"> In a round where the top 5 sides where playing the bottom 5 sides, amazingly none of the top 5 sides won, South Perth eeking a draw against the cellar dwellars in Bassendean. It highlights just how random this year is going to be, and tipping 5 winners is really good going.

Kardinya 87 (7) v Manning 65 (1)
 David Rankin 23 v Anthony Williams  17
 Steven Novak 23 v Shane Knott  12
 Slavko Perica 23 v Lewis Grigg  13
 Marc Abonnel 18 v Lee Such  23

Whilst not an upset but Kardinya have been struggling to win and this will be a good confidence booster, a 22 shot win and 3 rinks winning. Steve Novak gets the beer this round with his 11 shot win over Shane Knott, just edging out Sam Perica's 10 shot win over Lewis Grigg. Grigg tasting defeat for the first time as a PL skipper. Dave Rankin looked like a nice tussle securing a win over Anthony Williams by 6. Lee Such the only winner for the visitors by 5 over Marc Abonnel.
The win propels Kardinya to overtake Manning on percentage but both sit out of the 4 by 4 points.
Doubleview 83 (6) v Cambridge 68 (2)
 Charles Slavich 15 v Cameron Harris  23
 Stewart Gosstray 16 v Clive Adams  21
 Ryan Moyle 22 v Lance Strahan  10
 John Slavich 30 v Blake Nairn  14

Again not a shock win to Doubleview and they are defying the doubters (me) by winning again and going in to the 4 with this victory. It was 2 rinks each but the sizeable wins from John Slavich by 16 over Blake Nairn and Ryan Moyle over Lance Strahan by 12 meant that the aggregate was never in doubt. Cameron Harris with a good 8 shot win over Charles Slavich and Clive Adams remains on top of the skippers table with his 5 shot win over Stewart Gosstray.
Doubleview as well leap frogging their opponents and are in 4th spot by 3 over Cambridge in 5th.
Rossmoyne 73 (6) v Sorrento 71 (2)
 John Carter 25 v Daniel Brown  16
 Eddie Gollan 19 v Christopher Lander  18
 Rawley Lang 18 v Shane Ernest Rixom  20
 Allan Petchell 11 v Kyle McIlroy  17

To date this is the upset of the year. 9th spot was playing 2nd and Rossmoyne come away with the lions share of points on the back of the big 9 shot win by John Carter over Daniel Brown. He was able supported by Eddie Gollans sole shot win over Chris Lander. Sorrento get 2 points with Kyle McIlroys 6 shot win and Shane Rixoms 2 shot win.
Neither side moved on the table but it condenses the gap between 2nd and 9th because the scorelines.
North Beach 91 (6.5) v Osborne Park 80 (1.5)
 Mark Douthie 21 v Ryan Brown  15
 Geoffrey Devenish 22 v Neville Stevens  22
 Brad Gillingham 26 v Cody Packer  29
 Paul Walker 22 v Gary Caffell  14

Another huge upset here with North Beach only losing the one rink but winning the points by 11 overall against previously undefeated Osborne Park. No real big scores, Paul Walkers 8 shot win and Mark Douthies 6 was enough to win the day. Geoff Devenish and Neville Stevens fought out a draw, while one of our other undefeated skippers Cody Packer in a high scoring affair winning by 3 over Brad Gillingham, the 2 of them getting 55 shots in the process, the most amount of shots in a game this year to date.
Again ladder positions did not change and really with the all the lower sides winning (outside of the next game) to not see much ladder changing is quite amazing.
Bassendean 77 (3) v South Perth 77 (5)
 Simon Alden 19 v Scott Walker  21
 Beau Manton 24 v Justin Opie  16
 Dan Nicholls 19 v Ross Bresland  20
 Stein Davies 15 v Glenn Pauling  20

Ah the heartbreaking game of lawn bowls. Bassendean were in front all day, by as much as 28 at one stage and the closest South Perth got to Basso was the 2nd last bowl of the day by Scott Walker as he got the 2 shots needed for a drawn aggregate, I was unable to hit the target with my drive and it remained as a draw. The irony is despite South Perth never being in front, they win more points courtesy of rink wins. Glenn Pauling coming back from 5-14 to win 20-15, on the back of the 15-0 run. With the scores locked at 19 all, Ross Bresland playing a ball tearer with his last to give Dan Nicholls no chance of removing it to win by that shot. Scott Walker and myself having a ding dong battle where the lead changed numerous times but it was Walker who had his nose in front at the end. All 3 South Perth rinks countering the big 8 shot win by Beau Manton over good friend Justin Opie, the margin could have been a whole lot more if Opie wasn't in such good form with his drives.
Bassendean remain bottom, South Perth remain top and both sides see the margins to their next team expand, The Millers with a 5.5 shot buffer to 2nd and the Lions losing touch, 8.5 shots shy of 9th.
South Perth550015434341127.2733
Osborne Pk541011.5423384110.1627.5
North Beach52307.537741091.9515.5
C Adams50057Cambridge
G Pauling50054South Perth
C Packer50053Osborne Pk
R Moyle40124Doubleview
R Bresland41034South Perth
K McIlroy41025Sorrento
S Walker4105South Perth
P Walker31132North Beach
J Slavich31121Doubleview
L Such31115Manning
M Douthie311-2North Beach
D Brown31028Sorrento
M Abonnel32014Kardinya
S Rixom3202Sorrento
D Rankin320-1Kardinya
R Brown320-2Osborne Pk
E Gollan320-15Rossmoyne
L Grigg2101Manning
N Stevens2216Osborne Pk
S Knott221-7Manning
B Nairn221-12Cambridge
S Novak2304Kardinya
J Opie2300South Perth
S Perica2300Kardinya
J Carter230-1Rossmoyne
R Lang230-3Rossmoyne
C Lander230-3Sorrento
S Davies230-6Bassendean
A Williams230-10Manning
C Harris230-13Cambridge
S Alden230-17Bassendean
L Strahan131-11Cambridge
B Manton130-25Bassendean
C Slavich140-13Doubleview
G Caffell140-18Osborne Pk
A Petchell140-24Rossmoyne
S Gosstray140-37Doubleview
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
S Loftus010-12Sorrento
A Heal020-20Manning
G Devenish041-26North Beach
B Gillingham050-37North Beach
D Nicholls050-53Bassendean