All results went the way we thought they would other than the shock loss of North Beach, Manning 2 really gave them a good old touch up to the tune of 50 shots and at the same time put a massive dent in their one white aspirations for next season. Joondalup a workman like win over a gallant Doubleview, Yokine scrape home against the bottom side Swan, Mt Lawley get their season back on track in a big way and Morley dispose of Mundaring like we expected. That’s a wrap done for the first half and below are my ladder predictions for the end of season with a few comments and my original ladder prediction. I got most of them wrong so I wouldn’t pay to much attention to the below. I have however gone through and placed win / loss for all remaining games and given 6 for any win and 2 for a loss and the formula spat out as below. Good luck to all clubs in the second half of the season. Have a great Christmas break stay happy, healthy and here’s to a successful new year to all in one blue.

2nd half predictOriginal predictTEAMCOMMENTS
16Yokinepurely based on their ability to win away
28North Beachhome ground advantage too good to ignore
34Sorrentoto finish 3rd or 4th and play finals
41Mt Lawleyto finish 3rd or 4th and play finals
53Joondalupgreat first year - promotion a real possibility in their second year
65Morleyexperience a factor here - solid side will finish safely in 6th
72Swanpurely based on home ground games - will finish strongly
89Doubleviewgreat young side and will play off to stay in blue
97Mundaringlost to many key players - away game record will catch up with them
1010ManningAlways hard with two one blue sides hard second half for them
Doubleview 66 (2) v Joondalup 74 (6)
 Bradley Pearce 17 v Wesley Neilson  16
 Ben Willesee 13 v Patrick Daley  23
 Christopher McKenna 19 v Ben Leggett  16
 Brandon Heta 17 v Jimmy Buchanan  19

A very close game but in the end, it was Joondalup’s experience that got them over the line here backed by the young brigade they were just too strong for The View boys in the end, getting over the line by 8 shots. The big winner was Pat Daley’s rink who had a 10-shot win over the Willesee 4. All other games were very close with only 1 to 3 shots separating each rink. Great away win by the Joondalup young guns, they will derive so much in their first year in one blue and be a real force for years to come.
TIP: Joondalup 7-1
Result Joondalup 6-2
Swan 78 (2.5) v Yokine 80 (5.5)
 Alan Southern 27 v Bradley Morrison  16
 Daniel Wood 17 v Trevor McGillivray  31
 Ian Cornthwaite 16 v Anthony Kay  16
 Tony Natalotto 18 v Shane Shaw  17

Heart break again for Swans in a 2-shot loss to top of the table Yokine, so close but yet so far away. They will need to start next season in some sort of reversed form otherwise they will be back in 2 nd division for sure. Yokine have taken all before them and they are playing great bowls. They have their rinks playing well together and it’s delivering results week in week out. I see this continuing on and can see no reason why they cannot finish top of the ladder at seasons end. In this match it was the tale of two rinks. The Al Southern 4 had a good 9 shot win over Bradley Morrison but that was more than covered by the win of McGillivray’s 4 who touched up the Wood rink by 14 shots and effectively won the day for my new favourite team The Doggies!!
TIP: Yokine 7- 1
Result Yokine 5.5 – 2.5
Mt Lawley 93 (8) v Sorrento 68 (0)
 Anthony Einfeld 19 v Rick Munt  15
 Corey Bessant 24 v Timothy Murray  20
 Mark Masel 20 v Lance Martin  16
 Andrew Jones 30 v Ronald Rogers  17

Didn’t turn out to be the match of the day at all with Mt Lawley flexing their muscles to run away with a very dominant win by 25 shots and the full 8 points. It was the Andrew Jones rink that again had a big 13 shot win over a very good Ronny Rodgers rink. Mark Masel is back in the winners list after a hard last two weeks he decided he didn’t like that losing feeling and hit back hard, backed up by Corey Bessant and Anthony Enfield the Mounters made very post a winner for a very solid win. Sorrento will bounce back they have sone nice winnable games in the second half and the fixtures look good. Well done Mounters great win.
TIP: Mt Lawley 7-1
Result Mt Lawley 8-0
Morley 95 (7) v Mundaring 62 (1)
 Wayne Mitchell 26 v John Doncon  11
 Mark Callcott 29 v Rex Cox  15
 Mark West 17 v Lindsay Pickles  21
 Keith Nazareth 23 v Geoffrey Bear  15

Morley dominated Mundaring which was expected to be honest – Mundaring put up some resistance through the Pickles 4 but Morley really had this game in control from the get go. Mundaring will need to work out what they need to put a stop to the santa anna curse that has been on them for quite sometime now. Morley are doing what they have to and should stay in contention for finals and I know that they definitely haven’t given up hope of getting to the finals this season.
Solid workman like win. Well done
TIP: Morley 7-1
Result Morley 7-1
Manning 2 104 (8) v North Beach 55 (0)
 Brett Adams 25 v Richard Aitken  14
 Allan Taylor 26 v John Carlsen  15
 Brian Jeppesen 27 v John Bartorillo  10
 Phil Gillespie 26 v Lee Mitten  16

What a win for Manning great for the club , a massive 50 shot win over North Beach who are so dominant at home but as Mundaring have experienced for years to be a real force, they will need to work out how to play on grass if they are to push for promotion to white I’m noticing that grass is becoming a secret weapon with so many clubs changing to synthetics most really struggle on the good old grass green. All Manning rinks had very good wins with none of them wining by less than 10 shots you start to see the dominance of this win, 40 shots there alone. Manning are hard to work out for mine but on that win If I was playing them at home you need to be on your game otherwise the above happens. Well done to Manning giving themselves some breathing space from the relegation zone.
TIP: North Beach 7-1
Result Manning 8-0
Mt Lawley972022780632123.4250
North Beach953120751661113.6242
A Kay80156Yokine
R Munt72077Sorrento
C Bessant63051Mt Lawley
M Masel63032Mt Lawley
J Buchanan63027Joondalup
L Martin63020Sorrento
M Callcott63016Morley
B Morrison52141Yokine
A Jones53134Mt Lawley
R Cox531-29Mundaring
R Aitken53037North Beach
J Bartorillo54057North Beach
L Mitten5408North Beach
T McGillivray5405Yokine
W Mitchell540-1Morley
J Carlsen540-6North Beach
M Piggott41140Manning
C McKenna41019Doubleview
L Pickles43023Mundaring
W Neilson44131Joondalup
A Einfeld44131Mt Lawley
B Leggett441-5Joondalup
R Rogers441-28Sorrento
W Coffey440-34Yokine
B Heta45017Doubleview
P Daley450-13Joondalup
T Natalotto450-24Swan
I Linford32017Sorrento
E Johnson330-16Doubleview
B Pearce351-70Doubleview
G Bear350-36Mundaring
D Wood360-36Swan
P Gillespie360-55Manning
B Jeppeson20119Manning
B Adams23013Manning
L Sanders250-54Morley
A Southern2613Swan
J Doncon270-47Mundaring
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Watts11022Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
K Nazareth1105Morley
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Armstrong120-15Morley
I Cornthwaite131-3Swan
M West131-14Morley
G Ginbey130-22Manning
B Willesee130-50Doubleview
A Taylor140-36Manning
L Spinks010-1Morley
S Shaw010-1Yokine
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
R Dolton010-3Manning
S Salamon010-4Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
T Murray030-17Sorrento