The next few rounds are important for most teams as the picture starts to become clearer on the initial general standings as we head into the Xmas season. We can see some changes coming as Mt Lawley head into a very tough stretch playing all top sides here to Xmas & with 3 of those 5 away. Bassendean 1 also have a tough back-to-back on the road for R7 & R8 but overall their run isn't too bad. Gosnells will probably become my benchmark team after R6, not for any particular reasoning but I need to pick 1 team to benchmark & I like their consistency & spread across the 4 rinks, so they'll be my go to over the coming weeks. Building on that Gosnells had R2 & R3 at home & dropped the next 1 away so this weekend will be a big game for them. 4 to 8 spots will get sorted over the next few rounds but could be a lottery how those turn out. 9 & 10 seem locked in already but stranger things have happened. The next few Rounds do normally create some upsets so let's see what happens.


K Toster, B McMurdo, L Bryson, I Halhead
D Triffitt, M Nievelstein, S Denny, G Sarich
C Bucholz, C Parr, G Jack, R Burns
N Costello, D Griffin, B Nelson, B Bucowski
IN: L Bryson
OUT: D Anderson

I Linford, P Crow, D Croker, K Granger
L Martin, R Bone, C Grisbrook, D Greig
A Anderson, D Dunstan, B Lucas, W Morrell
R Rogers, B Collins, W Elliott, B Kiely
IN: No changes

Very even game against 2 well matched sides. You would nearly go with both teams when playing at Home as I think it is that closely matched. The Roo's would probably think they have the edge against a Swans 2nd side where they previously showed they were well capable of matching the Swans 1st side 2 seasons ago. Although the Roo's still lost both games to the Swans 1st side. However, the Roo's are not there yet & the Swans will be pulling lots of confidence by beating a top side last week.
The Roo's put on their big boys pants last week & got down to business & I think this could be similar this weekend with probably 1 rink in the difference. The angle for Sorrento surely has to be targeting that soft Roo's rink to see if they can get a big number. The Swans are solid across the 4 rinks with all 4 rinks sitting 15-25 spot on the ladder so they don't generally drop big numbers on 1 rink.
Wanneroo 6 - 2


G Nicol, S Harris, N Tulett, M Crabb
B Holland, G Lynch, C Watters, M Rickard
R Foy, T Close, P Gale, D Bradbury
F Carbone, C Hickinbotham, P Deas, A Hodge
IN: E Gahan
OUT: C Watters

R Ellis, L McKay, G Stokes, M Watson
S Alden, R Kenyon, D Snelgar, B Tie
J Krstic, T Lynch, M Whitely, N Kirkup
S Davies, L Pike, D Killisch Von Horn, J Carrigan
OUT: No changes

The Kookaburra's won the first 3 games & lost the last & the Lions lost the 1st & won the last 3 games, so both teams can't be separated on points but the Lions probably have the momentum on form.
Probably game of the round here so whoever comes out of this will be very fancied to be close at the end of R18. Pretty easy to pick either side here but if Basso can get the big W it will be huge for their progress but I think it will go down to 1 blow out rink here & very marginally with the home side.
Gosnells 6 - 2


A Petchell, P Brotherston, G Collier, G Maesepp
J Carter, R Vind, P Chappell, P Voon
W Harvey, R Halse, P Feszczak, H Slowiak
C Edson, M Barrett, G Eades, N Edson
IN: P Chappell, G Collier
OUT: R Lang, T Churcher

S O'Neill, A Barker, C Bartle, C Taboni
H Ward, B Crawford, W Fairjones, R Thomas
M Hinchcliffe, R Cantrill, T Burrows, S Cavanagh
J Berecz, S Smith, P Geenacker, L Johnson
IN: W Fairjones, R Cantrill
OUT: L Oldham, P Wernicke

If the River Rats needed an easier game to get the mojo back then this will be close to that opportunity. Quinns are not travelling great but their away form has more zeros than Bill Gates bank balance.
There no doubt Quinns could win this one if Rossmoyne are not tuned in as both sides have that loose rink that could drop a number. The home side should be too strong on their own surface & it’s pretty different than what Quinns play on so it should be enough to get them over.
Rossmoyne 7 - 1


B Kalinowsky, W Baker, C Foster, D Kitson
K Cousens, T Dellar, S Ryan, D Sudden
Dr G Jackson, K Bancroft, I Gibson, A De Brouwer
D Pattullo, L Kellow, A Shone, B Galvin
IN: S Ryan
OUT: J Pattullo

A Einfeld, D Rhodes, A Graham, M Bessant
C Bessant, G Herriot, J Bessant, K Cornell
M Masel, T Ingram, J Cottier, K Scott
A Jones, L Kelly, P Sinden, C Green
IN: No changes

The Wizards will be nervous coming into this one. Yes they'll be pretty angry over the last month's results but very keen on getting their season back on track & if they can't do it here at home then all hope will soon fade.
The Mounters will be 50/50 on whether this is exactly the right time to play Warnbro as they’re on the ropes or they’ll get a side ready for a fight. The reality is the Mounters should be winning this at least 6-2 as they’re head & shoulders above the Wizards so far over 4 games but I think this could be a belter of a game with both having very different things to play for. Might be worth giving the home side another chance to redeem before writing them off for the year. Should be a great game.
Warnbro 6 - 2


E O'Sullivan, T Alden, G Ekholm, S Bermingham
P Madigan, B Dinnison, N Strachan, R Sheppard
M Cook, P Hutchinson, R Maynard, J Holman
R D'Souza, N Hall, D Blight, K Durward
IN: N Strachan
OUT: L Fasolo

J Marevic, I Mateljak, B Vidovich, V Dropulic
W Tepania, D Bandy, D Ravlich, A Edwards
M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gibson, D Gurr
M Abonnel, J Ricci, B Blagaich, B Dropulic
IN: No changes

Tough game here for the Roosters as these games are the ones they need to put away if they have any ambition of Finals but the Lions will be tough to take at home as they showed against the Roo's in R1.
The Roosters should be maybe 1 or 2 spots higher but they’re giving themselves a look in on the back end of nearly all games & the 16 are working well.
Basso will want to bounce back after a tough fortnight so I see this one close early but the Roosters should push clear late on.
Cockburn 7 - 1