Very low scoring round across the board shows how tight this Round was & how much was on the line for all sides with some huge results coming out of the Round. None more than Quinns rolling the mighty Wizards in a massive home performance they'll remember for some time to come. Real gaps are starting to open up & the reality of the top 3 is only becoming more obvious week on week. The rest is a lottery with everyone stealing points off each other making the mid-section quite close.

Mosman Park 75 (7) v Kardinya 61 (1)
 Cameron Hoffman 23 v Craig Stokes  14
 Louie Beurteaux 15 v Stephen Vinci  15
 Dale Marsland 19 v Norm Ball  19
 Stephen Jocelyn 18 v Wayne Bezant  13

Mosman Park did what they needed to do but they left it close right up to the 84th end. Some very tight games across the rinks with 2 drawn games & the other 2 tight enough affairs. Hoffman was the biggest winner of the day by 9 shots over Stokes. Beurteaux & Vinci just couldn't be separated & similar for Marsland v Ball. Jocelyn's side continued their great form by pushing past Bezant by 5 to give the Mossies a pretty significant 7pts.
The Kats will know they're in trouble now but most of the bottom around them lost too so that's probably a positive for them going forward. 1 good win & the rest lose again & they could push into 7th from 9th. The Mossies are now a clear joint 2nd & finding some excellent form. I will be watching out for them over the coming rounds as they have 4 of the next 6 at Home. If they win next weekend it will be just massive for them & then within that stretch they also have the Roo's. So come Round 14 I can't see Mossies losing many which will make the run home very interesting.
Result: Mosman Park 7 - 1
Prediction: Mosman Park 7 - 1

Quinns Rocks 71 (6) v Warnbro 68 (2)
 John Berecz 25 v Sean Mawdsley  12
 Rohan Cantrill 28 v William Baker  10
 Christopher Parr 9 v Lindsay Strange  19
 Martin Hinchcliffe 9 v Kieran Cousens  27

Game of the Round without doubt as Quinns pull off a performance to be proud of. This game was an out in out pearler by all recognition. The script was well & truly in the shredder after the 3rd end as both sides were taking 5's then giving 4's back, then grabbing a 6 as they went blow for blow.
The only issue was that 2 rinks from each side were destroying their opponent so it ended up being quite a 2 sided contest as the losing rinks across the 4 got a right smashing. Berecz started the action by knocking Mawdsley off by a cool dozen. Then Cantrill touched up Baker by 18 shots to get Quinns 30+ advantage going into the last 2 rinks. Warnbro were equal to the task as Strange easily accounted for a below Parr by 10 shots. Cousens came flying home late to get everyone on the edge of their seats by thrashing Hinchcliffe by 18 shots but just fell 3 shots short on the Agg.
Wonderful day for Quinns & now only 1pt off Finals. Could they play PL next year knowing they can match it with the top sides?!
Result: Quinns Rocks 6 - 2
Prediction: Warnbro 6 - 2

Bassendean 89 (7) v Safety Bay 75 (1)
 Rodney Revell 30 v Ron Hall  16
 Michael Erceg 23 v Chris Carruthers  16
 Jovan Krstic 24 v Grant Taylor  14
 Eugene O'Sullivan 12 v Christopher Owen  29

All joking aside, the Lions are now sitting 4th in 1 White & only 4 places off their PL side which will surely make the next 4-5 rounds very interesting. Safety Bay have now lost 3 on the trot & the reality of survival not PL dreams is starting to hit home.
Rocket took Hall's winning run away from him by a nice 14 shots. Erceg had Curruthers by 7 shots. O'Sullivan struggled against Owen losing by a huge 17 shots but Krstic pulled them back by taking Taylor by 10 shots. Dropping Lynch back to 3rd as seemed to shore up that 2 from 6 gap which leaves O’Sullivan needing some assistance to fine tune a Finals run for the Lions.
The Bay have another one on the road next week & then some tricky games against the top sides but also so easier bottom sides so they’ll need at least 1 top side win & put away the bottom sides to get them back into Finals chat as they’re only 4pts off 4th after only winning 2 from 7 games so plenty of upside.
Result: Bassendean 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 6 - 2

Warwick 78 (7.5) v Osborne Park 67 (0.5)
 Graeme Smith 18 v Mark Pasalich  18
 Lindsay Hill 20 v Michael Dewson  15
 Brian Ledingham 24 v John Carter  21
 Jon Borkowski 16 v Colin Fleay  13

The Magpies came out swinging against a gutsy Saints but boy didn’t Warwick need this one & grabbing 7.5pts was very valuable as they’ll need every point. The Saints are in severe trouble, even best case scenario they’re still playing off against 1 Blue & worst case is straight down the drain but they’ll still be grabbing some scalps on the way, you watch.
Smith did well to hold Pasalich's strong rink for a 18-18 draw. Hill took Dewson by 5 shots in a close game. Ledingham continued his great home form by edging Carter by 3 shots late on. Borkowski showed his class by taking a solid Fleay out fit by 3 shots.
Both sides have some tricky fixtures over the next 4 rounds so they'll need at least 50% or it's enjoy the run home & prep for 1 Blue.
Result: Warwick 7.5 - 0.5
Prediction: Warwick 6 - 2

Wanneroo 79 (7) v Gosnells 67 (1)
 David Triffitt 23 v Eoghan Gahan  15
 Kingsley Toster 19 v Grant Nicol  16
 Darren Turra 18 v Brett Holland  15
 Hugh Ward 19 v Frank Carbone  21

Wanneroo had a simply job & they did it well, nothing flash but very solid workmanlike performance that probably looks significantly better now after the Wizards dropped their bundle to allow them some genuine breathing room.
Turra continues on his merry way as the only unbeaten skipper playing 6 or more, although Jocelyn is tracking him well in the unbeaten status.
Gosnells are sitting ok on the ladder but I feel their season is absolutely defined between next week & R12 as they have some real winnable games. If they’re not sitting well come R13 they’ll be paddling against a strong current trying to get big wins on the home stretch against most of the top sides.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 7 - 1

Mosman Park752017567513110.5337
Quinns Rocks74301351154993.0829
Safety Bay724116586542108.1226
Osborne Park7160748060179.8711
D Turra60043Wanneroo
L Strange61038Warnbro
R Hall5109Safety Bay
S Mawdsley52026Warnbro
J Berecz52024Quinns Rocks
K Toster52022Wanneroo
B Ledingham52010Warwick
S Jocelyn40031Mosman Park
S Edmonds41030Mosman Park
F Carbone43014Gosnells
G Nicol43012Gosnells
C Owen4306Safety Bay
R Revell4302Bassendean
M Erceg4301Bassendean
C Parr430-5Quinns Rocks
D Marsland32219Mosman Park
N Ball33110Kardinya
D Triffitt3319Wanneroo
C Hoffman3312Mosman Park
R Cantrill331-3Quinns Rocks
S Vinci331-9Kardinya
L Hill331-9Warwick
K Cousens34049Warnbro
C Carruthers34023Safety Bay
B Holland3409Gosnells
W Bezant3406Kardinya
H Ward340-3Wanneroo
E O'Sullivan340-12Bassendean
J Borkowski340-27Warwick
D Pattullo21013Warnbro
M Pasalich221-8Osborne Park
G Taylor231-4Safety Bay
T Lynch231-4Bassendean
C Stokes240-22Kardinya
M Dewson250-16Osborne Park
J Carter250-26Osborne Park
L Beurteaux1015Mosman Park
A Holmes10010Safety Bay
J Krstic10010Bassendean
E Widermanski1003Wanneroo
W Baker130-25Warnbro
G Hinge140-34Warwick
E Gahan160-44Gosnells
M Hinchcliffe160-54Quinns Rocks
A Freeman0010Safety Bay
G Smith011-12Warwick
R Knapp010-15Kardinya
C Fleay020-4Osborne Park
L Bell020-12Osborne Park
P Allen020-13Osborne Park
M Cranswick030-33Mosman Park
R Stockton030-42Osborne Park