With only three rounds completed, there is only one unbeaten side, that being the high flying Eagles from Manning. While at the bottom of the table sit two sides yet to win a game, Spearwood and Thornlie, although the Ravens put up a rave fight on Saturday to just lose by only one shot.
That game turned out to be the only real close game of the round.

Thornlie 70 (2) v Fremantle 71 (6)
 Gary Beckwith 15 v Dinko Bacich  16
 Paul Pohe 20 v Shaun McCormack  16
 Glyn Vaughan 21 v Mark Gill  17
 Norman Holden 14 v Tony Krajancic  22

The Mariners travelled way inland on Saturday and would be extremely pleased to grab six points in a contest that must have been a thriller. I believe that it was a close game all the way, with the Paul Pohe rink surprisingly keeping the Ravens in with a chance.They ultimately won by four shots after having a big lead for most of the game. The big winner for the visitors was the rink skipped by Tony Krajancic, with Dinko Golem, Brian Ciccotosto and Josh Trigwell all contributing to the cause. The last few ends were very tense I believe, with the visitors winning by one solitary shot.
Hilton Park 86 (7) v Leeming 76 (1)
 Robert Hunter 25 v James Newton  18
 Travis Simpson 13 v Gary Ford  25
 Robert Foy 22 v Karl Vandersluys  18
 Craig Standley 26 v Alexander Anderson  15

The Hawks have kickstarted their year in this game to beat the Lions by some ten shots at Hilton on a holding surface. Robbie Hunter and Hughie McKay both played superbly to help their rink to a seven shot win over the Newton four. Rob Foy having the luxury of Gary Dodd as his third, had a solid four shot win over the strong Vandersluys team. With Craig Standley being the big winner on the day, beating Anderson by some eleven shots.
Gary Ford continuing on his winning ways for the Lions with a big twelve shot win over the laconic Travis Simpson. Look out for the Hawks when and if they are at full strength.
Spearwood 74 (0) v Cockburn 87 (8)
 Ivan Unkovich 14 v William Tepania  16
 Ken Nadilo 25 v Josip (joe) Marevic  29
 Nikola Silich 20 v Kenneth Wylie  21
 Ivan Perica 15 v Michael Simunovic  21

The Roosters crowing all the way home to Beeliar and taking eight big points with them as well. All four games were reasonably close, but I believe the big game experience from within the visitors rinks helped carry the day. Willy Tepania and his team of Ravlich, Srhoy and Blagaich with another win, this time at the expense of Ivan Unkovich and teammates. The Roosters would be fairly pleased with this win over their near and fierce rivals at Spearwood.
Not often that Ivan loses at home.
Manning 1 85 (7) v Rockingham 69 (1)
 Shane Adams 13 v Bruce Edwards  27
 Alan Pryce 22 v Robert Costello  17
 Michael Carey 22 v Malcolm Peters  11
 Graham O'Brien 28 v Steve Hutchinson  14

The Eagles getting the job done at home to beat the visiting Rams by sixteen shots, in what was a closer contest than the final scoreline suggests. Bruce Edwards would be well pleased with his fourteen shot win over the ‘ Adams Family ‘. Edwards ably assisted by Roberts, Villa and Threlfall.
The O’Brien and Carey rinks both winning comfortably to give the soaring Eagles seven points on the day. Pryce gaining the other rink win for the home side. From all accounts the Rams were somewhat competitive though and they just might be a thorn in the side of a number of teams.
Kalamunda 72 (2) v South Perth 91 (6)
 Wayne Olive 21 v Steve Kelly  20
 William Brandsma 23 v Vincent Santostefano  19
 Dwayne Wooltorton 15 v Bill Roelofs  26
 Arthur Bartlett 13 v Michael McRae  26

A pleasant journey home for the Millers who quite surprisingly accounted for the Cougars by the comfortable margin of nineteen shots. The Roelofs rink winning by eleven shots over Wooltorton and team. Merv Hughes led very well to help his teammates in Reagan, Petrich and Mick McRae beat the Bartlett four by thirteen shots. Brandsma winning again for the home side, as well as Wayne Olive. The Millers doing well in their quest for a return to White Division.
South Perth32106257234109.8314
Hilton Park3120622925888.7610
T Krajancic30045Fremantle
G O'Brien30035Manning
G Ford30031Leeming
W Tepania30030Cockburn
M Carey30016Manning
B Brandsma3009Kalamunda
D Bacich20113Fremantle
M Devanny20020Rockingham
M McRae21017South Perth
J Marevic21014Cockburn
R Hunter21013Hilton Park
B Edwards21013Rockingham
M Simunovich21010Cockburn
C Standley2109Hilton Park
B Roelefs2108South Perth
I Unkovich2105Spearwood
P Pohe2103Thornlie
S Hutchinson210-1Rockingham
K Wylie210-13Cockburn
R Foy1004Hilton Park
K McKay1003Hilton Park
K Vandersluys11114Leeming
M Gill1111Fremantle
R Costello11012Rockingham
S Kelly1201South Perth
N Silich120-1Spearwood
V Santostefano120-3South Perth
A Pryce120-3Manning
G Vaughan120-4Thornlie
W Olive120-7Kalamunda
A Bartlett120-9Kalamunda
S Adams120-10Manning
J Newton120-13Leeming
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
S McCormack010-4Fremantle
I Perica010-6Spearwood
N Holden010-8Thornlie
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
A Anderson021-29Leeming
T Simpson020-16Hilton Park
K Nadilo020-18Spearwood
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
P Wachmer020-30Fremantle
D Wooltorton030-16Kalamunda
G Beckwith030-22Thornlie