Four from five tips correct so far around the mark with my tips. The boys from Mt Lawley continue on their merry way as do their main Rival Sorrento. North Beach record another big win and Doubleview to strong at home. Results went mainly the way we predicted other than the Doubleview win which I did say that was a 50/50 game.

Doubleview 64 (7) v Manning 2 51 (1)
 Christopher McKenna 19 v Allan Taylor  7
 Edward Johnson 13 v Blair Griffiths  12
 Brandon Heta 25 v Phil Gillespie  13
 Bradley Pearce 7 v Murray Piggott  19

Christopher McKenna 19 v Allan Taylor 7 & Brandon Heta 25 v Phil Gillespie 13 the two rinks that really carved out this victory both 12 shot winners in an ag that was only decided by 13 shots these two rinks were instrumental in The Views impressive victory over Manning 2. Great to see The View doing very well. A nice win.
Tip – Manning 7-1
Result Doubleview 7-1
Mt Lawley 93 (7) v Swan 61 (1)
 Andrew Jones 32 v David Park  9
 Corey Bessant 20 v Alan Southern  15
 Anthony Einfeld 19 v Tony Natalotto  21
 Mark Masel 22 v Daniel Wood  16

A 32-shot win for the might Mounters and it was Andrew Jones rink’s turn to step up and have a big win- Andrew Jones 32 v David Park 9 a very nice 23 shot win over the Park rink. Tony Natalotto put an end to Anthony Enfield’s winning run, running out winners by two shots - Anthony Enfield 19 v Tony Natalotto 21. Mt Lawley continue to play their new carpet so well and from all reports it’s running great with nice speed and even turn.
Tip – Mt Lawley 8-0
Result Mt Lawley 7-1
Joondalup 65 (0.5) v Sorrento 88 (7.5)
 Ben Leggett 12 v Ian Linford  25
 Jimmy Buchanan 16 v Rick Munt  22
 Wesley Neilson 19 v Ronald Rogers  19
 Patrick Daley 18 v Lance Martin  22

Sorrento continue to let The Mounters know they are right in the thick of this one blue comp. The Swans not only grabbed 7.5 pts out of the 8 available they also took over top of the table and are now half a point ahead of the mounters. What a game it will be when these sides meet. I’ll be heading to wherever that is with the deck chair and cap. It’s going to be a ripper. The young guns gave their all but Sorrento are just to strong right now. Well done To Swans on being top of the table after R4.
Tip - Sorrento 6-2
Result Sorrento 7.5-0.5
Yokine 92 (7) v Mundaring 69 (1)
 Wayne Coffey 17 v John Doncon  15
 Anthony Kay 21 v Lindsay Pickles  20
 Bradley Morrison 32 v Rex Cox  11
 Trevor McGillivray 22 v Geoffrey Bear  23

I’m glad I changed my mind in this one. The doggies back to their snarling best and a shock loss by the Inspector didn’t help Mundaring’s chances as all other rinks were very close. Bradley Morrison 32 v Rex Cox 11 – Brad and his side really turned up the heat to Inspector Rex’s rink and ran out a comfortable 21 shot winners in an ag that was only decided by 23 shots this has to hurt. Mundaring just can’t seem to get a win on the board but I’m sure it won’t be long but they need to put their sides in before I’ll be tipping them.
Tip – Yokine 7-1
Result Yokine 7-1
North Beach 74 (7) v Morley 46 (1)
 Richard Aitken 14 v Lindsay Sanders  13
 John Carlsen 22 v Mark West  6
 John Bartorillo 16 v Wayne Mitchell  23
 Lee Mitten 22 v Mark Callcott  4

My beach boys have been nothing short of sensational after the shellacking the Mounters gave them, they have dished out a couple of their own, this time it was Morley’s turn to take a 28 shot slap. Well done to NB they now sit in 4th position with a fairly healthy % as well. Morley down to 6th with just the one win from the season.
Tip – North Beach 6-2
Result North Beach 7-1
Quinns Rocks110038671121.137
Mt Lawley11002.58366125.766.5
North Beach10101.5668379.521.5
M Masel40049Mt Lawley
A Kay40027Yokine
L Martin40025Sorrento
M Piggott30140Manning
B Morrison30037Yokine
I Linford30029Sorrento
A Einfeld31038Mt Lawley
C Bessant31024Mt Lawley
R Munt31019Sorrento
J Carlsen31019North Beach
C McKenna31016Doubleview
W Mitchell3106Morley
M Callcott310-5Morley
R Cox310-10Mundaring
E Johnson2002Doubleview
R Rogers21114Sorrento
R Aitken2109North Beach
G Bear210-7Mundaring
A Jones2209Mt Lawley
D Wood2204Swan
B Heta2204Doubleview
T Natalotto2202Swan
B Leggett220-11Joondalup
L Mitten220-14North Beach
W Coffey220-23Yokine
B Watts11022Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
W Neilson1214Joondalup
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Armstrong120-15Morley
J Bartorillo13014North Beach
J Buchanan130-2Joondalup
P Daley130-9Joondalup
B Pearce130-27Doubleview
P Gillespie130-28Manning
L Sanders130-32Morley
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
R Dolton010-3Manning
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
M West010-16Morley
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
L Pickles020-9Mundaring
G Ginbey020-18Manning
A Taylor020-20Manning
A Southern031-11Swan
T McGillivray040-25Yokine
D Park040-36Swan
J Doncon040-41Mundaring