As usual there were the usual upsets from Round four played last Saturday on a lovely fine day.
Unfortunately the struggling Hawks were not able to join the party of winners and were once again soundly beaten, this time by the Ravens.
The Kats second side nearly put a cat amongst the pigeons by just failing to beat the visiting Millers, a drawn result at the finish.

Fremantle 78 (2) v Leeming 80 (6)
Peter Wachmer 15 v James Newton 22
Dinko Bacich 11 v Karl Vandersluys 27
Mark Gill 28 v Phil Dobie 8
Shaun McCormack 24 v Gary Ford 23

I have a pretty detailed report on this thriller from the home of the Mariners. My mate from Leeming tells me that the game was played on a fast grass surface and was an absolute thriller, only won by the visitors with the very last bowl of the day.
The hero for the Lions was Phil Dobie won was five shots down on his rink and with his very last bowl, he drew a pearler to grab second shot and the aggregate.
Their was a huge crowd of Freo players from other divisions watching, but they were left disappointed ☹️ at the end of eight four pulsating ends.
Mark Gill, Mark Lindsay, Mathew Ngui and young Daniel Piromalli outgunned the Dobie rink though to win by the impressive margin of twenty shots.
But it was the brilliance of Karl Vandersluys who put Dinko Bacich to the sword, to carry the aggregate for the visitors, who went home with a valuable six points.
Jimmy Newton and his team were too good for the Wachmer rink, to beat them by seven shots, a solid win.
Hollywood Subiaco 52 (0) v Kalamunda 96 (8)
Glen Morey 15 v William Brandsma 18
Daniel Byrne 7 v Dwayne Wooltorton 25
David Byrne 20 v Ian Cornthwaite 21
Robert Campbell 10 v Arthur Bartlett 32

Not so much the win by the visitors, but the size of the win pm away from home.
Eight points and a forty plus margin, a great afternoons work for the prowling Cougars from the hills. Arthur Bartlett, the talented Greg Trevaskis, Ian Quayle and Vince Hughes were a massive twenty shot winners over the previously unbeaten Campbell rink.
This Cougars rink now four from four, with a plus forty eight shot margin, great stuff.
The Cougars showing that they could be serious flag contenders, now sitting second on the ladder.
Thornlie 91 (7) v Hilton Park 67 (1)
Mark Separovich 23 v Peter Stone 17
Clive Penaluna 16 v Gary Dodd 27
Paul Pohe 23 v Craig Standley 10
Jim Stean 29 v Tony Maxwell 13

The Hawks once again being beaten soundly, this time by twenty four shots.
Seven points a good afternoons work for the Ravens, now sitting with two wins out of four so far.
Jim Stean, backed up by Carruthers, Walker and Mitchell were big winners by sixteen shots over Tony Maxwell and team. The other winners for the home side were Pohe and Separovich. Gary Dodd, as he often does, taking home one point for the Hawks, still winless.
Manning 105 (7) v Kardinya 1 60 (1)
Matthew Allen 32 v Ian Barrie 16
Michael Carey 17 v Daryl Radford 19
Murray Piggott 30 v Graeme Fewings 8
Graham O'Brien 26 v Geoffrey White 17


The Eagles really didn’t give the visiting Kats a sniff, in a game played at Manning on a sluggish green.
They won by a whopping forty five shots picking up seven points along the way. The big winner for the Eagles was the rink skipped by Murray Piggott, third in Alan Pryce, Phil Herbert and the solid lead in Andy Lill. They thrashed the Fewings rink by twenty two shots. Matty Allen and Graham O’Brien picking up the other wins for the high flying Eagles. Darryl Radford was the sole winner for the visitors, when his rink pipped Carey by just two shots.The Eagles now with three wins and sitting third on the ladder. I thought the Kats might put up a bigger fight than that, but alas, it was not to be.
Kardinya 2 73 (4) v South Perth 73 (4)
Silvio Vassallo 11 v Scott Walker 26
Robert Hunter 20 v John Wardrop 14
Dwain Regan 25 v Max Petrich 13
Darryl Flintoff 17 v Steve Kelly 20

If we thought that the Manning game was a thriller, then apparently this clash topped it.
I guess when you have Scott Walker skipping a rink and winning by fifteen shots you could be expected to win, but that was not to be.
The other three rinks were all topsy turvy affairs, which resulted in the game being a draw in an entertaining, sometimes noisy clash.
Hunter and Regan winning for the Kats, while the reliable Kelly won for the Kats.
South Perth430111347274126.6425
Kardinya 14220931833395.517
Hollywood Subiaco41306.527332783.4910.5
Kardinya 24121427532784.110
Hilton Park40404.529335981.624.5
Dwayne Wooltorton40050Kalamunda
Arthur Bartlett40048Kalamunda
Daryl Radford40025Kardinya 1
Michael McRae30019South Perth
Graham O'Brien31027Manning
Max Petrich31018South Perth
Gary Ford31018Leeming
Karl Vandersluys31018Leeming
Robert Campbell3109Hollywood Subiaco
Mark Gill20124Fremantle
Mark Separovich21125Thornlie
Peter Wachmer21124Fremantle
Ian Cornthwaite2114Kalamunda
John Carter21032South Perth
Paul Pohe21014Thornlie
Murray Piggott22030Manning
Matthew Allen22017Manning
Michael Carey2209Manning
Ian Barrie2206Kardinya 1
Steve Kelly220-5South Perth
James Newton220-5Leeming
Craig Standley220-7Hilton Park
Shaun McCormack220-11Fremantle
Graeme Fewings220-26Kardinya 1
Scott Walker10015South Perth
Paul Clausen1006Fremantle
David Byrne1214Hollywood Subiaco
Norm Ball120-5Kardinya 2
John Rochford120-11Kardinya 1
Tony Maxwell120-12Hilton Park
Clive Penaluna120-27Thornlie
Gary Dodd130-8Hilton Park
Robert Hunter130-10Kardinya 2
Dwain Reagan130-14Kardinya 2
Silvio Vassallo130-20Kardinya 2
Jim Stean130-26Thornlie
Bill Brandsma130-31Kalamunda
Glen Morey130-33Hollywood Subiaco
Daniel Byrne130-34Hollywood Subiaco
Dinko Bacich130-34Fremantle
Phil Dobie130-39Leeming
David Newton010-1Hilton Park
Darryll Flintoff010-3Kardinya 2
Doddy Innes010-6Thornlie
John Wardrop010-6South Perth
Peter Stone010-6Hilton Park
Geoff White010-9Kardinya 1
Norman Holden010-21Thornlie
Travis Simpson021-32Hilton Park