Apologies for the tardy response for last weeks review but due to work commitments it was quite difficult to manage. However, happy to provide the following as a quick summary if it helps;
The River Rats dropped to the Mounters by 11shots in a very close contest which they’ll be kicking themselves dropping but they divy top Bessant side provided that 11shot margin which was probably the difference. The Wizards hard the Swans back up the Kwinana as quick as they came down by grabbing a massive 8pts & releasing a fair amount of frustration. The Lion v Lion action ended with some significant wound licking for the 2nd side & got Basso 1 into a Finals spot with a nice bump on the percentage. Quinns pulled another epicly close encounter from the ashe’s as they pulled off a massive win by 2 shots against the Roosters to get their campaign up & running. The Kooka’s were very impressive against the Roos & any potential top side handing 8pts away is a serious concern.
The clear standouts are Gosnells & Mt Lawley so far. Yes early stages but there’s few others showing real intent to stamp authority on a Division that’s relatively open this season.


J Marevic, I Mateljak, B Vidovich, V Dropulic
W Tepania, D Bandy, D Ravlich, A Edwards
M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gibson, D Gurr
M Abonnel, J Ricci, B Blagaich, B Dropulic
IN: D Gibson
OUT: J Richards

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The Roosters are probably not sitting where they feel justifies their performances to date & I do tend to believe them but nearly good enough doesn’t get results. They have been very close to some great away results but have just missed out. A lot to take from those positives & heaps to take from their 1 & only home game win against Basso. I think R4 can be slightly skewed from sides that have played 2 at Home & 1 Away & vice versa. The Roosters are the only side to play R1 at home then go back to back Away & they still sit mid-table knowing they were close in all losses. I like the way they’re travelling, watch this space.
The River Rats are 1 of 7 teams sitting on 1 from 3 so they’re not alone but yet sit 8th & that’s not a comfortable position in 1 White. They’ll need a big performance here & they can produce it but living on the PL ticket can only get you so far, results are required. Going 1 from 4 for Rossmoyne won’t be impossible to recover but it starts to rule them out of top position contention.
Cockburn 6 - 2


I Linford, P Crow, D Croker, K Granger
L Martin, R Bone, C Grisbrook, D Greig
A Anderson, D Dunstan, B Lucas, W Morrell
R Rogers, J Brown, W Elliott, B Kiely
IN: S Mortimer
OUT: K Granger

G Nicol, S Harris, N Tulett, M Crabb
B Holland, G Lynch, T Close, M Rickard
R Foy, E Gahan, P Gale, D Bradbury
F Carbone, C Hickinbotham, P Deas, A Hodge
IN: C Watters
OUT: B Holland

The Kookaburras are steaming along & even though they’re sitting 2nd by the minimum margin, they’re probably the inform side. Both top sides are 100% but you’d think Gosnells have had the tougher 3 games to date.
In saying that, the Swans are sitting in the danger zone of 7th but have maintained some credible performances & should start to bring the Home ground advantage. They’ve played 2 of 3 away & weren’t convincing whatsoever with Basso 2 at home so they’ll need everything to win this one but I think they just might by less than 6 shots in a very tight affair.
Sorrento 6 - 2


A Einfeld, D Rhodes, A Graham, M Bessant
C Bessant, G Herriot, J Bessant, K Cornell
M Masel, T Ingram, J Cottier jnr, K Scott
A Jones, L Kelly, P Sinden, C Green
IN: No changes

E O'Sullivan, T Alden, G Ekholm, S Bermingham
P Madigan, B Dinnison, L Fasolo, R Sheppard
M Cook, P Hutchinson, R Maynard, J Holman
R D'Souza, N Hall, D Blight, K Durward
IN: K Durward, R Maynard
OUT: C Francis, B Tie

If the Swans get the unlikely win over the Kookaburras the Mounters would be kicking themselves by not grabbing at least 7pts here. Yes Basso were good over the 1st 2 Rounds but they got touched up last week by ‘so called mates’.
If the Mounters continue the momentum & let Basso chase them I think it’s Mt Lawley for this Round. The Lions will come out fighting after last week but you would think their survival rests on their home games. There’s only 6 sides left unbeaten & the Mounters are 50% if that quota so they should be too strong this Round.
Mt Lawley 8 - 0


R Ellis, L McKay, G Stokes, M Watson
S Alden, R Kenyon, D Snelgar, B Tie
J Krstic, T Lynch, M Whitely, N Kirkup
S Davies, L Pike, D Killisch Von Horn, J Carrigan
IN: B Tie
OUT: G Needs

K Cousens, T Dellar, J Pattullo, D Sudden
Dr G Jackson, K Bancroft, I Gibson, A De Brouwer
B Kalinowsky, W Baker, C Foster, D Kitson
D Pattullo, L Kellow, A Shone, B Galvin
IN: L Kellow
OUT: D Wagstaff

The Lions are back on track after a big win last week & will be fanning themselves this week but this will be a lot tougher than last week. It’s 3rd v 4th but Basso have won 1 more game so you’d think it should be more of a gap.
Clearly the Wizards are better than 1 from 3 but going 1 from 4 starts to paint a different picture & 1 they’ll struggle to recover from. This is a huge game for both sides. Both sides 4 weeks ago would have thought they’re top 2 yet a month later neither of them are there.
Early days but this should be a benchmark game for both sides & the home side offer more value but this one will be tight if the Wizards don’t let a blowout rink define the result.
Bassendean 1 6 - 2


S O'Neill, R Cantrill, A Barker, C Taboni
H Ward, L Oldham, T Burrows, P Wernicke
M Hinchcliffe, S Smith, C Bartle, S Cavanagh
J Berecz, B Crawford, P Geenacker, L Johnson
IN: P Wernicke
OUT: T Hines

K Toster, B McMurdo, D Anderson, I Halhead
D Triffitt, M Nievelstein, S Denny, G Sarich
C Bucholz, C Parr, G Jack, R Burns
N Costello, D Griffin, B Nelson, B Bucowski
IN: J Tailor, I Halhead
OUT: L Bryson, B McMurdo

Quinns would love a result here & mightn’t be too far off if all goes well. They obviously won’t like sitting rock bottom but it’s only score difference between them & the 4th who have also only win 1 game so as per usual, the margins are very tight.
If the Roos drop this & go 1 from 4 I’ll be pretty keen to readjust predictions for that defining R6 selections. Hard to see them being convincing but I still think they’ll settle but missing the start & getting left in the stalls are 2 different things in any competition.
Surely this is the game the Ward rink can get up & about, to break their ducky run & I think they’ll have a good win here but just probably not enough to carry the Agg. Massive game for both sides & if the Roos can’t get themselves fired up here then Quinns will jump all over them.
Wanneroo 6 - 2