G Vaughan020-8Thornlie
W Olive020-8Kalamunda
D Innes020-19Thornlie
G Beckwith020-21Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
P Wachmer020-30Fremantle