Round 3 what a bloody amazing round. I am sure it’s happened, but I personally don’t recall a time when I have ever played or seen a round where all 5 away teams win. Even bottom sides touching up top sides. Oh, it is boding to be a special season ahead. There looks to be no easy games and if you’re not playing at your best BYE, BYE points. I think the top Posi’s are going to be well earnt this season. The Beach boys are now the only side that is unbeaten and there are amazingly only 2 skips out of 40 plus rinks with 3 wins. WOW what a hectic start to the season
Doubleview 65 (1) v Morley 90 (7)
Bradley Pearce 22 v Robert Urquhart 16
Ben Willesee 13 v Victor Orchard 27
Gary Nelson 13 v Michael Radalj 23
Christopher McKenna 17 v Robert Urquhart 24

What can I say? There is nothing but superlatives for the Mavericks this week and a 25 shot win over the View. Mavericks take a BOW. (CLAP, CLAP, CLAP). Win of the round, Orchard and Radalj with solid wins over Willesee and Nelson 14 and 10 shots respectively, Urquhart over Mckenna by 7 and Pearce the only resistance by beating Narezeth. (I am assuming, there seems to be a double up on the player list of Urquhart)
I haven’t spoken to my little birdy yet, not sure what happened to the View but Kudos to the Mavericks great team effort which gets them off the bottom and into 8th spot on the ladder.
Warwick 73 (2) v Stirling 79 (6)
Brian Ledingham 24 v Stuart Lofthouse 13
Jon Borkowski 14 v Mane (mick) Marovic 23
Geoffrey Hinge 13 v Josip Martinovich 25
Michael Golding 22 v Michael Vitale 18

Another close game and the unbeaten Magpies get chewed up by the Wolf pack. Hats off to the Adriatic Boys and I’m sure there was a lot of singing as they drove back down Wanneroo rd. In a game of comfortable wins it was the Vitale performance that was pivotal. Ledingham beating Lofthouse by 11 and Marovic beating Borkowski by 9 offsetting each other but it was Martinovich taking care of Business against the game changer in Hinge. Getting the job done by 12 shots and performance rink award goes to the Martinovich Rink, but it was the fighting spirit of the Vitale rink to go against the grain and even though they lost by 4 to the Golding rink. It was the difference in the day, Wolf pack home by 6 shots. As I said earlier in the week if you take care of the game changer then your in with a real shot to beat the Magpies. I think Warwick will Rue the fact they lost this game later in the season and showing their dependence on the Hinge rink for a win but take nothing away from the Wolf pack. They are playing good bowls after putting there round one behind them and kicked a goal today. Stirling now sitting in 5th just behind Warwick
Bassendean 62 (0) v Joondalup 116 (8)
Michael Garrett 18 v Wayne Neilson 21
Murray Wright 12 v Ben Leggett 32
Robert Maynard 7 v Shane Ernest Rixom 33
Alan Britton 25 v Jimmy Buchanan 30

The Dolphins with a comprehensive 8- Zip (0) win and a 54-shot win to boost a percentage for the latter end of the season. Leggett and Rixom putting a bullet hole to the head of the Lions in Wright and May with 20 and 26 shots respectively. There is nothing to say but only the Lions got outclassed from all reports the day was done early for the Lions. Buchanan by 6 over Britton and the Garrett rink the only Lion to shake his Mane a little and give some resistance with a 3 shot lose to Neilson. Dolphins slaughtering the Lions and take the fluffy mane home as a memento and move to second on the ladder. Basso will have to perform much more consistently if they want to stay in one Blue next season
Osborne Park 74 (2) v North Beach 79 (6)
George Smith 18 v John Bartorillo 21
Mark Pasalich 13 v Peter Augustson 25
Fernando Di Giuseppe 23 v Alan Howe 19
Charles (lee) Farrell 20 v Lee Mitten 14

What an exciting game at the home of the Saints. Augustson tightens the Saints Halo around the neck to choke out good away win, with a 12 shot win over Pasalich being the difference on the day. All 3 other games were a close battle all day and from all reports was a great battle at that. Farrell and Guiseppe getting over Mitten and Howe. Bartorillo getting the extra point. The Beach boys get home by 5 and that takes them to the top of the Ladder and 3 wins well done, Lads. They keep turning up and getting the job done so far. Its showing that if you keep those loosing rinks tight you will prevail over the top sides. The Beach Boys now start the season with wins over the Saints and Dolphins and stay unbeaten.
Yokine 70 (0.5) v Swan 82 (7.5)
Trevor McGillivray 17 v Tony Natalotto 20
Wayne Coffey 16 v Paul Kelly 18
Melville Lemos 17 v David Park 24
Shane Shaw 20 v Rodney Revell 20

What can I say, I should have gone with my gut instinct as Swannies take the doggies comfortably and a 7.5 away win. I think this is the Doggies “who do” side and a brilliant team performance by Swan. Park, Kelly, Natalotto up by 7, 2, 3 respectively. Park gets his first win over Lemos and Natalotto 2 from 2 wins and Kelly chipping in again. Revell and Shaw scratch out a draw to give the home side a half point not making it a total whitewash. Swan move up to 7th and Doggies slump to bottom of the ladder, no wins and seem to be struggling. This is not the side of the past couple of seasons and if they don’t start barking before Xmas they will find themselves picking the fleas off in second division.
North Beach33006242218111.0118
Osborne Park32107261228114.4715
Ben Leggett30030Joondalup
Fred DiGiuseppe30010Osborne Park
Bradley Pearce20126Doubleview
Tony Natalotto2005Swan
Shane Rixom21027Joondalup
Geoffrey Hinge21026Warwick
Lee Farrell21022Osborne Park
Peter Auguston21017North Beach
Mick Marovic21016Stirling
Trevor McGillivray21014Yokine
Josip Martinovich21013Stirling
Paul Kelly2109Swan
John Bartorillo2106North Beach
Chris McKenna2105Doubleview
Robert Urquhart2105Morley
Victor Orchard2105Morley
Michael Garrett2102Bassendean
Jon Borkowski210-1Warwick
Michael Radalj210-6Morley
Ben Willesee210-8Doubleview
Rodney Revell111-1Swan
Wayne Neilson111-11Joondalup
Shane Shaw111-12Yokine
Alan Howe1208North Beach
George Smith1208Osborne Park
Gary Nelson1200Doubleview
Wayne Coffey120-1Yokine
Michael Golding120-5Warwick
Jimmy Buchanan120-6Joondalup
Mark Pasalich120-7Osborne Park
Lee Mitten120-7North Beach
Alan Britton120-9Bassendean
Brian Ledingham120-10Warwick
Michael Vitale120-12Stirling
Murray Wright120-16Bassendean
David Park120-16Swan
Daniel Wood010-10Swan
Keith Nazareth030-13Morley
Mel Lemos030-32Yokine
Stuart Lofthouse030-33Stirling
Robert Maynard030-38Bassendean