Well, even I correctly picked the Five winners this week, with all games fairly predictable, I must add. Twelve shots was the closest margin at Fremantle, Thirteen at Leeming, with all of the other games resulting in big wins to the home sides.
I guess one of the advantages of synthetic was shown on Saturday, with four of the five games played on this surface.
Home ground advantage was certainly to the fore.

Cockburn 92 (7) v Manning 1 67 (1)
 Michael Simunovic 23 v Alan Pryce  15
 Josip (joe) Marevic 23 v Shane Adams  15
 William Tepania 26 v Graham O'Brien  12
 Kenneth Wylie 20 v Michael Carey  25

The Eagles came crashing down to earth out at Beeliar with the Roosters really putting the claws in to their visitors and winning by twenty five shots, taking seven points into the bargain.
The big winner for the home side was the rink of Tepania, Ravlich, Srhoy and Blagaich, who thrashed the previously unbeaten team skipped by Graham O’Brien, winning by fourteen shots.
Willy and team carrying the day for the Roosters, and having a fine season, still undefeated at this early stage.
The sole winners for the wounded Eagles 🦅 was the undefeated rink of Mike Carey.
Rockingham 97 (7) v Kalamunda 60 (1)
 Steve Hutchinson 21 v Wayne Olive  15
 Bruce Edwards 22 v William Brandsma  17
 Mark Devenny 17 v Arthur Bartlett  19
 Robert Costello 37 v Dwayne Wooltorton  9

I predicted a long and arduous journey home for the Cougars, and it certainly must have been that. But they did take one point with them courtesy of veteran Arthur Bartlett and his rink. An absolutely massive win to the rink of Costello, Lethlean, Wilson and Rubery, who won by twenty eight shots over the Wooltorton four.
The Hutchinson and Edwards rinks picking up the other points for the Rams.
The home side with a fine start to the season, three out of four.
Fremantle 81 (7) v Spearwood 69 (1)
 Tony Krajancic 21 v Ivan Unkovich  13
 Barry Coote 18 v Ivan Perica  21
 Shaun McCormack 20 v Nikola Silich  15
 Mark Gill 22 v Ken Nadilo  20

The Mariners, playing at the port city were too good for the fighting visitors from just up the hill at Spearwood. Crackerjack, ably assisted by Golem, Ciccotosto and the promising Trigwell winning by eight shots over the Unkovich rink, was basically the difference on the day.
I would imagine that the wind would have been pretty difficult down at Freo to say the least. Gill and young McCormack getting the other two valuable points for the Mariners. Ivan Perica gaining the solitary point for the winless visitors.
Leeming 82 (7) v Thornlie 69 (1)
 James Newton 26 v Norman Holden  12
 Gary Ford 18 v Gary Beckwith  13
 Karl Vandersluys 21 v Glyn Vaughan  20
 Alexander Anderson 17 v Paul Pohe  24

The Lions got the majority of the “ kill “ at home, where they won the aggregate and picked up a valuable seven points into the bargain.
The Kiwi, Paul Pohe and his rink grabbing one point for the winless Ravens, who better start sharpening their claws fairly quickly, or it will be a long hot summer for them. Newton, Burgess, Hickey and a dominant lead in Andersson thrashing the Holden rink by fourteen shots, and carrying the day for the home side. Glynn Vaughan giving Karl Vandersluys a fight, to lose by only one shot.
The Lions very hard to beat on their home patch.
Hilton Park 95 (7) v South Perth 63 (1)
 Robert Hunter 16 v Bill Roelofs  25
 Travis Simpson 22 v Vincent Santostefano  10
 Robert Foy 18 v Steve Kelly  16
 Craig Standley 39 v Michael McRae  12

Thirty two shots the difference here, with the Hawks grabbing seven points as well, to add salt to the wounds of the Millers from South Perth. I gather that the surface at Hilton was very slow, and certainly would not have suited the visiting sixteen at all. The well performed skip in Craig Standley, ably assisted by Peter Stone, Brian Smith and Tony Maxwell, really getting hold of the McRae four. They ultimately won by a massive twenty seven shots, to carry the day for the threatening Hawks..
Hilton Park42209324321100.9317
South Perth4220732032997.2615
T Krajancic40053Fremantle
W Tepania40044Cockburn
G Ford40036Leeming
M Carey40021Manning
C Standley31036Hilton Park
J Marevic31022Cockburn
G O'Brien31021Manning
B Edwards31018Rockingham
M Simunovich31018Cockburn
B Roelefs31017South Perth
P Pohe31010Thornlie
S Hutchinson3105Rockingham
B Brandsma3104Kalamunda
D Bacich20113Fremantle
R Foy2006Hilton Park
K Vandersluys21115Leeming
M Gill2113Fremantle
R Costello21040Rockingham
M Devenny21018Rockingham
R Hunter2204Hilton Park
J Newton2201Leeming
I Unkovich220-3Spearwood
A Bartlett220-7Kalamunda
M McRae220-10South Perth
K Wylie220-18Cockburn
K McKay1003Hilton Park
S McCormack1101Fremantle
I Perica110-3Spearwood
T Simpson120-4Hilton Park
S Kelly130-1South Perth
G Vaughan130-5Thornlie
N Silich130-6Spearwood
A Pryce130-11Manning
W Olive130-13Kalamunda
V Santostefano130-15South Perth
S Adams130-18Manning
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
B Coote010-3Fremantle
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
N Holden020-22Thornlie
P Wachmer020-30Fremantle
A Anderson031-36Leeming
K Nadilo030-20Spearwood
G Beckwith040-27Thornlie
D Wooltorton040-44Kalamunda