Another Round where a most sides again won by reasonable margins. The only close game was Gosnells late smash & grab on their trip to the beach where they won on the last bowl for the minimal margin. The remainder of the games were 15, 21, 28 & 42 shots. Needless to say this is pretty unusual after the similar last week but with somewhat different teams. We did mention last week we’ll keep an eye on it but if it happens again next week it’ll be a long season for some sides.

Mosman Park 87 (6) v Warwick 59 (2)
 Mitchell Cranswick 15 v Jon Borkowski  21
 Scott Edmonds 31 v Lindsay Hill  7
 Cameron Hoffman 12 v Brian Ledingham  22
 Dale Marsland 29 v Geoffrey Hinge  9

This was a game of halves for both teams, where the Mossies dropped rinks they stayed reasonably competitive but the Magpies suffered badly on those 2 lost rinks, ending in a bit of a toasting first both rinks.
Borkowski has the better of Cranswick & took him by 6 & the other go to for Warwick was the reliable Ledingham who back to good form pulling away from Hoffman by 10 shots. Warwick looked good taking 2 rinks but it was short lived as Edmonds took Hill right back to earth after last weeks big win for their side by putting 24shots on the final margin for a huge win. Not to be outdone, Marsland did similar to Hinges side by a large 20 shots, making the Agg very safe & getting Mosman Parks season up & running.
They needed a strong response from R1 & delivered for a 28 shot victory & 6pts.
Result: Mosman Park 6 - 2
Prediction: Mosman Park 7 - 1

Kardinya 74 (2) v Warnbro 89 (6)
 Craig Stokes 13 v Sean Mawdsley  34
 Wayne Bezant 15 v Lindsay Strange  26
 Stephen Vinci 17 v Kieran Cousens  16
 Norm Ball 29 v William Baker  13

I did think the Kats could rally around after the few loses of some players but it seems unlikely & they’ll need to start stepping up between now & Christmas or it’ll be a bridge to far thereafter.
Credit to Warnbro, they came to stamp a big W on this Round & it’s message received loud & clear. Mawdsley knocked Stokes for 21 shots which is an unusually high margin for a competitive Kats side at home. That’s -36 shots in 2 games for Stokes side which are a solid outfit. That margin gave the Wizards a big platform to build on & Strange took advantage but cruising to an 11shot victory over Bezant & now it started to look comfortable for Warnbro with the hard work done early.
Vinci side fought hard to grind out a minimal margin win against Cousens side, with every point very important at this stage. Ball bounced back terrifically against Baker by cruising to a 16 shot margin & grabbed another valuable home point for the Kats.
Warnbro showed a nice flex in this Round so I’m very excited to see how to manage next weeks game against another unbeaten side.
Result: Warnbro 6 - 2
Prediction: Warnbro 6 - 2

Bassendean 64 (1) v Wanneroo 85 (7)
 Travis Lynch 16 v Darren Turra  25
 Eugene O'Sullivan 15 v Kingsley Toster  23
 Rodney Revell 15 v Hugh Ward  20
 Michael Erceg 18 v David Triffitt  17

No real blowouts for Basso but dropping 7pts at home will hurt after such a great start in Round 1. The Roos came with intent & ground out a very workmanlike performance whilst staying in the game even on those rinks that were losing. Triffitts loss to Erceg was the only blimp on the scoreboards for one of the seasons favourite teams by losing by the bare minimum. Turra was great in pushing past Lynch by 9 shots in a strong performance. Roster was equally as good against a good O’Sullivan side, winning by 8 shots. Ward topped off the glory with 5 shots over Rocket to round out a superb away performance. I would be reluctant to write this off as an easy win & believe not many sides will be grabbing 7 off the Lions this year.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 6 - 2

Safety Bay 97 (8) v Osborne Park 55 (0)
 Christopher Owen 22 v Peter Allen  18
 Chris Carruthers 31 v Ronald Stockton  8
 Grant Taylor 24 v Michael Dewson  15
 Ron Hall 20 v John Carter  14

Still shell shocked after dropping the full compliment at home last week, the Saints just couldn’t get out of 1st gear & The Bay pounced right from the start.
The big 8, started with Owen taking Allen by 4 shots in a close game. Taylor did well against Dewson by winning by a reasonable 9 shots. Hall added to this by nudging past Carter by 6. However the big damage was done by Carruthers dismantling Stockton by a decent 23 shots.
Back to the drawing board for the Saints will the Bay’s season is off & running. 10pts after 2 games is just what the Dr ordered.
Result: Safety Bay 8 - 0
Prediction: Osborne Park 6 - 2

Quinns Rocks 72 (2) v Gosnells 73 (6)
 Christopher Parr 11 v Brett Holland  20
 Rohan Cantrill 20 v Frank Carbone  16
 Martin Hinchcliffe 16 v Eoghan Gahan  21
 John Berecz 25 v Grant Nicol  16

What a corker of a game, going down to the last bowl of the day. The Kookaburras will be delighted with this win as it was very hard fought all day.
Holland got off to a great start & took Part for 9 shots. Cantrill countered with 4 over Carbone to level the ledger. Grahans side played well to hold Hinchcliffe at bay by 5 shots but the every reliable Berecz’s side pushed out Nicol by 9 shots with Quinn’s just looking for that 10th shot late on the share the spoils but Gosnells held tough for a great win.
Perfect start for the Kookaburra’s this season but big acid test coming quick in R3. Another win there & I'm very happy to change my pre-season predictions.
Result: Gosnells 6 - 2
Prediction: Quinns Rocks 6 - 2

Safety Bay21106174138126.0910
Mosman Park21104165142116.28
Quinns Rocks20202.513017673.863
Osborne Park20200.512418268.130
S Edmonds20031Cockburn
B Ledingham20027Warwick
S Mawdsley20025Warnbro
D Turra20021Wanneroo
L Strange20018Warnbro
J Borkowski20014Warwick
G Taylor20013Morley
H Ward20012Wanneroo
R Hall2007Morley
S Vinci2006Kardinya
M Erceg2005Bassendean
C Carfruthers11016Morley
F Carbone11012Gosnells
D Marsland1108Cockburn
G Nicol1106Gosnells
B Holland1105Gosnells
E O'Sullivan1101Bassendean
K Toster1101Wanneroo
J Berecz1101Quinns Rocks
C Owen1100Morley
E Gahan1100Gosnells
N Ball1100Kardinya
L Hill110-2Warwick
C Hoffman110-3Cockburn
R Revell110-4Bassendean
W Bezant110-7Kardinya
T Lynch110-7Bassendean
C Parr110-7Quinns Rocks
R Cantrill110-18Quinns Rocks
K Cousens020-2Warnbro
J Carter020-8Osborne Park
D Triffitt020-8Wanneroo
M Dewson020-13Osborne Park
M Cranswick020-13Cockburn
P Allen020-13Osborne Park
W Baker020-20Warnbro
G Hinge020-22Warwick
M Hinchcliffe020-22Quinns Rocks
R Stockton020-24Osborne Park
C Stokes020-36Kardinya