Round Five provided us with some very interesting results, to say the least, none more so than the previously winless Ravens thrashing the Hawks at Thornlie.
The Millers certainly put the sword to the Rams as well, to give the visitors a bit of a reality check. Unfortunately Spearwood still remain without an aggregate win, getting beaten at home again. Cockburn, South Perth and Manning win as expected.

Manning 1 83 (7) v Fremantle 74 (1)
 Alan Pryce 18 v Barry Coote  17
 Shane Adams 21 v Shaun McCormack  20
 Graham O'Brien 22 v Mark Gill  14
 Michael Carey 22 v Tony Krajancic  23

My informant at the home of the Eagles tells me that the home side prevailed best when the conditions changed, to win by just nine shots. Three rinks were cliffhangers, decided by one shot only. But the rink of Graham O’Brien prevailed by eight shots over the Gill rink, which proved to be the aggregate winner. Pryce and Adams snatching narrow one shot wins, after looking beaten at the three quarter mark of the game. Crackerjack and his rink winning on the last end to gain the only point for the Mariners. The experienced duo of Golem and Krajancic still undefeated after five games.
Spearwood 65 (2) v Leeming 79 (6)
 Ivan Unkovich 19 v Karl Vandersluys  17
 Ken Nadilo 17 v James Newton  25
 Denis Tomasich 11 v Norman Shannon  25
 Ivan Perica 18 v Gary Ford  12

The Lions prevailing away from home, where they won the aggregate by Fourteen shots. The home side were in the contest for most of the day, despite the rink of Tomasich struggling to keep in touch with new skip Norm Shannon. Shannon, Banner, Clayton and their fine lead in Dean Cleal proving to be the difference to win by Fourteen shots. A fantastic contest on an adjoining rink where two of the best skips around did battle, Unkovich snatching the victory in the last end over Vandersluys. Spearwood with a mountain of work to do now, play the Ravens away next week.
Kalamunda 64 (2) v Cockburn 70 (6)
 Wayne Olive 9 v Josip (joe) Marevic  17
 William Brandsma 11 v Michael Simunovic  21
 Arthur Bartlett 23 v William Tepania  12
 Dwayne Wooltorton 21 v Kenneth Wylie  20

The Roosters crowing all the way home, and taking six valuable points with them. Marevic and Simunovic having two good wins, especially the Simunovic rink who beat the well credentialed Brandsma four by ten shots. Veteran Arthur Bartlett and his rink beating the previously unbeaten Tepania team by a good eleven shots. The Cougars would be disappointed losing this game at home, now have an away game coming up.
South Perth 109 (7) v Rockingham 65 (1)
 Steve Kelly 39 v Steve Hutchinson  11
 Michael McRae 27 v Robert Costello  13
 Bill Roelofs 19 v Bruce Edwards  20
 Vincent Santostefano 24 v Mark Devenny  21

Forty Four shots with seven points in the bag for the Millers who gave the new boys from down the coast a real lesson of tight, controlled bowls. A massive win to Moretti, Negus, Calvo and Kelly who completely demolished the rink skipped by Steve Hutchinson, winning by twenty eight shots. Mick McRae had a good fourteen shot win, and Santostefano had a narrow three shot win over Mark Devenney. Bruce Edwards gained a consolation point for the Rams. A long trip down the freeway for the spent Rams. The South Perth Millers very hard to beat at home.
Thornlie 91 (7) v Hilton Park 68 (1)
 Jim Stean 16 v Kevin McKay  23
 Gary Beckwith 22 v Robert Foy  18
 Glyn Vaughan 23 v Robert Hunter  13
 Paul Pohe 30 v Craig Standley  14

Wow, how wrong was I, predicting a whitewash to the visitors, but it was nearly the other way around. The Ravens opening their account well and truly, winning by some twenty three shots over the star studded Hawks. The Kiwi, Paul Pohe absolutely thrashing the Standley rink by some sixteen shots, a mighty effort. Other winners for the home side were Beckwith and Vaughan. Kevin McKay grabbing a vital point for the grounded Hawks. A great win to the Ravens, with another home game to come next week.
South Perth532010429394108.8822
Hilton Park52301039241295.1518
T Krajancic50054Fremantle
W Tepania41033Cockburn
G Ford41030Leeming
J Marevic41030Cockburn
G O'Brien41029Manning
M Simunovich41028Cockburn
P Pohe41026Thornlie
M Carey41020Manning
B Edwards41019Rockingham
C Standley32020Hilton Park
B Roelefs32016South Perth
J Newton3209Leeming
A Bartlett3204Kalamunda
M McRae3204South Perth
I Unkovich320-1Spearwood
B Brandsma320-6Kalamunda
S Hutchinson320-23Rockingham
D Bacich20113Fremantle
K McKay20010Hilton Park
I Perica2103Spearwood
R Foy2102Hilton Park
K Vandersluys22113Leeming
M Gill221-5Fremantle
R Costello22026Rockingham
M Devenny22015Rockingham
S Kelly23027South Perth
G Vaughan2305Thornlie
R Hunter230-6Hilton Park
A Pryce230-10Manning
V Santostefano230-12South Perth
S Adams230-17Manning
K Wylie230-19Cockburn
N Shannon10014Leeming
S McCormack1200Fremantle
T Simpson120-4Hilton Park
N Silich130-6Spearwood
W Olive140-21Kalamunda
G Beckwith140-23Thornlie
D Wooltorton140-43Kalamunda
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
J Stean010-7Thornlie
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
D Tomasich010-14Spearwood
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
B Coote020-4Fremantle
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
N Holden020-22Thornlie
P Wachmer020-30Fremantle
A Anderson031-36Leeming
K Nadilo040-28Spearwood