What a round – The young Guns give Mt Lawley a massive reality check with a 7.5 point ag win at home. Mt Lawley had a magnificent run of home games and took full advantage of them. Perhaps I have been caught up in all the hype around the one blue North comp and put them as untouchable which the Joondalup young guns showed anyone is beatable on the day particularly on your own dung heap. I’m sure the mounters will lick their wounds and bounce back, no damage done as Sorrento lost to Mundaring so the gap between 1 & 2 stays the same apart from the new second placed Yokine who is now hunting Mt Lawleys place at the top of the ladder.

Yokine 91 (7) v Manning 2 68 (1)
 Wayne Coffey 26 v Greg Ginbey  18
 Anthony Kay 26 v Phil Gillespie  12
 Bradley Morrison 16 v Murray Piggott  17
 Trevor McGillivray 23 v Brett Adams  21

Yokine have just completed a 3-game winning streak since that fateful 54 shot mauling at the hands of North beach in round 3. The Doggies seem to be the real deal no doubt about that I tipped them to take care of Manning and they duly did. Manning 2 not traveling that well with many rink changes week in week out it seems to be hard to field the same side on any given week.
Tip – Yokine 7-1
Result: Yokine 7-1
Joondalup 86 (7.5) v Mt Lawley 61 (0.5)
 Wesley Neilson 26 v Mark Masel  8
 Ben Leggett 17 v Andrew Jones  17
 Jimmy Buchanan 25 v Anthony Einfeld  20
 Patrick Daley 18 v Corey Bessant  16

What a win by the young guns I have rated this side from the get go and they gave us a taste of what they can do when they click. Mt Lawley a little shell shock from all reports with the rink of Mark Masel tasting defeat for the very first time this season. Mt Lawley have had a great run of home games so perhaps they got a little to used of the carpet and needed that hot out on some grass greens to familiarise themselves once again. Who know but full credit to the 16 Joondalup players that took them on and perhaps opened up the entire Blue comp again for the season?
Tip: Mt Lawley 8-0
Result : Joondalup 7.5-0.5
Mundaring 72 (6) v Sorrento 59 (2)
 John Doncon 16 v Ronald Rogers  17
 Lindsay Pickles 31 v Lance Martin  11
 Rex Cox 17 v Ian Linford  14
 Geoffrey Bear 8 v Rick Munt  17

I did call this one – Mundaring starting to get that home ground feeling happening again and that spells trouble for any side heading up the hill to take them on. Sorrento would have started warm favourites in this match. It was Lyndsey Pickles winding back the clock for a big rink win against Mick Martin that set the tone for the Red Tails and with that rink blown out it really put the result in no doubt for Mundaring who would have been wrapped with the win over a top side like Sorrento. Two losses in a row now for the Swans so they would want to get back on track and back into the winner’s circle asap.
Tip – Mundaring 6-2
Result: Mundaring 6-2
North Beach 103 (8) v Swan 60 (0)
 Richard Aitken 28 v Daniel Wood  16
 John Carlsen 26 v Tony Natalotto  16
 John Bartorillo 26 v Ian Cornthwaite  17
 Lee Mitten 23 v Alan Southern  11

A 43-shot loss for Swans who at least can say they have not been the worst there this season although it would have hurt them as they would have been looking for a point or two at least. North Beach are just relentless at their home track. They obviously handle it very well with big wins right across the board leaving Swans no chance what so ever of picking up a consolation prize. Richard Atkin continues to rack up the wins with his side having a good win against Daniel Wood whilst John Carlson had a great win over Al Southern and his team. Very nice win by North beach who are shaping up as the roughies to go to white this season whilst Swan need to hit the winners list fast before it slips away from them.
Tip – North Beach 6-2
Result: North Beach 8-0
Doubleview 94 (7.5) v Morley 63 (0.5)
 Edward Johnson 26 v Wayne Mitchell  19
 Bradley Pearce 19 v Mark West  19
 Ben Willesee 19 v Mark Callcott  16
 Brandon Heta 30 v Lindsay Sanders  9

I got this one completely wrong with The View really flexing some muscle here beating Morley by 31 shots at home. It was the Brandon Heta rink that did the damage beating Lindsay sanders and his team by 21 shots and making sure his side enjoyed a worry-free day of lawn bowls. Morley are much better than that so I’d expect them to bounce back very quickly. Well done to The View who square up their season at 3-3 and continue to play good bowls with there mix of experienced and inexperienced bowlers working very well for them.
Tip – Morley 6-2
Result: Doubleview 7.5-0.5
Mt Lawley651015.5526410128.2935.5
North Beach632114494438112.7928
A Kay60047Yokine
M Masel51034Mt Lawley
R Munt51032Sorrento
M Piggott41140Manning
B Morrison41046Yokine
R Aitken41033North Beach
C Bessant42041Mt Lawley
J Carlsen42021North Beach
W Mitchell4203Morley
L Martin420-1Sorrento
M Callcott420-5Morley
R Cox420-19Mundaring
C McKenna31016Doubleview
E Johnson3108Doubleview
A Jones32110Mt Lawley
R Rogers3215Sorrento
B Leggett321-6Joondalup
I Linford32017Sorrento
G Bear320-8Mundaring
A Einfeld33031Mt Lawley
J Bartorillo33026North Beach
B Heta33022Doubleview
J Buchanan3308Joondalup
P Daley330-6Joondalup
T Natalotto330-7Swan
L Mitten330-18North Beach
W Coffey330-19Yokine
W Neilson23118Joondalup
D Wood240-12Swan
T McGillivray240-14Yokine
L Sanders240-51Morley
B Willesee1003Doubleview
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Watts11022Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Armstrong120-15Morley
L Pickles1308Mundaring
G Ginbey130-22Manning
B Pearce141-46Doubleview
J Doncon150-26Mundaring
P Gillespie150-47Manning
M West011-16Morley
L Spinks010-1Morley
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
R Dolton010-3Manning
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
B Adams020-7Manning
I Cornthwaite020-12Swan
A Taylor020-20Manning
D Park040-36Swan
A Southern051-25Swan