The season is literally hours old & the upsets are coming thick & fast. Apart from the Mounters putting a cricket score on Quinns the remaining games were fairly competitive & closely fought. Too early to call but the performance of the round probably goes to Mt Lawley breaking an early tonne for the season. We had 9 100+ shot games 2 years ago but only 4 last year & the way the upsets have started maybe we could break the magic 10 games 100+ shots this year?! The only take away for all sides from R1 seems to be anything can & will happen & every team on their day will take important points off others in a desperate bid for either PL or survival.

Warnbro 74 (2) v Gosnells 80 (6)
Barry Kalinowsky 19 v Robert Foy 26
Lindsay Strange 19 v Frank Carbone 14
George (dr) Jackson 21 v Brett Holland 19
Kieran Cousens 15 v Grant Nicol 21

I toyed with backing the Kookaburra's but decided to go with the home side but did feel it was going to be close & wasn't it down to the wire. The Wizards had control of the game & were well in the contest but the cream rose to the top for Gosnells on the back of their 2 stronger rinks.
Kalinowsky fell to Foy by 7 shots which made a reasonable difference to the final Agg & Foy's side will be delighted to get that new rink off to a great start to the season. Strange hit back for Warnbro with 5 shots on Carbone & Jackson got his skippering journey off to a solid start with a 2 shot margin over Holland. All came down to Cousens v Nicols & the stronger Nicols rink pushed late & won by 6 shots & with it gave the Kookaburra's a flying start to the season. Well played to Gosnells & to top it off they scored more in this game against Warnbro than Warnbro conceded in ANY game last year. The Wizards averaged 66 shots against last year so no mean feat to put up 80 shots & I don't think many teams will break the 80 shots against Warnbro at home.
Result: Gosnells 6 - 2
Prediction: Warnbro 6 - 2

Bassendean 2 80 (6) v Wanneroo 76 (2)
Mark Cook 15 v Neville Costello 26
Peter Madigan 24 v Kingsley Toster 13
Eugene O'Sullivan 22 v David Triffitt 15
Richard D'Souza 19 v Christopher Buchholz 22

The Lions (part deux) are now the Lions Part Uno after a magnificent win at home to the Roo's in another very close game. The Lions will be delighted to grab the chocs against one of the fanciest sides in the comp & doing it tough late on by holding on by 4 shots in a nerve-racking finish will give them great confidence for the season ahead. The Roo's will be shell shocked & disappointed, knowing they can't drop many games this year & dropping it against a 2nd side in the comp doesn't scream PL status & sets a target for many over the next few rounds.
Cook got off to a shaky start skippering against a seasoned Costello as the visitors jumped them early & pushed out to a big 11 shot win. Madigan was out like a shot to defend that 11shots & pulled those 11 back straight away in a huge win against Toster. All square across the board & D'Souza's side were holding on tight but got rolled later by 3 to the returning Buchholz which was probably a strong defensive result. O'Sullivan then steps up & puts away Triffitt by an important 7 shots to give the Lions a huge Agg with 6pts in the bank. Basso knows how critical the home points are & they did improve last year on the previous year's home form which made a big difference in survival rather than playoff territory. Only 2 rounds to go before we see some Lion on Lion action & surely the Lions (PII) are favourites now?! Reminds me of the North Beach 1 v 2 in 2019 where yes you guessed it the 2nd side beat the 1st side in their first encounter.
Result: Bassendean 6 - 2
Prediction: Wanneroo 7 - 1

Cockburn 84 (7) v Bassendean 1 63 (1)
Josip (joe) Marevic 31 v Stein Davies 12
William Tepania 18 v Russell Ellis 14
Michael Simunovic 15 v Jovan Krstic 22
Marc Abonnel 20 v Simon Alden 15

The 3rd upset also came at the hands of Basso but unfortunately they were on the other side of the result as Cockburn put them away fairly comfortably in the end by 21 shots in another strong home performance by the Roosters.
Marevic had Davies spinning as the Lions struggled to match the home side with Joe pushing out to a big 19 shot win which was close to the difference in the end. Tepania head Ellis by 4 shots which was an excellent result for Big Willie, ably supported by their new Bandy addition. Simunovic did well to stay with Krstic but went down by 7 shots in the end but kept it close. The final game went Abonnel's way as he got the edge over a good Alden side which gave them a huge 6pts against a top side. The Roosters can certainly build from here & putting up another 80+ shots at home will be common for them this year. Back to the drawing board for the Lions but they probably will be forgetting this one & looking forward to next week. Many other sides will leave Cockburn with less than 2pts this season but they are a team to beat on this start.
Result: Cockburn 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 1 6 - 2

Rossmoyne 80 (6) v Sorrento 77 (2)
Rawley Lang 15 v Lance Martin 18
John Carter 24 v Ian Linford 16
Allan Petchell 18 v Ronald Rogers 29
Craig Edson 23 v Alan Anderson 14

The River Rats had a job to do & they did it, albeit a little unconvincing but 6pts at home against most Sorrento sides isn't a bad result. The last time Rossmoyne were in 1 White they struggled a little at home & lost about 50% of their games but then were excellent on the road. To get some good homes wins early will give them good confidence over the coming Rounds.
Lang dropped to Martin by 3 shots in a close contest but Carter picked that right back up with interest as they cruised past Linford by 8 shots. Surprisingly Petchell struggled against Rogers side as they dropped 11 shots with some late ends. Although Edson was all over the Agg as they pushed past Anderson late to give the River Rats a close but hard fought 6pts.
Result: Rossmoyne 6 - 2
Prediction: Rossmoyne 7 - 1

Quinns Rock 57 (0) v Mt Lawley 107 (8)
John Berecz 18 v Anthony Einfeld 20
Corey Bessant 14 v ??? 40
Hugh Ward 13 v Andrew Jones 24
Martin Hinchcliffe 12 v Mark Masel 23

Quinns led a wonderful & very respectful moment before the game commenced for Mt Lawley's Russell Woolf who sadly passed suddenly a few days prior. Emotions were high across the board but the Mounters were able to channel that into a superb performance.
The result was quite the surprise....50shots & many of the home side are probably still staring at each other with some interesting chats to come this week. For context, Quinns were great at home over the last few years, the most they conceded last year was 77 to Mossies but still won. They had the 2nd lowest Against score at Home for the entire season & only conceded ~68shots against all teams last year which gave them a huge look at every team coming down to the last few ends.
Berecz tried to keep tabs on Einfeld but the new improved receipt of adding 50% more Basso into the side worked wonders as Einfeld's side held on by 2 shots in a close contest. Holding Berecz allowed the others to open up & take chances & O'Neill was on the receiving end of chance happy Bessant side who jumped on everything in a very high scoring game that saw 54 shots across the board. Unfortunately for O'Neill it wasn't the start he wished for as Bessant cruised to a huge 26 shot win to single handedly wrap up the Agg. Ward again probably wished for a better start at Quinns as Jones gave them little all day & pushed out to a comfortable 11 shot win. Hinchcliffe was similar as Masel's side ran through them by another 11 shots to give the Mounters a massive 8pts & the perfect start to the season.
Result: Mt Lawley 8 - 0
Prediction: Mt Lawley 6 - 2

Mt Lawley1100410757187.728
Bassendean 2110028076105.266
Bassendean 1101016384751
Quinns Rocks101005710753.270
Corey Bessant10026Mt Lawley
Joe Marevic10019Cockburn
Neville Costello10011Wanneroo
Peter Madigan10011Bassendean 2
Mark Masel10011Mt Lawley
Andrew Jones10011Mt Lawley
Ronald Rogers10011Sorrento
Craig Edson1009Rossmoyne
John Carter1008Rossmoyne
Joe Krstic1007Bassendean 1
Robert Foy1007Gosnells
Eugene O'Sullivan1007Bassendean 2
Grant Nicol1006Gosnells
Marc Abonnel1005Cockburn
Lindsay Strange1005Warnbro
William Tepania1004Cockburn
Chris Buchholz1003Wanneroo
Mick Martin1003Sorrento
George Jackson1002Warnbro
Anrthony Einfeld1002Mt Lawley
John Berecz010-2Quinns Rocks
Brett Holland010-2Gosnells
Rawley Lang010-3Rossmoyne
Richard D'Souza010-3Bassendean 2
Russell Ellis010-4Bassendean 1
Simon Alden010-5Bassendean 1
Frank Carbone010-5Gosnells
Kieran Cousens010-6Warnbro
Michael Simunovic010-7Cockburn
Barry Kalinowsky010-7Warnbro
David Triffitt010-7Wanneroo
Ian Linford010-8Sorrento
Alan Anderson010-9Sorrento
Hugh Ward010-11Quinns Rocks
Kingsley Toster010-11Wanneroo
Allan Petchell010-11Rossmoyne
Martin Hinchcliffe010-11Quinns Rocks
Mark Cook010-11Bassendean 2
Stein Davies010-19Bassendean 1
???010-26Quinns Rocks