Round Three is already upon us with some intriguing clashes on offer, especially up in the hills where the Cougars will host the hitherto unbeaten Eagles.
The two Kardinya teams will battle it out down at the Kattery, these derbies quite often result in surprises, let’s wait and see.
Only two teams without a win, being Hilton and Leeming, who just happen to play each other at Hilton. So by Saturday night we will probably have only one unbeaten side, unless it is a draw of course.
The forecast is looking extremely good, ideal for good bowls, with only light winds.


D Bacich, K Bowden, P Clausen, B Sumich
P Wachmer, B Jeppesen, J F Stewart, J Trigwell
S McCormack, B McCarthy, B Wright, N Gaspar
M Gill, M Starcevich, M Lindsay, D Piromalli
INS: J Trigwell, M Starcevich, M Gill
OUTS: M Ngui, P Kelly, J Chessell

David Byrne, M Hatch, J Horsefall, J Hall
Daniel Byrne, Anthony Byrne, K Jefferis, R Appleton
R Campbell, G Sterpini, R Middleton, D Lindsay
G Morey, J Hamilton, D Malkin, J West
INS: J West
OUTS: P Hiatt

This game will be played down at Freo on the well prepared turf that they are lucky to possess. The boys from Hollywood certainly weren’t disgraced last week at Manning, so the Mariners better not rest on their laurels, even at home.
The Mariners have swung the changes again, they certainly look stronger on paper with Gill, Starcevich and young Trigwell returning. I guess the players demoted could consider themselves very unlucky after winning last week away from home.
The visiting side looks very stable again, which is a good sign, but the Mariners should win comfortably at home.
Campbell an ex Premier League Player from South Perth, unbeaten at this early stage, it would be a good battle if he drew Wachmer.


G Dodd, S Farrell, D Mitchell, R Fortini
T Simpson, Daniel Newton, S Cargill, S Ivory
C Standley, B Smith, G Saint, R Butler
T Maxwell, Dave Newton, J Jobey, P Harber
INS: Daniel Newton, S Ivory
OUTS: D Van de Ven, R Horsman

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As mentioned earlier we have the clash of the cellar dwellers to be played at Hilton on Saturday. The Hawks strengthened by the inclusion of Daniel Newton and Steve Ivory who is a handy lead indeed.
Maxwell keeps his rink and this four is certainly strengthened with the bonus of David Newton as his third and Paul Harber as the lead. The Lions as usual are pretty much unchanged, but face a tough task on the grass at Hilton. The Lions have some quality players, especially their skips in Vandersluys, Newton, Ford and Phil Dobie. No team from Leeming available as yet though
But on grass at the home of the Hawks I will pick the home side.
Hilton 7-1


B Brandsma, R Pringle, P Townsend, C Archer
A Bartlett, G Trevaskis, I Quayle, V Hughes
I Cornthwaite, R Cooper, M Potente, M Clancy
D Wooltorton, R Hutchinson, B Farrant, M Thomas
INS: P Townshend
OUTS: T Price

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Game of the Round
The unbeaten Eagles outfit will fly up to the leafy hills on Saturday to take on the Cougars. This game could be very interesting, as the Cougars normally play well at home on their synthetic green and the Eagles have played their two games so far on grass.
Billy has a different third I see, with Ross Pringle now in that position, Cooper now third to Cornthwaite. The Cougars have a pretty settled sixteen though and I am sure that Billy will “ fire “ them up on Saturday. No doubt that he will be keen to open his account, so watch out who ever draws him.
Murray Piggott with his third now being changed three times in three games, Shane Adams now playing second to Allen, Phil Herbert third to Piggott. Even though the Eagles are my flag favourite I will be going for the home side in this one.
Kalamunda 6-2


J Carter, J Wardrop, S Hughes, J Percival
S Kelly, F Anderson, B Heldt, B Owen
M Petrich, G Reagan, T Percival, O Dawson
M McRae, R Havercroft, P Holmes, C Alberti
INS: R Havercroft, P Holmes, G Reagan
OUTS: B Roelefs, D Mortley, L Moretti

P Pohe, P Riggio, H Collins, A Williams
C Penaluna, N Holden, S Ocello, E McCurdy
M Separovich, G Vaughan, J Thorn, D Jones
J Stean, D Innes, J Walker Jnr, J Mitchell
INS: C Penaluna, E McCurdy
OUTS: D Earl, C Edgley

The Millers just might be the only unbeaten side come Saturday evening, playing at home against the visiting Ravens. A number of changes at S. Perth I notice, in fact you could say a lot of movement. Roelofs demoted, Doc Mortley out, with Havercroft, Reagan and Holmes down from Premier League. Lou Moretti promoted to Premier League as well. Lots of changes to a winning side, but that is what sometimes happens when you are the second side in a club. Will it affect the Millers?
The surface at South Perth should hold no fears for the visitors, but even though the Millers have many changes, they should still triumph. Penaluna returns for the Ravens, with Holden as his three.
South Perth 7-1


I Barrie, W Bezant, K Stower, J Edgar
G Fewings, R McNamara, G Wake, C Booth
J Rochford, R Jones, A McCullagh, W Lee
D Radford, R Knapp, G Knight, M Holt
INS: G Knight, G Wake
OUTS: D Golem, M Monteiro

N Ball, L Phillips, K McNamara, R Sweet
R Hunter, S Back, B Regan, S Maule
S Vassallo, A Regan, J Hampson, P Smith
D Regan, P Larard, M Ayres, S Garner
INS: No changes

The Kardinya selectors have used the Bowls WA random draw to add a bit of interest to this clash, a good innovation. Two ex Melville players in:

Fewings and Reagan square off.
Radford to play Hunter
Barrie versus Ball
Rochford versus Vassallo
Kardy 1 named 1st
The Kardy second side, fresh off a win at home last week will be keen to put it right up their mates in the number one side for sure.
A lot of the combatants have played a fair bit of bowls together, so they will know each other’s strengths and weaknesses all too well.
Derbies can get a little testy, I don’t think this clash will be any different.
No doubt Robbie Hunter will be keen to show the number one boys that he should join them, but he will certainly have his work cut out against the cagey Radford. There are some good ex Premier League bowlers playing, too many to mention.
You would have to go for the number one side here.
Kardinya1 7-1