Well, what an exciting Round 5 ahead of us this week, hot weather and is going to be 35 degrees and HOT, HOT, HOT. Make sure to drink plenty of amber fluid on Saturday to stay hydrated!!!! Very exciting round as the top 5 sides play the Bottom 5 sides. But Swan in posi 3 to Stirling in Posi 7. All 5 sides are only separated by 2 points. This round is integral for 3-7 spots to either stay in touch with the top 2, stay middle of the pack or go into that dreaded 7th spot. Teams will definitely be putting space between themselves and the bottom teams unless there are upsets this week. Its going to test the mettle of a lot of teams this week and then throw in the heat and we cold end up with an exciting outcome on Saturday at 5pm


T Natalotto, D Wood, W Harris, D Rowlinson
P Kelly, J Morss, R Johnson, M Eckett
D Park, P Park, D Foster, P Natalotto
R Revell, P Hilsz, R Furci, R Dunstan
INS: W Harris, P Natalotto
OUTS: G Rowlinson, J Hillan

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3 v 7. The wolves’ have shown already this season they can win away from home on grass. But Swan have now got the mix right with the rinks. Natalotto rink are playing some great bowls and Kelly is 3-1 and playing great bowls also. Even though the Wolves, Marovic and Martinovich have been shining lights for the Wolves they have had a leaking rink like last week in Lofthouse. At home the Swannies are going to be too strong, and they will send the Wolf pack home howling at the moon on what could have been.
Swan 6-2


S Shaw, B McGrechan, T Needs, G Robertson
M Sharp, M Lemos, B Morrison, J Matthews
W Coffey, J West, J McGrath, G Turner
T McGillvray, P Hunter, K Humfrey, F Faigenbaum
INS: T Needs, J Matthews
OUTS: R Burgess, M Dragicevich

Wayne Neilson, Wes Neilson, J Groves, M Cheesman
S Rixom, C Leggett, J Hunter, T Vellios
B Leggett, P Daley, P Kain, T Dangerfield
J Buchanan, M Korycin, K Willett, S Niven
INS: No changes

9 v 2. The Doggies got their first win last week and has given them a little confidence but playing the Wolves V playing the Dolphins is vastly different. The Dolphins will feel at home on those lovely grass greens of Yokine and I just don’t see who is going to contain Rixom and Leggett. The only chance I see for the Doggies is if a Shaw or McGillivray can get a hold of Neilson and maybe they would be in with a slim shot. The Dolphin 16 are just too strong, and the Doggie treats will be heading up the Mitchell
Joondalup 7-1


B Heta, D Cosgrove, S Whitfield, M Leed
B Willesee, E Johnson, E Taylor, G Papadopoulos
G Nelson, B Watts, B Leed, F Williamson
C McKenna, C Bell, N Feletti, M Fredericks
INS: B Heta, S Whitfield
OUTS: J Gilchrist, S Deering

G Smith, W Davidson, B Boyd, J Minchin
M Pasalich, A Pasalich, K Price, R Herbert
F Di Giuseppe, I Bryden, G Fulwood, M Woodward
C Fleay, F Mottolini, M Carmichael, L Bell
INS: G Fulwood, F Mottolini
OUTS: R Littlecott, L Farrell

8 v 4. This is a must game for the Saints to win if they are going to stay in touch with the top 3. And based on the Views performances of the last couple of weeks you would say they should do it easy. We will give the View a little wee benefit of a doubt and I hope for their own pride they perform better but, The Saints will be too strong for them, and the saints loses have only been just. The View will have to perform 2000% better than what they have. Hopefully someone during the week has ridden their boot up their bum. The Saints to win this week in a much more spirited effort by the View
Osborne Park 6-2


L Hill, M Golding, A Worthington, R Newstead
G Hinge, G Smith, A Henneker, J Ferguson
B Ledingham, C Boyle, B McNamara, R Loran
J Borkowski, A Hornby, C Shier, I Sparrowhawk
INS: L Hill
OUTS: M Hughes

M Radalj, W Mitchell, K Nazareth, C Hamilton
V Orchard, P Fettes, V Princi, G Pinto
L Sanders, L Spinks, T Dawson, W Hinchcliffe
R Urquhart, G Grieve, K Engelen, S Aungier
INS: No changes

5 v 6 and the Mavericks have been playing good bowls. I think the Mavericks will enjoy playing at Magpies grass greens and put in a real battle. Either side who wins will be putting a game between themselves and the dreaded 7-10 spots. The wolves proved that the Magpies can be beaten at home by containing the Game changer. But after Hinge’s spirited win over the top skip in Leggett last week I think they will push forward this week and whoever matches up against the Hinge rink will be wise and be very careful you are going to have to play the best game of your season. If Orchard or Radalj can line up against Hinge then Mavericks have a show. If Nazereth / Sanders or Urquhart line up it will be goodnight, Mavericks. The other Magpies skips are slowly starting to get the ball rolling and will give a great battle. I think at home Magpies are going to be too good for the Mavericks.
Warwick 6-2


A Britton, R Cummings, C Brown, A Keegan
M Garrett, L Fasolo, K Stoner, C Miller
M Wright, C Francis, B Patterson, S Colegate
G Cash, B Naughton, G Foti-Cuzzola, C Barnes
INS: C Brown, L Fasolo
OUTS: P Mac, J Parker

P Augustson, R Aitken, R Hunter, B Muntz
A Howe, G Barr, B Abrahamson, G Gregson
L Mitten, T Jones, R Munday, S Stevenson
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Booker, J Carlsen
INS: G Gregson
OUTS: W Farrant

10 V 1 The Beach boys are showing that they are travelling very well away from home this year. The fast greens at Basso will be liked by them and there 16 are just too strong across all 4 rinks. The lions need to perform like they did last week and show why they got promoted into one Blue. If they have another performance like they did against the dolphins, they are going to struggle to stay in Div 1. The beach boys will win it is just a matter of by how much.
North Beach 7-1