Round Three is now done and dusted, as I predicted we have only one team that is unbeaten, that team being the South Perth Millers. Quite amazing really, after just three games. At the bottom of the table, we have only Hilton, yet to win a game.
As I thought, in the Game of the Round the Kalamunda Cougars beat the previously unbeaten Manning 🦅.

Fremantle 92 (6.5) v Hollywood Subiaco 71 (1.5)
Peter Wachmer 37 v Glen Morey 10
Dinko Bacich 26 v Daniel Byrne 16
Mark Gill 17 v David Byrne 17
Shaun McCormack 12 v Robert Campbell 28

6.5 points to the Mariners, who saw off the Hollywood visitors by some 21 shots at Freo on Saturday. A mammoth victory to skip Wachmer who would have received plenty of assistance from his lead in Josh Trigwell and his second in the veteran Jim Stewart, with Brian Jeppesen contributing no doubt. Wachmer winning by 27 shots, wow.
Bacich also having a good win over two of the the Byrne boys by 10 shots.
Gill picking up a valuable draw also.
The only win gained by the visitors was the rink skipped by the unbeaten and skilful Robert Campbell.
Hilton Park 71 (1) v Leeming 85 (7)
Travis Simpson 17 v Karl Vandersluys 27
Craig Standley 15 v Gary Ford 21
Tony Maxwell 22 v Phil Dobie 12
Gary Dodd 17 v James Newton 25

The Lions from Leeming winning their first game by 14 shots against the winless Hilton Hawks. Not a very convincing win, but a win nevertheless.
Birrell, Johnson, Boys and the Skip in Karl Vandersluys had a telling victory over Travis Newton by 10 shots.
This win proved to be the match winner for the visiting Lions. Ford and Newton picking up the other two points for the visitors. Tony Maxwell from the Hawks, with considerable assistance from David Newton had a good win over Phil Dobie by 10 shots. The Hawks with some work to do to escape the relegation zone.
Kalamunda 76 (7) v Manning 68 (1)
Arthur Bartlett 19 v Matthew Allen 15
William Brandsma 14 v Michael Carey 25
Dwayne Wooltorton 20 v Murray Piggott 11
Ian Cornthwaite 23 v Graham O'Brien 17

In an absolute thriller up at the den of the Cougars, the home side prevailed by just 8 shots overall. Kalamunda are hard to beat at home and sent the Eagles back down the hill with just one point. The amazing statistic so far for the Cougars, is that Billy Brandsma is still yet to win a game, losing today to Michael Carey’s four by 11 shots. Wooltorton and Bartlett now 3 from 3.
Thomas, Farrant, Hutchinson and Wooltorton having a convincing win over Murray Piggott by an aggregate winning 9 shots. 7 points to the Cougars over the previous ladder leaders in the Eagles was a very good afternoons work for sure.
South Perth 98 (8) v Thornlie 54 (0)
Michael McRae 19 v Mark Separovich 16
Max Petrich 31 v Clive Penaluna 10
Steve Kelly 22 v Paul Pohe 14
John Carter 26 v Jim Stean 14

A whopping 44 shot win to the rampant Millers at their home turf in South Perth, picking up the total 8 points into the bargain. The Millers never looked in doubt and shot out of the blocks to not even give the Ravens a sniff of a tiny morsel. Although the rink skipped by Mark Separovich from Thornlie put up a fair fight, with Vaughan outstanding I believe.
Max Petrich showing that age is no barrier to good bowls with a resounding win over Penaluna. He was well supported by his steady lead in Otto Dawson, Tony Percival and Greg Reagan.
New skip John Carter ex Osborne Park now three from three, as well as Petrich and McCrae.
Kardinya 1 93 (8) v Kardinya 2 73 (0)
John Rochford 25 v Silvio Vassallo 19
Daryl Radford 23 v Robert Hunter 17
Graeme Fewings 27 v Dwain Regan 21
Ian Barrie 18 v Norm Ball 16

Down at the Kattery, the local derby was played out in a very competitive fashion with all games being very close all day, I have been advised. Rochford beat the cagey Vassallo by 6 shots, Radford beat Robbie Hunter by the same margin. The battle of the ex Melville players was won by Kat Fewings who also beat Dwain Regan by 6 shots. Ian Barrie just pipping Norm Ball by 2 in a real cliffhanger. Apparently the second side took it right up to the big boys and fought hard all day to prove the selectors wrong. 8 points to 0 though at the end.
South Perth33009274201136.3221
Kardinya 132108258228113.1616
Hollywood Subiaco31206.522123195.6710.5
Kardinya 23120220225479.536
Hilton Park30303.522626884.333.5
Dwayne Wooltorton30032Kalamunda
Robert Campbell30031Hollywood Subiaco
Max Petrich30030South Perth
Arthur Bartlett30026Kalamunda
Daryl Radford30023Kardinya 1
Michael McRae30019South Perth
Gary Ford30019Leeming
Peter Wachmer20131Fremantle
John Carter21032South Perth
Ian Barrie21022Kardinya 1
Graham O'Brien21018Manning
Michael Carey21011Manning
Craig Standley2106Hilton Park
Karl Vandersluys2102Leeming
Graeme Fewings210-4Kardinya 1
Mark Gill1014Fremantle
Paul Clausen1006Fremantle
Mark Separovich11119Thornlie
David Byrne1115Hollywood Subiaco
Ian Cornthwaite1113Kalamunda
Tony Maxwell1104Hilton Park
Paul Pohe1101Thornlie
Clive Penaluna110-16Thornlie
Murray Piggott1208Manning
Matthew Allen1201Manning
Silvio Vassallo120-5Kardinya 2
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
Steve Kelly120-8South Perth
John Rochford120-11Kardinya 1
Shaun McCormack120-12Fremantle
James Newton120-12Leeming
Daniel Byrne120-16Hollywood Subiaco
Dinko Bacich120-18Fremantle
Phil Dobie120-19Leeming
Glen Morey120-30Hollywood Subiaco
David Newton010-1Hilton Park
Doddy Innes010-6Thornlie
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Travis Simpson021-32Hilton Park
Robert Hunter030-16Kardinya 2
Gary Dodd030-19Hilton Park
Dwain Reagan030-26Kardinya 2
Bill Brandsma030-34Kalamunda
Jim Stean030-42Thornlie