"> What a horrible round for bowls, even the Friday night match was plagued with rain but South Perth dominated that game away from to hold top spot and this week take on the bottom of the ladder Bassendean so should remain on top. We are starting to see some divisions forming, the top 3 three looking very solid with the next 3 teams very close for that vital 4th spot. The bottom 4 sides starting to lose touch but it is only 4 games in out of 18 and anything can happen from here.
Sorrento 81 (7) v Kardinya 63 (1)
 Christopher Lander 14 v Marc Abonnel  24
 Shane Ernest Rixom 21 v Slavko Perica  16
 Daniel Brown 30 v David Rankin  10
 Kyle McIlroy 16 v Steven Novak  13

The big win by Daniel Brown over ex-teammate David Rankin was pivotal in the result here and Sorrento continue on their merry way.
Osborne Park 84 (6) v Rossmoyne 78 (2)
 Neville Stevens 24 v Rawley Lang  26
 Gary Caffell 14 v Eddie Gollan  21
 Cody Packer 28 v Allan Petchell  16
 Ryan Brown 18 v John Carter  15

At one stage I am hearing that Rossmoyne were 20 shots up but Osborne Park fought it out like a good team to win by 6 and remain undefeated. It shows all 10 sides are competitive this year. The big win was of course Cody Packer by 12 but have a look at the Neville Stevens/Rawley Lang match, a total of 50 shots resembling a Twenty20 match.
Manning 77 (6) v Doubleview 75 (2)
 Lewis Grigg 17 v Charles Slavich  16
 Shane Knott 22 v Stewart Gosstray  11
 Lee Such 19 v Ryan Moyle  22
 Anthony Williams 19 v John Slavich  26

Manning hang on here in a potentially amazing finish. Doubleview 8 down with an end to play, Ryan Moyle holding 6 and with a bowl in hand had an opportunity to push their bowl that was out of the count into it and then roll in with his to draw the aggregate. He hits his target but the bowl gets locked in and it remained at 6 for the end. Enough to win the rink but agonisingly close to a drawn aggregate. The return of Tom Mitchell into Shane Knotts rink and that 11 shot win critical for the Eagles.
Cambridge 91 (7) v Bassendean 57 (1)
 Clive Adams 29 v Simon Alden  12
 Lance Strahan 26 v Beau Manton  10
 Blake Nairn 23 v Dan Nicholls  12
 Cameron Harris 13 v Stein Davies  23

In our game Cambridge flew out of the gates and when the rain hit at about the 12th end it was only Stein Davies for Bassendean who had scored for them, Cambridge up by about 15 already and they continued that form when play resumed. Clive Adams showing why he is still one of the best in the state with some sublime draw shots to dominate and he remains undefeated for the year and sits on top of the skippers table. Lance Strahan also a big winner and the aggregate was never in doubt.
North Beach 66 (0) v South Perth 112 (8)
 Mark Douthie 16 v Ross Bresland  30
 Geoffrey Devenish 15 v Justin Opie  26
 Brad Gillingham 14 v Glenn Pauling  31
 Paul Walker 21 v Scott Walker  25

South Perth have really started the year well, with 28 points out of a possible 32 they can't do much better. An amazing scoreline, while picking South Perth I did think North Beach would be competitive at home but the super fast greens proved to be their achilles heel and they were blown away. It was a team win but the rink skippered by Glenn Pauling took the cake with their 17 shot win over Brad Gillingham.
South Perth440012357264135.2328
Osborne Pk440010343293117.0626
North Beach4130528633086.679
C Adams40052Cambridge
C Packer40050Osborne Pk
G Pauling40049South Perth
R Moyle30112Doubleview
D Brown30037Sorrento
R Bresland31033South Perth
K McIlroy31019Sorrento
M Abonnel31019Kardinya
R Brown3104Osborne Pk
S Walker3103South Perth
L Grigg20011Manning
P Walker21124North Beach
L Such21110Manning
J Slavich2115Doubleview
B Nairn2114Cambridge
S Knott2114Manning
M Douthie211-8North Beach
J Opie2208South Perth
N Stevens2206Osborne Pk
S Rixom2200Sorrento
R Lang220-1Rossmoyne
S Davies220-1Bassendean
C Lander220-2Sorrento
A Williams220-4Manning
D Rankin220-7Kardinya
S Alden220-15Bassendean
E Gollan220-16Rossmoyne
L Strahan1211Cambridge
C Slavich130-5Doubleview
S Novak130-7Kardinya
G Caffell130-10Osborne Pk
S Perica130-10Kardinya
J Carter130-10Rossmoyne
A Petchell130-18Rossmoyne
C Harris130-21Cambridge
S Gosstray130-32Doubleview
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
S Loftus010-12Sorrento
A Heal020-20Manning
B Manton030-33Bassendean
G Devenish040-26North Beach
B Gillingham040-34North Beach
D Nicholls040-52Bassendean