A very uneventful first round of games on Saturday to kick off the 21/22 pennant season.
All games went as predicted and all games were reasonably one sided, but it is too early to make any bold predictions as yet. Congratulations to the new “ kids on the block “ in Hollywood Subiaco though who started their season in the best possible fashion, gaining a full hand aggregate of Eight.

Kalamunda 83 (6.5) v Thornlie 59 (1.5)
William Brandsma 15 v Clive Penaluna 20
Arthur Bartlett 29 v Norman Holden 8
Ian Cornthwaite 17 v Mark Separovich 17
Dwayne Wooltorton 22 v Jim Stean 14

The Ravens put up a reasonable fight up at the home of the Cougars, but ultimately lost by a fairly big margin of 24 shots. But they did pick up a valuable 1.5 points in the hills, could be handy at the back end of the season.
The Cougars showed that they may be a force to be reckoned with this year, as their star 🌟 skip in Billy Brandsma had a surprising loss to Clive Penaluna, Johnny Walker, Sal Ocello and the marvellous Ravens lead in Pas Riggio, but they were still able to win.
The big winner for the home side was the four skipped by Arthur Bartlett who won by a healthy 28 shots. Bartlett well supported by Trevaskis, Quayle and Hughes.
South Perth 92 (7) v Hilton Park 74 (1)
John Carter 35 v Travis Simpson 13
Steve Kelly 13 v Craig Standley 24
Max Petrich 23 v David Newton 22
Michael McRae 21 v Gary Dodd 15

The Millers were made to fight hard for their 7 points on Saturday, winning 3 rinks to one at the finish of what I believe was a good contest. New skip John Carter from Osborne Park, supported by John Wardrop, ex Kalamunda, Steve Hughes, ex everywhere and local up and comer in Lou Moretti, thrashed the well credentialed Travis Simpson rink by some 22 shots. Aggregate over here as you can see.
Hilton Hawk stalwart in Craig Standley picking up the only point for the visitors.
Kardinya 1 80 (6) v Leeming 67 (2)
Ian Barrie 13 v Karl Vandersluys 15
Graeme Fewings 28 v James Newton 16
John Rochford 18 v Gary Ford 26
Daryl Radford 21 v Phil Dobie 10

Only 13 shots separated these two strong teams at the end of the completed 84 ends, a great effort by the visiting Lions from Leeming. Usual winner from the Lions in Karl Vandersluys and his rink grabbing a win at the death knock by 2 shots over new skip in Ian Barrie.
The big winners for the Kats were Graeme Fewings, Roy McNamara, Allan McCullagh and Robert Lipple, they defeated the normally reliable rink of Jimmy Newton by a healthy 12 shots.
The experience of Daryl Radford shone thru in the 11 shot win over the Phil Dobie rink, meaning the Kats gained 6 points overall. The visitors would be reasonably happy with their effort I believe.
Fremantle 72 (2) v Manning 92 (6)
Dinko Bacich 12 v Murray Piggott 39
Peter Wachmer 19 v Matthew Allen 15
Shaun McCormack 24 v Graham O'Brien 25
Mark Gill 17 v Michael Carey 13

The Eagles kicking off their season in fine fashion with a solid win over the Mariners down at windy Freo. Murray Piggott, Blake Butler, Phil Herbert and Andy Lill demolishing the Bacich rink by a mammoth 27 shots.
The Mariners would be disappointed to lose though after the other three rinks battled hard to try and salvage something from this clash. Pete Wachmer and Mark Gill gaining, what could be two valuable points for the home side, with McCormack only losing by one shot to Graeme O’Brien.
Hollywood Subiaco 91 (8) v Kardinya 2 54 (0)
David Byrne 23 v Robert Hunter 14
Daniel Byrne 28 v Silvio Vassallo 11
Robert Campbell 17 v Dwain Regan 12
Glen Morey 23 v Norm Ball 17

What a magnificent start to the season for the new boys in this division, beating the Kat’s second side by a whopping 37 and grabbing 8 points into the bargain. They now sit atop the table, how about that, well done. The Byrne boys, Anthony and Daniel, assisted by the well travelled David Malkin and Bob Appleton had a 17 shot win over the Vassallo rink to lead the way for the home side. All rinks had good wins though, which augers well for the season ahead, early days but.
The Kats 2nd side with a bit of work to do it seems.
Hollywood Subiaco110049154168.528
South Perth110039274124.327
Kardinya 1110028067119.46
Hilton Park10101749280.431
Kardinya 210100549159.340
Murray Piggott10027Manning
John Carter10022South Perth
Arthur Bartlett10021Kalamunda
Daniel Byrne10017Hollywood Subiaco
Graeme Fewings10012Kardinya 1
Daryl Radford10011Kardinya 1
Craig Standley10011Hilton Park
David Byrne1009Hollywood Subiaco
Gary Ford1008Leeming
Dwayne Wooltorton1008Kalamunda
Michael McRae1006South Perth
Glen Morey1006Hollywood Subiaco
Robert Campbell1005Hollywood Subiaco
Clive Penaluna1005Thornlie
Peter Wachmer1004Fremantle
Mark Gill1004Fremantle
Karl Vandersluys1002Leeming
Graham O'Brien1001Manning
Max Petrich1001South Perth
Ian Cornthwaite0010Kalamunda
Mark Separovich0010Thornlie
Shaun McCormack010-1Fremantle
David Newton010-1Hilton Park
Ian Barrie010-2Kardinya 1
Michael Carey010-4Manning
Matthew Allen010-4Manning
Bill Brandsma010-5Kalamunda
Dwain Reagan010-5Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd010-6Hilton Park
Norm Ball010-6Kardinya 2
John Rochford010-8Kardinya 1
Jim Stean010-8Thornlie
Robert Hunter010-9Kardinya 2
Phil Dobie010-11Leeming
Steve Kelly010-11South Perth
James Newton010-12Leeming
Silvio Vassallo010-17Kardinya 2
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Travis Simpson010-22Hilton Park
Dinko Bacich010-27Fremantle