4 out of the 5 games wins by less than 8 shots really showing the tightness and how competitive the season ahead will be. Only 3 teams now unbeaten in the first 2 rounds. The Wolf pack the only team having a strong win for the round, an absolute belter at the home of the Dolphins which saw them get up by one shot, the Saints sit on Top and Doggies bleed again
Just on a side note a BIG SHOUT to Tony Kay (Pommy) get well soon and speedy recovery as he has had some MAJOR health issues and surgery. Thanks for letting us know Doggies.

Stirling 87 (7) v Bassendean 60 (1)
Stuart Lofthouse 14 v Michael Garrett 16
Josip Martinovich 22 v Murray Wright 17
Michael Vitale 25 v Robert Maynard 15
Mane (mick) Marovic 26 v Alan Britton 12

No surprise here Wolf pack having a 27-shot win and 3 rinks. The result was never in doubt with solid wins by Marovic and Vitale and Martinovich chipping for a win and the extra point. Stirling showing, they are going to be hard to beat at home. Overall, really solid, performance for Stirling and Lofthouse only going down by 2 with Garrett the only shining light for the visiting Lions
Morley 76 (2) v North Beach 80 (6)
Michael Radalj 17 v Peter Augustson 16
Victor Orchard 23 v Alan Howe 21
Keith Nazareth 17 v Lee Mitten 19
Robert Urquhart 19 v John Bartorillo 24

The Beach boys getting a good away win at the home of the Mavericks. From all reports 3 rings were up and down all day and in the end were only separated by 2 shots or less. Orchard and Radalj getting home by 2 and 1 shot respectively for the Mavericks and Mitten winning by 2 shots over a tough Nazereth rink but it was the Bartorillo rink firing bullets and shooting down the Mavericks with a 5 shot win which was the difference for the day. Beach boys’ home by 4. Is this the beach boy side of 4/5 years ago that got the promotion to one white only time will tell?
Joondalup 76 (5.5) v Doubleview 75 (2.5)
Wayne Neilson 22 v Bradley Pearce 22
Shane Ernest Rixom 17 v Ben Willesee 19
Ben Leggett 22 v Gary Nelson 14
Jimmy Buchanan 15 v Christopher McKenna 20

Game of the round, absolute corker of a game up at Joondalup. The Dolphins getting home by one solitaire shot, in what was an amazing game. Wish I was there to see it, but I heard on the grapevine that The View should have won, (I guess that’s perspective on who you talk to!!) but the brilliance of the Leggett rink to get home by 8 was the difference. McKenna and Willesee securing their second win each for the view, but just falling short against the Leggett win. Nielson and Pearce with a draw and from all reports was a fair result as both sides had opportunity to Win. Both sides showing that they will be there or thereabouts at the pointy end of the season. Well, done to both sides for a cracking game this early in the season.
Swan 82 (2) v Warwick 87 (6)
Tony Natalotto 24 v Michael Golding 22
Paul Kelly 26 v Brian Ledingham 16
David Park 13 v Geoffrey Hinge 27
Rodney Revell 19 v Jon Borkowski 22

In a game of two tales, it was the Hinge rink making the difference for the Magpies 6-2 and 5 shot win. In a solid performance by Swan, Natalotto and Kelly with a 2 and 10 shot win over Golding and Ledingham. Both of those 2 skips for Warwick now sit in the bottom 7 skips, with the Ledingham rink having 2 solid losses and -21 after 2 rounds. Borkowski chipping in for a 3 shot win over Revell and his second win. But it was all about the Hinge rink of Sparrowhawk, Shier, Hornby and Hinge of course with a 14-shot win over the normally reliable Park rink and the Magpies walk away with the chocolates. The Hinge rink now sitting on top of the Skip leader board with a whopping +38 after 2 games. Who will be the unlucky rink in Round 3 to line up against “The Game Changer”
Yokine 81 (2) v Osborne Park 89 (6)
Trevor McGillivray 19 v Mark Pasalich 13
Wayne Coffey 28 v Fernando Di Giuseppe 22
Melville Lemos 18 v George Smith 19
Shane Shaw 16 v Charles (lee) Farrell 35

BREAKING NEWS – Another nosebleed for the Doggies and they bite the dust by 8. This week the Shaw rink got pole driven into the ground by a smart Farrell rink by 19 shots. From all reports the Shaw rink had no answers to the brilliance of the saint rink in the second half of the game. McGillivray rink showing their class with a 6-shot win over Pasalich. Coffey chipping in for his first win over Guiseppe by 6, with Smith getting the extra point for the Saints over Lemos in a tight one. Saints cock their leg and leave a scent at the home of the Doggies.
Osborne Park22005187149125.513
North Beach22004163144113.1912
Geoffrey Hinge20038Warwick
George Smith20018Osborne Park
Trevor McGillivray20017Yokine
Chris McKenna20012Doubleview
Ben Leggett20010Joondalup
Jon Borkowski2008Warwick
Ben Willesee2006Doubleview
Michael Garrett2005Bassendean
Bradley Pearce10120Doubleview
Tony Natalotto1002Swan
Lee Farrell11016Osborne Park
Alan Howe11012North Beach
Gary Nelson11010Doubleview
Paul Kelly1107Swan
Mick Marovic1107Stirling
Mark Pasalich1105Osborne Park
Peter Auguston1105North Beach
Murray Wright1104Bassendean
John Bartorillo1103North Beach
Shane Rixom1101Joondalup
Josip Martinovich1101Stirling
Wayne Coffey1101Yokine
Fred DiGiuseppe110-1Osborne Park
Rodney Revell110-1Swan
Lee Mitten110-1North Beach
Robert Urquhart110-2Morley
Alan Britton110-4Bassendean
Michael Vitale110-8Stirling
Victor Orchard110-9Morley
Shane Shaw110-12Yokine
Michael Radalj110-16Morley
Wayne Neilson011-14Joondalup
Daniel Wood010-10Swan
Keith Nazareth020-7Morley
Michael Golding020-9Warwick
Jimmy Buchanan020-11Joondalup
Robert Maynard020-12Bassendean
Brian Ledingham020-21Warwick
Stuart Lofthouse020-22Stirling
David Park020-23Swan
Mel Lemos020-25Yokine