State Fours 2019/20
13th October - Full results of the tipping are shown below.

16 - max carmichael, neil minchin
15 - Sally Wilke, Saffronne Alden, Louis Bigtoes, Murray Hulbert, Ron Monger, unknown , Pat Daley
14 - Denis Mullenger, aaron smith, Kellie Nairn, Jim Stewart, Drew Daley, Shane Smith, Peter Budd, rob watterson
13 - Ray Povey, Blake NAIRN, Brad Gillingham, Stewart Kerr, Phil Hutchinson, John Carter, COLIN JOHNSON, Santa Claus, Brett Tie, Anthony Einfeld, PAUL GERDTZ, Marty Atkins, Stewart Gosstray, Dave Florance, Rob Gray
12 - Graeme Alp, Paul Walker, Barry Crawford, Shane loftus, Norm Fathers, Ashley Sharp, Steve Novak, Shane Anning, Mark Masel, Jeremy Thomas, Eddy Hammond, Ted Alden, Glenn Pauling, Debbie Saunders, david stanik, Simon Alden, Cody Packer, Nigel Minchin, Dale MARSLAND, Nev Stevens, Kevin Kealy, Paul Hunter, Leigh Salter, Stephen West, Lloyd McKay
11 - les Onley, Wayne Rayner, Jamie Coghlan, Cam Harris, Paul Brotherston, David Malkin, Luke Bolton, Warwick Neville, Marc Abonnel, Wally Harvey, Andrew Foster, Grant Nicol, scott edmonds, Dean Calvo, Gary Ashworth, Corey Bessant, Debby Watson, Aaron Goulden, Scott Walker, Bruce Fullagar, Brad Ball, Sean C, Linton Pike, Laurie Kelly, Terry Cranswick, david Killisch von Horn
10 - Beau Manton, Greg Reagan, Brett Baker, Ryan Moyle, Mark Wunnenberg, Kris Birch, Michael Rickard, john Slavich, Stephen Patterson
9 - Ross Bresland, Stein Davies, Peter Flack, Nick Reagan, Jubba , Wayne neilson
8 - David Snelgar, Robert Lawrence
7 - Gavin Faulkner, Mark Douthie
6 - kyle mcilroy
4 - unknown , Geoff Graham

Based on the tips to date, the odds for the State Fours can be represented as follows -

Name8th Oct 9th Oct 10th Oct 11th Oct
Von Horn100/1125/1125/1100/1

Name8th Oct 9th Oct 10th Oct 11th Oct

11th October - Tipping has closed, with 105 tipsters having a crack at winning the $50 voucher to the Cork and Bottle, very kindly donated by Mike Bessant. Scott Walker will be our mens favourite despite a late charge by Daniel Trewhella to start 2nd favourites and there has been some specking at odds for Lance Strahan who has moved from 25/1 earlier in the week to start at 15/1. In the Ladies, Kristina Krstic is the overwhelming favourite from Helen Morss, but late tips have seen Lisa Featherby and Pam Chalmers has seen their odds tighten, Featherby coming from 20/1 into 10/1. Overnight rain will see a damp track, likely a heavy 8 at some venues, but it promises to be a fine and sunny day. Good luck to all tipsters and bowlers today.
10th October - 6 more tips and a little movement, Kristina Krstic most of those tips so she continues to shorten. she has got a great side and a deserved favourite, but will the side deliver? The men continues to be wide open, the big mover was Lance Strahan in from 20/1 to 16/1, but the favourite got some more votes overnight and Scott Walker will likely start the State Fours as favourite. He has a team of young guns in Patrick Quinlan and Jack East, and coupled with good buddy Glenn Pauling, it is a good side.
9th October - The weight of tips for Krstic has seen her firm even more, into 4/5 on, which also means others have drifted, Morss now out to 6/1, Poletti to 30/1 but interestingly Featherby getting a tip which sees her shorten to 16/1. In the Mens it remains wide open, Walker holding firm at 6/1 favourite from Trewhella into 7/1. Packer the drifter out to 9/1 from 15/2, Adams in to 17/1 and joins teammate Strahan at that rate. There has been some movement for Warren Holt into 20/1 and the market remains cold on Daniel Brown at 40/1 despite an alleged $100 bet overnight. And no I am not taking money, this is a figurative amount.
It is not too late to change your tips, even if you only want to change your winner, please ensure you leave your name though so I know who to change it for!
8th October - 13 more tips, and Kristina Krstic remains the raging favourite for the women now into odds on and a little nibble at Lisa Featherby sees her come in to 16/1. John Slavich is tightening in from 12 to 9/1, favourite remains at Scott Walker who is drifting slightly to 6/1

Total Tipsters - 98

Section 1

Jim Bowden Alan Andersson Greg Freeman Paul Hickey
James Buchanan Martin Cheeseman Mark Ryan Stuart Binnie
Steve Novak Marc Abonnel Daryl Radford John Tyrrell
David Von Horn Wayne Neilson TBA TBA
Here we go, our first big state event of the year, the weather looking a bit grim at this stage, cold and 18 degrees, hopefully that cold weather passes and we can enjoy some good heat. Ok, section 1, unsure who David von Horn will be bringing with him but Steve Novaks team does look quite solid and they will be hard to toss.
My Selection - Steve Novak
JiBowden 0%, JaBuchanan 7.14%, StNovak 83.67%, DaVonHorn 9.18%

Section 2

Brett Rickwood Les Onley Jnr Daniel Slade Peter Mundy
Anthony Einfeld Mark Masel Laurie Kelly Paul Sinden
Robert Tiller Martin Biggs Bob Tiller Alan Cowie
Craig Edson Mark Barrett TBA TBA
The 4 Mt Lawley boys are a solid combination and form a good mix, Rob Tiller does have that bit of class though, Rob and bob winners of the countryweek fours so they are the ones to beat
My Selection - Rob Tiller
BrRickwood 1.02%, AnEinfeld 24.49%, RoTiller 72.45%, CrEdson 2.04%

Section 3

Geoff White Willie Tan Matthew Ngui Michael Ong
Brad Ball Chris Lander Ben Garrett Russell Bates
Cameron Hoffman Terry Cranswick Steve Swanson Graeme Davies
Joe Krstic Peter Madigan Grant Stokes John Morss
Brad Ball has a great team and deserved favourites for the section but gee it is a tough one. Geoff White and the Singapore crew from Fremantle will go ok, Cam Hoffman seems to be the sole PL skipper left at Mosman Park from last year with newley married Terry Cranswick and Joe Krstic I have seen first hand in some good form with the guys from Bassendean. I'll go Brad Ball, but any of the 4 can win this section
My Selection - Brad Ball
GeWhite 5.1%, BrBall 85.71%, CaHoffman 3.06%, JoKrstic 5.1%

Section 4

Mike Simms Robert Johnson John Jermalinski Noel Staude
Barry Kalinowski Connor Biddle Ted Lutey Wayne Langborne
Ben Leggett Wes Neilson Chris Leggett Trevor Vellios
Ross Warburton Darren Wilkinson Ross Princi Gary Gibblett
Another difficult section because they all seem so even, Ben Leggett a real up and comer and I'd like to see some runs on the board from him to solidify that status, but I am going an upset of sorts and plonking for Barry Kalinowksy and his team from Warnbro. Kalinowsky can be a bit random at times but equally effective and just have a feeling he may get up here
My Selection - Barry Kalinowsky
MiSimms 11.22%, BaKalinowski 19.39%, BeLeggett 40.82%, RoWarburton 27.55%

Section 5

Paul Walker Gavin Crosthwaite Jerome Clayton Leo Mola
Mark Douthie Geoff Watson Ed Retallack Rick Hutchinson
Scott Walker Glenn Pauling Patrick Quinlan Jack East
Chris Parr Barry Crawford Marty Hinchcliffe Steve Newbey
Tournament favourite according to our tipsters and I will be picking the rink of Scott Walker as well, but again it’s not easy. Paul Walker and Mark Douthie the North Beach teams will be trying their hardest to knock off the South Perth team. Chris Parr shows yup in Singles events, be interesting how he goes here skippering
My Selection - Scott Walker
PaWalker 11.22%, MaDouthie 2.04%, ScWalker 83.67%, ChParr 2.04%

Section 6

Eddie Gollan Duncan Price Allan Herbert Peter Fesczak
Peter Augustson Richard Hunter Michael McConnell Matthew Buttel
Daniel Brown Rob Foy Kevin McKay Shane Loftus
Gary Ashworth Doug Kelly Eric Pennington Chris Archer
The former winner in Daniel Brown look to have the team to go very deep in the tournament, interesting the partnership with Trewhella has split for this year
My Selection - Daniel Brown
EdGollan 1.02%, PeAugustson 0%, DaBrown 95.92%, GaAshworth 2.04%

Section 7

Dave Rankin Bill Brandsma Nick Reagan Ross Dempsey
Denis Bandy Steve Kelly Richard Negus David Hagen
Colin Jasper John Goddard Alan Walton Bernie McNamara
Craig Stokes Ian Barrie Chris Booth Mike Monterio
Another quality foursome here led by Dave Rankin and I think will these 3 games by double figures margins. It gets tough for them after the sectional play, but let's focus on the section here
My Selection - Dave Rankin
DaRankin 98.98%, DeBandy 0%, CoJasper 1.02%, CrStokes 0%

Section 8

Ross Cunningham Alan Anderson Brian Lucas Jim Welsh
Chris Schell Darrel Hudson Brett Jones Kristian Carr
Stein Davies Linton Pike Mick Erceg Phil Hutchinson
Aj Heal Lewis Grigg Nathan Jones Matt Allen
I'm going to lean to my Bassendean roots here and choose the rink of Stein Davies, but only just over AJ Heal. They play each other first game and the winner will win the section, to me it looks like the experience of Basso versus the youngus of Manning.
My Selection - Stein Davies
RoCunningham 0%, ChSchell 1.02%, StDavies 44.9%, AjHeal 53.06%

Section 9

John Slavich Kyle Mcilroy Stewart Gosstray Erik Galipeau
Arthur Bartlett Dwayne Wooltorton Bob Farrant Terry Mountford
Alan Pryce Mark Ellis Nigel Rees Andy Lill
Daniel Trewhella Thomas Mitchell Steve Withers Mark Simpson
A ripping section here, Slavich and Trewhella will play each other last game and I think the winner of that game may win the section. Trewhella of course part of the team that won in 2017 and he has team with Tom Mitchell and Mark Simpson, also dual winners of this event. throw in Steve withers, that is a championship winning combination. Their hardest game may well be in this section, be interesting to see how the Canadian recruit Eric Galipeau goes.
My Selection - Daniel Trewhella
JoSlavich 30.61%, ArBartlett 0%, AlPryce 0%, DaTrewhella 69.39%

Section 10

Brad Gillingham Marcus Sear Peter Retallack Geoff Devanish
Tod Weir John Carter Colin Fleay Bruce Weir
Paul Davies Danny Comrie Joe Galipo Steve West
Simon Alden Chris Margin Stephen Fewster Drew Daley
I have a tough section here, very equal and any of the fours teams can win. I won’t be surprised if 2 wins and shots will get your through here.
My Selection - Simon Alden
BrGillingham 27.55%, ToWeir 1.02%, PaDavies 10.2%, SiAlden 61.22%

Section 11

Steve O'Neill Kevin Pickering Steve Cerff Ian Lilburn
Peter Flack Murray Hulbert TBA Peter Morgan
Daniel Green Lee Jervis Reza Vind Patrick McSherry
John Carlsen Andrew Jones Bill Richardson Matt Dragicevich
Last years runners up Steve O'Neill will be wanting to go one better this year, but I will be going for the Sorrento team skippered by Peter Flack.
My Selection - Peter Flack
StO'Neill 78.57%, PeFlack 15.31%, DaGreen 0%, JoCarlsen 6.12%

Section 12

Lance Strahan Blake Nairn Paul Brotherson Phil Potts
Glen Martin Mark Rollings Max Carmichel Ian Bryden
Maurice Cabb Glenn Lynch Philip Deas Nigel Tulett
Peter Cole TBA Greg Crisp Bernie Hett
Lance Strahan looks to have a team here to win this section and go a few more games in, Glen Martin is a good player and if he gets his rhythm going won't be a pushover, but Strahan now with 12 months under his belt and loving bowls should be too good
My Selection - Lance Strahan
LaStrahan 89.8%, GlMartin 7.14%, MaCabb 1.02%, PeCole 1.02%

Section 13

Mike Dewson Jason Thorn TBA Robbie Clark
Tony Regan Grahame Maesepp David Adams Jack Edgar
David Mortley Mick McRae Dean Calvo Derek Angell
Karl Vandersluys Peter Boys Phil Dobie Wayne Birrell
I'm going to go for my old teammate in Karl Vandersluys here, his skippering record over the years has been pretty solid and this looks a section again that is fairly equal in ability and all 4 teams have a chance to win. South Perth are on a roll with 3 BPL Cup qualifying teams including some in this side, so they are riding high on the crest of a wave
My Selection - Karl Vandersluys
MiDewson 11.22%, ToRegan 4.08%, DaMortley 47.96%, KaVandersluys 35.71%

Section 14

Ron Rogers Warren Elliott Brian Kiely Frank Tyson
Peter Haley David Bradbury David Gartrell John Hoskin
William TePania David Ravlich Graeme Eade Ron Wilson
Clive Adams Cameron Harris Neil Bolton Luke Bolton
Our only 100% team is last years winning team led by Clive Adams and they do look the goods to take this section, but ca they go back to back? Time will tell
My Selection - Clive Adams
RoRogers 0%, PeHaley 0%, WiTePania 1.02%, ClAdams 98.98%

Section 15

Neale Griffin Ross Bresland Mitch Biglin Farley Anderson
Rawley Lang Don Haddow Wally Harvey Brian Cranswick
David Stanik Lance Farrows Noah Groves Andrew Groves
Haydn Smith Phil Jones Nathan Smith TBA
Another tight section between 2 teams, final game of the day could be a ripper, the Smiths have been winning everything lately, can they add the State Fours to their belt? It's tight but I will go for the South Perth team. Just
My Selection - Neale Griffin
NeGriffin 56.12%, RaLang 2.04%, DaStanik 1.02%, HaSmith 40.82%

Section 16

Ryan Moyle Brad White Gavin Faulkner Tom Whitfield
Charlie Slavich Corey Bessant Dale Marsland Alek Gryta
Shane Knott Anthony Williams Lee Such Scott O'Brien
David Cliff Barry Coote Wayne Rayner John Bowring
There is always a section of death and this looks to be one this year. What a section! Firstly Ryan Moyle who has had such a good record skippeing in the Premier League in recent years, teammate Charlie Slavich who's random style of play is suitable for state events and quite capable of winning the whole thing, and Shane Knott and his Manning team just loaded with class and that winning feeling. It's a toss of the coin, but I will go for Charlie Slavioch, it looks a well balanced team and with Charlies aggressive style of play i think will suit the state fours
My Selection - Charlie Slavich
RyMoyle 5.1%, ChSlavich 19.39%, ShKnott 74.49%, DaCliff 1.02%

Section 17

Rod Revell Eugene Sullivan Travis Lynch John Holman
Warren Holt Matthew Ayres Matthew Mitchell Miles Kemp
Louie Beurteaux Patrick Daley Keith Manton Mark Robartson
Bruce Edwards Pietro Villa Lindsay Atkins Phil Oldacres
as we wind down now, we finish with 3 sections that look to be quite pickable. This one has a good Bassendean team capable of the upset but it's hard to go past Warren Holts team, including newly married Matt Mitchell.
My Selection - Warren Holt
RoRevell 1.02%, WaHolt 96.94%, LoBeurteaux 2.04%, BrEdwards 0%

Section 18

Tyrone Alberti Greg Reagan Tom Reid Ken Pride
Barry Bettens George Rayner George Peddey Beau Bettens
Cody Packer Bruce Eagles Gary Caffell Grant Nicol

Our bye sections, Cody Packer is probably our most in form bowler at the moment and he would love to win this leading up to the BPL. He has a strong side and is likely to win a few more games after the section
My Selection - Cody Packer
TyAlberti 11.22%, BaBettens 0%, CoPacker 88.78%, %

Section 19

Ray Halse Allan Petchell Mac Hughes Bernard O'Brien
Justin Opie Beau Manton Stephen Patterson Lloyd McKay
Sam Perica Cliff Wooldridge Andrew Foster Harold Christensen

Our final mens section and I will go for the "Bassendean" team here, all good mates and will have an enjoyable day together win or lose, but I think they will win and set up a cracking knockout game against Cody Packer the next day
My Selection - Justin Opie
RaHalse 0%, JuOpie 88.78%, SaPerica 11.22%, 0%

Section 1

Elizabeth Brooke Annette Campbell June Barr Jenny Alexander
Helen Morss Therese Hastings Laura Merz Emma Smith
Jan Mills Klaire Hughes Sandra Hemphill Kerry Reagan
Chris Ace-Watson Irene Arndt Jill Adams Pauline Bourne
Wow. 8 sections. Is it just me or are we getting less and less entries in our events. Nonetheless, comments will be made. Section Number One and here we have last years winners. Well, three of last years winners anyway. Subbing out Lisa Smith for Emma Smith, there is some sort of synergy there. They will be looking for a threepeat but they do have some stiff competition. The Chris Ace-Watson led team will give them a real run for their money, look for a potential upset there. In saying that, I'll still have to back Helen on this one.
Hatties Selection - Helen Morss
ElBrooke 0%, HeMorss 96.94%, JaMills 0%, ChAce-Watson 0%

Section 2

Irene Grout Jenni Rogalski Judy Suba Roma Dunn
Maureen Cooney Cora Thorn Ronda Creyk Renate Coote
Kristina Krstic Hayley Packer Robyn O'Brien Helen Heal
Barabara Lorencs Robyn Van Mosseveld Wendy Saul Coral Smith
The thing with only having 8 sections, you know there is going to be strong sections throughout and not a lot of wriggle room for anybody. There is an obvious super strong team here and I think I would be a little silly to go for anyone else. According to the tipping stats that are coming through anyway.
Hatties Selection - Kristina Krstic
IrGrout 1.02%, MaCooney 0%, KrKrstic 95.92%, BaLorencs 0%

Section 3

Noelene Abe Shelley Radcliffe Elaine Mc Donald Irene Leahy
Karina Gale Liz Matthews Bev Davidson Deb Smith
Karen Miller TBA Beryl Cooper Karen Dye
Lee Poletti Kerry Andersen Vicki Spragg Bev Scott
Noelene is very busy this week, playing Champion of Champion games at Sth Perth, leading up to State Fours on Saturday. It could be a punishing week for her but she has the experience not to let that affect her. However, I think the Lee Poletti led team are the ones to keep an eye on and I reckon they will come up and get through this section.
Hatties Selection - Lee Poletti
NoAbe 31.63%, KaGale 1.02%, KaMiller 0%, LePoletti 64.29%

Section 4

Janet Cocks Rhonda Prosser Cheryl Thompson Deb Rhine
Sally Wilke Isobel Davies Di Hudson Saffronne Alden
Pauline Marsden Jan Paniperis Charmain Harris Jan Siney
Anne Crabb A Sharp J Archibald S Lyster
This section is almost the only one that is fairly even. Some great names here and all teams are very very capable of making it hard for each other. I reckon this section will come down to shots, no clear winner to my eye. Ugh, this really is tough, I can see value in each team. Ok, make a decision, I'm going to go with State Squad member Sally Wilke and her team. She did exceptionally well at Mt Lawley this year, Izzy made the quarter finals in State Singles two years ago, let's see what they can team up to do.
Hatties Selection - Sally Wilke
JaCocks 20.41%, SaWilke 66.33%, PaMarsden 2.04%, AnCrabb 8.16%

Section 5

Pat Boardman Liz Ritchie Karen Weir Diana O’Mara
Jeanette Hislop Kerry West Larraine Heckingbottom Elaine Meehan
Margaret Johnson Shirley Pascoe Robin Higgins Joan Falconer
Leah Mias Jennie Bruce Joanne Lancaster Alexandra Harris
The tipping on here tells me that tipsters are behind Margaret Johnson and her team to take this one. I can see why, but I am going to go against the tide and pick Leah Mias and team. I think they will gel together and make it through to the next round.
Hatties Selection - Leah Mias
PaBoardman 6.12%, JeHislop 12.24%, MaJohnson 59.18%, LeMias 18.37%

Section 6

Lisa Featherby Linda Warburton Denise Kelly Trish Cunningham
Charmiane Tonkovich Joanne Rayner Julieanne Rodger Tracey Newman
Lee-anne Green Sandy Everest TBA Janet Millar

Here we go, the BYE rounds. I am always loath to choose any team that has a TBA in their line up, who can tell who is going to be in there! It doesn't really matter anyway, I would always be going for any team led by Lisa Featherby, who wouldn't.
Hatties Selection - Lisa Featherby
LiFeatherby 95.92%, ChTonkovich 0%, LeGreen 1.02%, %

Section 7

Noelene Keeffe Julieanne Summers Donita Davids Robyn Cooper
Sian Smith Toni Madigan Jenny Parker Kaitlin Tyrell
Deborah Watson Caroline Soro Casey Gilchrist Jeanne Gullotti

Hmm, not a bad little match up here. I think the game of this section will be first up between Noeleen and Sian and whoever wins it will win the section. I think the talent in Sians team will be too much to beat this time.
Hatties Selection - Sian Smith
NoKeeffe 21.43%, SiSmith 70.41%, DeWatson 3.06%, %

Section 8

Christine Johnston Janet Bryden Linda Sloper Lorraine Mattice
Pam Chalmers Helen Stevens Shaan Saunders Amanda Masters
Shari Solly Robyn Jolly TBA Lisa Brannan

Well, what did I just say about teams with TBA in them? Even though the rest of Sharis team is quality, I am still reluctant to proclaim them going through without knowing who is taking that 2nds spot. Pam Chalmers is having a very good run at the moment, as is Shaan. I can't really go past them to get through.
Hatties Selection - Pam Chalmers
ChJohnston 1.02%, PaChalmers 78.57%, ShSolly 17.35%, %