Round Five sees the heat start to appear, both on and off the green this Saturday.
The three teams at the top of the ladder are starting to sneak away a little, with Hollywood Subiaco and Hilton struggling down the bottom.
Only three Skips with four wins, Bartlett, Wooltorton and Radford, with the first two named both from the Cougars. So once Brandsma starts to string a few wins together and that will happen , we will see the Cougars stay up the top of the ladder somewhere.
A couple of interesting clashes, none more so than 1st versus 3rd at the home of the Millers, where they will host the visiting 🦅.
The other game of some interest is the Hawks hosting the visiting Kats 2 side. Can the Hawks gain their first win?


I Barrie, W Bezant, K Stower, M Monteiro
G Fewings, N Ball, A McCullagh, J Edgar
G White, J Rochford, R Jones, W Lee
D Radford, R Knapp, G Knight, M Holt
INS: N Ball
OUTS: D Wood

David Byrne, M Hatch, V Jones, J Hall
Daniel Byrne, A Byrne, K Jefferis, R Appleton
R Campbell, G Sterpini, R Middleton, D Lindsay
G Morey, J Hamilton, W Ford, J West
INS: R Appleton
OUTS: J Horsfall

This game should be a “ walk in the park “ for the Kats when they host the visitors on Saturday. It would appear to me that Hollywood just do not have the playing personnel to be able to challenge the strong home side.
Both sides look similar to last week, but the experience of the many ex Premier League players at the Kats will hold them in good stead for this game. Can the Campbell rink fire up this Saturday, they will need to, big time.
The Kats will be purring come Saturday night.
Kardinya1 8-0


P Dobie, B Eather, D Clayton, R Bellis
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, S Dobie, T Higham
J Newton, G Burgess, A Andersson, P Hickey
INS: No changes

M Separovich, G Vaughan, J Thorn, D Jones
C Penaluna, N Holden, P Riggio, S Ocello
P Pohe, A Williams, H Collins, D Cooper
J Stean, R Carruthers, J Walker Jnr, J Mitchell
INS: D Cooper
OUTS: D Innes

The Lions at home will be far too strong for the visiting Ravens and should pick up the maximum points just about.
Playing personnel in this division for the Lions does not change much from week to week, no exception this time.
Thornlie seem pretty settled as well, but for mine they are nowhere near as strong as the home side. Maybe the Penaluna, Vaughan combination might pinch one point for the visitors.
Leeming 7-1


R Butler, Daniel Newton, S Cargill, S Ivory
G Dodd, S Farrell, D Mitchell, R Fortini
C Standley, P Stone, B Smith, G Saint
T Maxwell, Dave Newton, J Jobey, P Harber
INS: Daniel Newton, S Ivory
OUTS: J Mitchell, R Horsman

D Flintoff, L Phillips, K McNamara, R Sweet
R Hunter, S Back, B Regan, P Smith
S Vassallo, R McNamara, S Maule, J Hampson
D Wood, P Larard, A Regan, H Vriezen

Will the Hawks break their drought on their home turf on Saturday?
Daniel Newton and Ivory back, but Travis Simpson still missing, a big out. There looks like lots of changes in the Kats Line up, but it is their third side, so to be expected occasionally. How will the feisty Robbie Hunter go at his last club? Could be interesting to say the least. The Hawks to break their drought.
Hilton 6-2


B Brandsma, R Pringle, C Archer, R Chalmers
A Bartlett, G Trevaskis, I Quayle, V Hughes
I Cornthwaite, G McDonald, M Potente, M Clancy
D Wooltorton, R Hutchinson, B Farrant, M Thomas
INS: R Chalmers, G McDonald
OUTS: P Townsend, R Cooper

M Starcevich, K Bowden, J Chessell, B Sumich
P Wachmer, B Jeppesen, J F Stewart, J Trigwell
S McCormack, J Smith, B Wright, N Gaspar
M Gill, M Lindsay, M Ngui, D Piromalli
INS: M Starcevich
OUTS: D Bacich

The Mariners will travel up to the leafy hillside town of Kalamunda on Saturday and probably have a long, pointless drive home I think. The Cougars are flexing their muscles big time at the moment, while the Mariners just can’t seem to string wins together, which could cost them big time. It looks like a couple of good players missing for the hillside boys in Townsend and Cooper, with Starcevich replacing Bacich for Freo in a skippers role.
Bartlett, Brandsma, Cornthwaite and Wooltorton are all very fine and capable skips, too classy for the seaside boys from Freo, for sure. Mark Gill and his team had a good win last week to nearly carry the aggregate. Can they emulate that performance? Maybe not up in the Lions 🦁 den.
Kalamunda 8-0


J Carter, J Wardrop, R Havercroft, J Percival
M Petrich, B Roelefs, T Percival, O Dawson
M McRae, P Holmes, G Reagan, C Alberti
S Kelly, F Anderson, B Heldt, G Bovell
INS: J Carter, M McRae, G Bovell
OUTS: S Walker, W Owen, S Hughes

W Heldt, S Adams, J Andrew, M Hughes
M Carey, G Hogg, K Jolly, N Rees
M Piggott, A Pryce, P Herbert, M Hoskin
G O'Brien, L Herbert, B Hogg, S Lambert
INS: M Hughes, M Hoskin
OUTS: M Allen, A Lill

Game of the Round
1st versus 3rd here in what promises to be a thriller. This game could be a season defining clash down in South Perth on their friendly synthetic surface. Will the visitors sixteen be able to handle the surface at the home of the Millers? I think not, but players like Merv Hughes know the surface well, as he has just left their. Will he torment them with his deft left handed draw shots?
A colleague from South Perth has whispered to me of an incident that happened the last time the Eagles visited, so i am sure both teams will be fired up to get their division over the line. Matt Allen missing I see, but a handy replacement skip in Wayne Heldt, maybe he will play against his son Blake. Some fine skips on both sides should ensure a thriller, Kelly, Carter, McRae, Petrich for the Milers. Piggott, O’Brien, Carey and Heldt for the Eagles 🦅.
I like the visiting teams overall playing strength, but oh gee the home ground advantage?
Manning 6-2