A loss for Morley but one they can take a lot out of – They really pushed Mt Lawley all the way and taking 2 points off them on their home ground was a great performance. To me it confirms that Morley are the real deal and in another 4 rounds once the ladder has sorted itself out, they will be around the place. No surprises to me this round I tipped 4 of the 5 winners although Manning’s win over Swan could be classed as an upset of some sort, they had been very competitive in their 2 previous games and produced the goods in a close game.
Mundaring 77 (2) v Joondalup 85 (6)
 John Doncon 14 v Ben Leggett  23
 Rex Cox 26 v Jimmy Buchanan  25
 Lindsay Pickles 14 v Wesley Neilson  22
 Kevin Warne 23 v Patrick Daley  15

It was only a matter of time before Joondalup opened up their winning account and they did that through two of their young gun rinks in Ben Leggett and Wes Nielson both recorded very solid wins. Inspector Rex has turned back the clock for his beloved Mundaring and has not dropped a game so far , we all know that when his on his on and will play his shots when down that can be heart breakers , normally when the opposition are holding a heathy number in the head Rex comes through and breaks their hearts and judging by the high scoring game I’d say this would have happened on more than one occasion. Great win by the Joondalup side and they will now feel right at home in one blue and continue to rack up good wins like this. I’m sure Mundaring won’t be far away from a win of their own but it would want to come very soon or the season may slip away from them.
Tip – Joondalup 6-2::Result Joondalup 6-2
North Beach 118 (7) v Yokine 64 (1)
 Richard Aitken 35 v Trevor McGillivray  17
 John Carlsen 29 v Wayne Coffey  9
 John Bartorillo 44 v Roy Humfrey  6
 Lee Mitten 10 v Anthony Kay  32

I had a feeling the North Beach boys would respond to their round 2 loss in the positive way but never in my wildest dreams expected them to bury the demons of round 2 in such an emphatic way. 54 shot wins just don’t come along that often and they have rocketed from last on the ladder to 5th in one foul hit. Not sure what happened to Yokine or the conditions of which this was played in but one would have to suggest the greens must have been running at +20 secs and were just too much for the Doggies. They managed to come away with a very valuable point courtesy of the Tony Kay rink so not a complete write off and that point may well come in very handy at seasons end as is normally the way in one blue not much separates the 5th, 6th and 7th sides. Great win by the Beach boys , they can now start the season and hopefully notch up a few more.
Tip – North Beach 6-2 :: result NB 7-1
Sorrento 88 (7) v Doubleview 65 (1)
 Lance Martin 17 v Christopher McKenna  13
 Ronald Rogers 18 v Edward Johnson  19
 Rick Munt 29 v Brandon Heta  21
 Ian Linford 24 v Bradley Pearce  12

Sorrento got the job done in good style securing another 7 points for the side. They now sit on equal points with Mt Lawley with only percentage separating them. The View did manage to grab a point from them so not a complete wash out and they sit with another five or so sides with 1 win next to their names so some good opportunities for them to grab another 3 or so wins with might be good enough to hold onto their one blue.
Tip - Sorrento 8-0 :: Result Sorrento 7-1
Manning 2 80 (6.5) v Swan 76 (1.5)
 Murray Piggott 15 v Alan Southern  15
 Blair Griffiths 26 v Tony Natalotto  17
 Phil Gillespie 20 v David Park  17
 Allan Taylor 19 v Daniel Wood  27

Very close game this one and no real surprise to see Manning 2 grab the points in a very tight match Manning 2 just packed a little too much fire power for the Swans and won the game by 4 shots in the end. In my write up I did say that another rink would need to step up and help the Murray Piggot rink out …. step up Blair Griffiths and his merry men who took it right up to the Tony Natalotto rink winning very comfortably in the end. Daniel Woods rink tried valiantly to match the deficit of that rink and did a great job having a fair win himself. Swan will have some soul searching to do over the next couple of weeks if they are to get out the dreaded relegation zone. I’m sure they will bounce out of it over the next few weeks but they wouldn’t want too many more narrow losses like the past two as it starts to catch up on ladder positions very quickly.
Tip – Swan 6-2 :: Result Manning 2 6.5-1.5
Mt Lawley 93 (6) v Morley 66 (2)
 Andrew Jones 10 v Wayne Mitchell  16
 Corey Bessant 20 v Mark Callcott  22
 Anthony Einfeld 31 v Gregory Armstrong  19
 Mark Masel 32 v Lindsay Sanders  9

Mt Lawley solid as usual getting their 3rd straight win in a row, although as mentioned Morley really took it up to them for a large part of this match but the Lawley side proved to be just to polished in the run home, shook off some of the beers from the previous night and got the lions share of the points on offer. Morley are good to be honest and I see them as a key player in determining the top 4 this season. It was a cracking game and great wins to the Enfield side in particular they put the result beyond doubt from the get go. Mt Lawley continue to power on with all but Sorrento giving them some resistance.
Tip - Mt Lawley 8-0 :: result Mt Lawley 6 -2
Mt Lawley33009285197144.6721
North Beach3111524525197.6111
M Masel30043Mt Lawley
A Einfeld30040Mt Lawley
A Kay30026Yokine
L Martin30021Sorrento
M Callcott30013Morley
R Cox30011Mundaring
M Piggott20128Manning
B Morrison20016Yokine
I Linford20016Sorrento
C Bessant21019Mt Lawley
R Rogers21014Sorrento
R Munt21013Sorrento
D Wood21010Swan
C McKenna2104Doubleview
J Carlsen2103North Beach
B Leggett2102Joondalup
W Mitchell210-1Morley
B Griffiths1009Manning
E Johnson1001Doubleview
B Watts11022Doubleview
R Aitken1108North Beach
G Bear110-8Mundaring
J Bartorillo12021North Beach
J Buchanan1204Joondalup
W Neilson1204Joondalup
T Natalotto1200Swan
P Daley120-5Joondalup
B Heta120-8Doubleview
K Warne120-8Mundaring
A Jones120-14Mt Lawley
B Pearce120-15Doubleview
G Armstrong120-15Morley
P Gillespie120-16Manning
W Coffey120-25Yokine
L Sanders120-31Morley
L Mitten120-32North Beach
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
R Dolton010-3Manning
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
L Pickles010-8Mundaring
A Taylor010-8Manning
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
A Southern021-6Swan
G Ginbey020-18Manning
D Park030-13Swan
T McGillivray030-24Yokine
J Doncon030-39Mundaring