"> Sorry for the condensed report, my work this week has been flat chat and can't do as much as I would like. And for those that take any notice it's not because I didn't get a winner last weekend, 0 from 5 from last Saturdays games. But I think that's the sort of season we are seeing already this year, it's so even that if a team turns up with all 16 players at 100% theh they can win.
Doubleview haven't set the world on fire bue eke out a good 6 shot win over highly fancied Sorrento.
Manning also kickstarted their season with a resounding 8 points over Bassendean and now suddently puts them in the spotlight as they sit bottom of the ladder. South win a nail biter in a real topsy turvy fixture with 2 rinks having huge wins but offsetting each other. Cameron Harris gets his first win as a premier league skipper and a good scalp too.
The upset came at Kardinya as Osborne Park piled on the pressure all day to win by 2. Dave Rankin did his best but couldn't offset all 3 rink wins to Osborne Park
Rossmoyne have scored their first win in the Premier League with a narrow 2 shot win. Rawley Lang and Allan Petchell also scoring their first wins as PL Skippers, just enough to cover the huge win to Paul Walker.
Only 3 rounds but we are sort of seeing the splitting of teams. My Top 4 has changed 3 times already this season and will likely change further as the season wears on.
Bassendean 58 (0) v Manning 89 (8)
 Beau Manton 13 v Lewis Grigg  23
 Simon Alden 20 v Shane Knott  25
 Dan Nicholls 13 v Lee Such  25
 Stein Davies 12 v Anthony Williams  16

South Perth 78 (6) v Cambridge 74 (2)
 Ross Bresland 30 v Blake Nairn  11
 Justin Opie 18 v Cameron Harris  20
 Glenn Pauling 22 v Lance Strahan  15
 Scott Walker 8 v Clive Adams  28

Doubleview 80 (6) v Sorrento 76 (2)
 Charles Slavich 19 v Christopher Lander  21
 John Slavich 25 v Shane Ernest Rixom  16
 Stewart Gosstray 16 v Daniel Brown  20
 Ryan Moyle 20 v Kyle McIlroy  19

Kardinya 77 (1) v Osborne Park 79 (7)
 David Rankin 22 v Gary Caffell  12
 Marc Abonnel 20 v Ryan Brown  22
 Slavko Perica 20 v Neville Stevens  27
 Steven Novak 15 v Cody Packer  18

Rossmoyne 73 (6) v North Beach 71 (2)
 John Carter 16 v Mark Douthie  17
 Eddie Gollan 14 v Paul Walker  28
 Rawley Lang 19 v Geoffrey Devenish  13
 Allan Petchell 24 v Brad Gillingham  13

South Perth33008245198123.7420
Osborne Pk33008259215120.4720
North Beach31205220218100.929
C Packer30038Osborne Pk
C Adams30035Cambridge
G Pauling30032South Perth
P Walker20128North Beach
L Such20113Manning
R Moyle2019Doubleview
M Douthie2016North Beach
D Brown20017Sorrento
R Bresland21019South Perth
K McIlroy21016Sorrento
D Rankin21013Kardinya
M Abonnel2109Kardinya
C Lander2108Sorrento
N Stevens2108Osborne Pk
A Williams2103Manning
S Alden2102Bassendean
R Brown2101Osborne Pk
S Walker210-1South Perth
L Grigg10010Manning
J Slavich111-2Doubleview
B Nairn111-7Cambridge
S Knott111-7Manning
G Caffell120-3Osborne Pk
J Opie120-3South Perth
R Lang120-3Rossmoyne
S Novak120-4Kardinya
C Slavich120-4Doubleview
S Rixom120-5Sorrento
S Perica120-5Kardinya
A Petchell120-6Rossmoyne
J Carter120-7Rossmoyne
S Davies120-11Bassendean
C Harris120-11Cambridge
S Gosstray120-21Doubleview
E Gollan120-23Rossmoyne
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
S Loftus010-12Sorrento
L Strahan021-15Cambridge
B Manton020-17Bassendean
A Heal020-20Manning
G Devenish030-15North Beach
B Gillingham030-17North Beach
D Nicholls030-41Bassendean