20 Daniel Newton, Ken Monkhouse, Steve Novak, Stein Davies

19 keith hough, John Goddard

18 Tarquin McElvenny, David Malkin, Corey Bessant, Ross Bresland, Steve Kelly, Elliott Brannen, Shane Smith, Santa Claus, Helen Morss, Justin Opie, Mr x , Scott Walker, Murray Hulbert, Scott Aungier

17 Sally Wilke, Dale Marsland, Cody Packer, Geoff Graham, Matt Mitchell, Jovan Krstic, Marc Abonnel, Nev Stevens

16 Sean C, Rob Lawrence, Peter Flack, Louis Bigtoes, Andrew Foster, Alan Britton, Peter Budd, Glenn Pauling, Luke Bolton, Graeme Alp, Brian Barnfield, Brad Gillingham, Scott Palmer, keith strahan, BRETT TIE, Warwick Neville, Eddy Hammond, Peter Roberts

15 Brett Baker, Grant Nicol, Greg Reagan, Patrick Murray, david stanik, Btad Ball, Gavin Faulkner, Stewart Kerr, Nick Reagan, dave snelgar, Bruce Fullagar, Ryan Moyle, Drew Daley, Peter Wachmer, Stewart Gosstray, Stephen West, Phil Hutchinson, Simon Alden, segan pasalich, Ray Povey, Ronald Ross, Wayne Rayner, Ashley Sharp, Anthony Einfeld, Arthur Bartlett, Paul Walker

14 Paul Brotherston, Bill Fraser, Saffronne Alden, Terry Cranswick, neil minchin, Mark Wunnenberg, Kevin Kealy, Andrew Pasalich, Mervyn Grigsby, kyle mcilroy, Miles Kemp, Lance Strahan, Ken Nadilo, paul gerdtz, Colin Hayes, Michael Dewson, david killisch, Barry Crawford

13 Barry Crawford, Max Carmichael, mick erceg, Cam Harris, malcolm burton, Wayne Neilson, Travis Leahy, Gary Ashworth, shane loftus, Gary Ogg, Lloyd McKay, Greg Taylor, Wayne OLIVE, Marty Atkins, John Terrell, Joe McGinlay, Leigh Salter, Steve Diable, Ron , Tony Kay

12 Shane Anning, Beau Manton, Blake Nairn, les Onley, Shane Dixon, Rob Gray, deb saunders, Michael Cooper, blank, Deb Watson, Linton PIKE, Mark Masel

11 Mark Masel, Norm Fathers, Trevor Southern, Hutch , SHANE SHAW, PAUL GERDTZ, Garry Knight, Ted Alden, rob watterson, Paul Hunter, Jimmy Buchanan, Joe Galipo, AARON GOULDEN

Based on the tips to date, the odds for the State Pairs can be represented as follows -

Name20th Dec21st Dec26th DecFinal
State Pairs Men 2019

Total Tipsters - 136

Section 1

Neale Griffin Mitchell Biglin South Perth
Erron Martin Richard D'SouzaComposite
Stephen Buckley Cliff Wooldridge Cambridge
Barry Bettens Carel De Jager Bullsbrook
The South Perth teammates look to have this section secured
My Selection - Griffin/Biglin
Griffin/Biglin 87.5%, Martin/D'Souza 11.03%, Buckley/Wooldridge 2.21%, Bettens/DeJager 0%

Section 2

Doddy Innes Harley Goddard Gosnells
Daniel Newton David NewtonHilton Park
Neil Bolton Luke Bolton Cambridge
Rick Buckle Daniel Rayner Composite
The tipsters are going for the father/son combination, but I'm hearing some good things about Daniel Newton being PL level, so I might go for them on spec
My Selection - Newton/Newton
Innes/Goddard 1.47%, Newton/Newton 13.24%, Bolton/Bolton 85.29%, Buckle/Rayner 0%

Section 3

Tom Antonio Troy Kinnane South Perth
Scott Palmer TBA TBANorth Beach
Michael Vitale TBA TBA Composite
Brad Ball Russell Bates Dudley Park
Ball and Bates are quality players and this is a really good matching, quality skipper with a quality lead. Will go deep in the tournament
My Selection - Ball/Bates
Antonio/Kinnane 7.35%, Palmer/TBA 0.74%, Vitale/TBA 0%, Ball/Bates 92.65%

Section 4

Shane Anning Peter Hilsz Composite
Peter Wachmer Mike GittensFremantle
Slavko Perica Bernie McNamara Composite
Jim Bowden Norm Shannon Leeming
This isn't an easy section. Perica skippering well in the PL with a good lead in McNamara should be too good but I wouldn't be surprised to see Wachmer or even the Swan team getting up here
My Selection - Perica/McNamara
Anning/Hilsz 6.62%, Wachmer/Gittens 17.65%, Perica/McNamara 75%, Bowden/Shannon 1.47%

Section 5

Jovan Krstic John Morss Bassendean
Cameron Hoffman Terry CranswickMosman Park
Gavin Ekholm Leo Fasolo Composite
Scott Walker Glenn Pauling South Perth
3 of my Bassendean teammates in this section but I will be going for the pair from South Perth, they look good, have a great record in Pairs and they are my smoky to win the whole thing, so they need to win this section first!
My Selection - Walker/Pauling
Krstic/Morss 1.47%, Hoffman/Cranswick 2.94%, Ekholm/Fasolo 0%, Walker/Pauling 96.32%

Section 6

David Stanik Mike Wyndham Joondalup
Peter Walker Timothy AdamsComposite
Blake Smith Paul Smith Mukinbudin
Steven Bartlett Colin Hayes Quairading
Hmmm, don't know too many of these combinations, I do know Colin Hayes and saw him playing very well at the recent Masters Singles so will choose him based on that
My Selection - Bartlett/Hayes
Stanik/Wyndham 4.41%, Walker/Adams 5.15%, Smith/Smith 30.15%, Bartlett/Hayes 61.03%

Section 7

Shane Shaw Phillip McGuiness Yokine
Alan Barker Lawrence JohnsonQuinns Rocks
Darren Wilkinson Graham Evans Composite
John Slavich Kyle Mcilroy Doubleview
The standout selection here is Slavich and McIlroy, they don't have an awfully good record in the Pairs, perhas this is their year? Both are playing in high form skippering in the PL
My Selection - JSlavich/McIlroy
Shaw/McGuiness 1.47%, Barker/Johnson 0%, Wilkinson/Evans 2.94%, Slavich/Mcilroy 94.85%

Section 8

Steve O'Neill Kevin Pickering Osborne Park
Rhys Tillemans Jarad WeppnerForrestfield
Brett Tie David Snelgar Bassendean
Michael McRae Farley Anderson South Perth
Another tough section, but you'd have to go for the Osborne Park team
My Selection - O'Neill/Pickering
O'Neill/Pickering 84.56%, Tillemans/Weppner 1.47%, Tie/Snelgar 3.68%, McRae/Anderson 11.03%

Section 9

Thad Bochat Jamie Mitchell Safety Bay
Dale Marsland Miles KempComposite
Martin Sharp Fred Faigenbaum Yokine
Peter Roberts Laurence Scott Composite
Old manning mates Dale Marsland and Miles Kemp look too strong for this section and maybe a couple more levels as well
My Selection - Marsland/Kemp
Bochat/Mitchell 0%, Marsland/Kemp 98.53%, Sharp/Faigenbaum 0%, Roberts/Scott 2.21%

Section 10

John Wright Paul Garbellini Mt Barker Golf
Peter Retallack Matt ButtelNorth Beach
Steve Kelly Lou Moretti South Perth
Mark Simpson Scott O'Brien Composite
Another good paring of skipper and leader, they do have some quality opposition so won't get it all their own way
My Selection - Simpson/O'Brien
Wright/Garbellini 0%, Retallack/Buttel 6.62%, Kelly/Moretti 2.21%, Simpson/O'Brien 91.91%

Section 11

Gavin Crosthwaite Jerome Clayton North Beach
Murray Wright Michael GarrettComposite
Steven Wattleworth Glenn Yabuka North Beach
Barry Starbuck Peter Cole Halls Head
Tough section to choose a winner here, I'm going for the North Beach pair primarily because of the leading ability of Jerome Clayton whom I rate highly, Gavin Crosthwaite is more than adequate to back him up
My Selection - Crosthwaite/Clayton
Crosthwaite/Clayton 58.09%, Wright/Garrett 0%, Wattleworth/Yabuka 10.29%, Starbuck/Cole 31.62%

Section 12

Michael McKeague Andrew Tennant Doubleview
David Rankin William BrandsmaComposite
Clayton Taboni Ray Wemm Osborne Park
Lindsay Strange Barry Kalinowsky Warnbro
The former Doubleview teammates look the standout selection and a selection to win for sure
My Selection - Rankin/Brandsma
McKeague/Tennant 3.68%, Rankin/Brandsma 95.59%, Taboni/Wemm 0%, Strange/Kalinowsky 0.74%

Section 13

Alan Southern Trevor Southern Swan
Travis Lynch TBA TBAComposite
Neville Costello Darrenn Turra Wanneroo
Robert Bowron Ian Cartledge Eaton
A very even section here, the Sothern brothers went quite deep a couple of years ago and I'll go for them here in a really difficult section
My Selection - Southern/Southern
Southern/Southern 45.59%, Lynch/TBA 2.21%, Costello/Turra 30.88%, Bowron/Cartledge 21.32%

Section 14

Graham Eversden Trevor Evans Osborne Park
Ash Byres Matthew BoltonComposite
Ryan Moyle Tom Whitfield Doubleview
Simon Deering Ryan Castledine Doubleview
Moyle and Whitfield look very strong here
My Selection - Moyle/Whitfield
Eversden/Evans 0%, Byres/Bolton 2.21%, Moyle/Whitfield 97.79%, Deering/Castledine 0%

Section 15

Joe McGinlay Brad Gillingham North Beach
David Bell Cameron BellDoubleview
Mick Erceg Keith Manton Composite
Dwayne Wooltorton Mark Potente Composite
I'd like to select by Bassendean teammates especially as Mick Erceg is our selector, but I'm going for the North Beach duo
My Selection - McGinlay/Gillingham
McGinlay/Gillingham 75.74%, Bell/Bell 1.47%, Erceg/Manton 21.32%, Wooltorton/Potente 1.47%

Section 16

Haydn Smith Phil Jones York
Frank Carbone Grant NicolGosnells
Chris Leggett Ben Leggett Joondalup
Larry Herbert Philip Herbert Mannning
Last years winners here and they will have to overcome some hurdles to progress. The record for last years winner is not good, so I will be going for skip sensation Grant Nicol and Frank Carbone
My Selection - Nicol/Carbone
Smith/Jones 75.74%, Carbone/Nicol 13.97%, Leggett/Leggett 10.29%, Herbert/Herbert 0.74%

Section 17

Shane Rixom Shane Loftus Composite
Steve Srhoy Jim RicciCockburn
Ryan Havercroft David Reagan South Perth
Mark Masel Paul Sinden Mt Lawley
I like the Mt Lawley boys, they are a club wanting to improve but I think the Sorrento pair will be too good here
My Selection - Rixom/Loftus
Rixom/Loftus 75.74%, Srhoy/Ricci 1.47%, Havercroft/Reagan 6.62%, Masel/Sinden 16.91%

Section 18

Cory Day John De Castro Carnarvon
Craig Stokes Chris BoothKardinya
Martin Critchell David Gavin Mundaring
Garry Sims Peter Munday Leeming
Don't know much at all about this section, young Cory Day an up and comer but the Kardinya team are PL players and should win
My Selection - Stokes/Booth
Day/DeCastro 11.03%, Stokes/Booth 80.15%, Critchell/Gavin 2.94%, Sims/Munday 5.88%

Section 19

Ross Dempsey Rick Hutchinson North Beach
Marc Abonnel Paul DaviesKardinya
Shane Knott Anthony Williams Manning
Ernest Richardson Peter McGowan Yokine
Knott and Williams won't have it all their own way but they should win the section
My Selection - Knott/Williams
Dempsey/Hutchinson 2.94%, Abonnel/Davies 2.94%, Knott/Williams 94.85%, Richardson/McGowan 0%

Section 20

Jimmy Buchanan Mike Korycin Joondalup
Clive Adams Lance StrahanCambridge
Ivan Perica Mark Krajancic (jnr) Spearwood
Charlie Slavich Corey Bessant Doubleview
The second half of the draw and it starts with a cracker, Adams versus Slavich, and even the leaders Strahan and Bessant all quality. Tough tough game, I'll go for Clive but only just
My Selection - Adams/Strahan
Buchanan/Korycin 1.47%, Adams/Strahan 64.71%, Perica/Krajancic 0%, Slavich/Bessant 33.82%

Section 21

Geoff Devenish Marcus Sear North Beach
John Berecz Barry CrawfordQuinns Rocks
Murray Walker Mitchell Walker Composite
Edward Gollan Allan Petchell Rossmoyne
The Rossmoyne club are flying at the moment and for that reason I will go for them in this section
My Selection - Gollan/Petchell
Devenish/Sear 38.24%, Berecz/Crawford 28.68%, Walker/Walker 1.47%, Gollan/Petchell 31.62%

Section 22

Brad Henley Joseph Galipo Kardinya
Louie Beurteaux Mario Van BemmelMosman Park
Nicholas Reagan Greg Reagan South Perth
Cameron Harris Connor Biddle Composite
A few premier league players here, 2 wins may well get you through, I think Nick Reagan is in good form at the moment so will go for the father son combo
My Selection - Reagan/Reagan
Henley/Galipo 9.56%, Beurteaux/VanBemmel 13.97%, Reagan/Reagan 44.12%, Harris/Biddle 33.09%

Section 23

Max Lancaster Des Miguel Beacon
Segan Pasalich Andrew PasalichOsborne Park
John Fielding Ian Watt Mount Lawley
Brian Saul Alan Walton Sorrento
Another father son combination in this section, and really hard to pick a certain winner here, depends who has behaved themselves over the Xmas break and feels on top
My Selection - Saul/Walton
Lancaster/Miguel 16.91%, Pasalich/Pasalich 52.21%, Fielding/Watt 8.09%, Saul/Walton 23.53%

Section 24

Ken Nadilo Ivan Unkovich Spearwood
Tom Vlahos Josh VlahosMorley
Chris Margin David Killisch von Horn Bassendean
Wayne Rayner Geoff Rayner Composite
Both of my Basso teammates are in good nick at the moment so I will go for them
My Selection - Margin/KillischvonHorn
Nadilo/Unkovich 7.35%, Vlahos/Vlahos 0%, Margin/KillischVonHorn 84.56%, Rayner/Rayner 8.82%

Section 25

Tyrone Alberti Ross Bresland South Perth
Chris Carruthers Scott ForanSafety Bay
Laurence Kelly Tarquin McElvenny Mount Lawley
Bruce Eagles Greg Taylor Sorrento
Am tempted to go for Bruce Eagles who skippered so well last year in the PL, but have to go for the South Perth team
My Selection - Alberti/Bresland
Alberti/Bresland 72.79%, Carruthers/Foran 1.47%, Kelly/McElvenny 1.47%, Eagles/Taylor 25%

Section 26

Lee Such Aj Heal Manning
Stein Davies Ashley GrundyComposite
Raymond Griffiths Herb McClelland Kellerberrin
John Carlsen William Richardson Composite
Stein is my third at the moment and going really well, it's a battle between him and the Manning team. Such now stringing wins together and will go for him, just
My Selection - Such/Heal
Such/Heal 78.68%, Davies/Grundy 18.38%, Griffiths/McClelland 2.94%, Carlsen/Richardson 0.74%

Section 27

Robert Tiller Bob Tiller Composite
Craig Standley Luke GarbuttHilton Park
Doug Kelly Geoff Watson Composite
Marcus Simpson Matthew Whitely Bassendean
Another father son here, great to see family playing with each other. Matt Whitely impressed in the recent Masters Singles, and Simpson skippering in the juniors should take the chocolates
My Selection - Simpson/Whitely
Tiller/Tiller 40.44%, Standley/Garbutt 0.74%, Kelly/Watson 3.68%, Simpson/Whitely 55.88%

Section 28

Brett Taylor Peter Nicholls Kellerberrin
Ray Loran Michael HughesWarwick
Justin Opie Beau Manton Composite
Brett Rickwood Les Onley Composite
Second favs at the moment and they are in a good section of the draw, should win this section
My Selection - Opie/Manton
Taylor/Nicholls 0.74%, Loran/Hughes 0%, Opie/Manton 99.26%, Rickwood/Onley 0.74%

Section 29

Jeffery Hewton TBA TBA Boddington
Craig Edson TBA TBAComposite
Bruce Clarke Kristian Carr Goomalling
Wally Harvey Greg Collier Composite
Couple of TBA'shere and don't know much about the players, will go for Jeff Hewton for no partcular reason
My Selection - Hewton/TBA
Hewton/TBA 21.32%, Edson/TBA 16.18%, Clarke/Carr 22.06%, Harvey/Collier 39.71%

Section 30

Chris Lander Linton Pike Composite
Thomas Mitchell Matthew AyresComposite
Steve Novak Gavin Faulkner Composite
Daniel Brown Kevin McKay Kardinya
Wowsers, the section of death. No surprise people are unsure who to select, the strong pairing of Brown and McKay, plays teammate Novak with a solid leader in Faulkner. But I'm going for Tom Mitchell and Matty Ayres, Lander and Pike may actually dictate the winner of the section as i think they will win a game.
My Selection - Mitchell/Ayres
Lander/Pike 14.71%, Mitchell/Ayres 34.56%, Novak/Faulkner 9.56%, Brown/McKay 41.91%

Section 31

Glen Martin Mark Rollings Composite
Cody Packer Matthew MitchellComposite
Glyn Vaughan Pas Riggio Thornlie
Stuart Lofthouse tba tba Lake Monger
Our favourites here, to win the competition they have a few roadblocks ahead of them, b they should win this section
My Selection - Packer/Mitchell
Martin/Rollings 3.68%, Packer/Mitchell 97.06%, Vaughan/Riggio 0%, Lofthouse/tba 0%

Section 32

Wes Neilson Trevor Vellios Composite
Gary Caffell John GoddardComposite
Mark Wunnenberg Warren Holt Composite
Michael Simms Noel Staude Victoria Park
Caffell and Goddard team up again, prior multiple winners and if they can click again will be too good in this section
My Selection - Caffell/Goddard
Neilson/Vellios 1.47%, Caffell/Goddard 92.65%, Wunnenberg/Holt 5.88%, Simms/Staude 0%

Section 33

Stan Smith Henry Schulbergs Leeming
Noel Bennetts Mat HoskinsLeeming
Daniel Trewhella Stephen Withers Composite
Stewart Gosstray Justin Mackay Composite
The Trewhella and Withers combination look far too good here
My Selection - Trewhella/Withers
Smith/Schulbergs 0%, Bennetts/Hoskins 0%, Trewhella/Withers 97.06%, Gosstray/Mackay 2.94%

Section 34

Alan Andersson Paul Hickey Leeming
John Bowring Barry CooteComposite
Craig Greenhalgh Dean Tinley Mandurah
Andrew Drayton Daniel Wood Composite
Bit of a tough section here, will go for the favourites to win the section without a lot of confidence
My Selection - Greenhalgh/Tinley
Andersson/Hickey 5.15%, Bowring/Coote 12.5%, Greenhalgh/Tinley 66.18%, Drayton/Wood 14.71%

Section 35

Matthew Ngui Mark Gill Fremantle
Chris Mckenna Chris BartelComposite
William Tepania Paul Brotherston Cockburn
Mark Ryan Keith Willett Joondalup
Hmm, another difficult section, will go for the Cockburn duo but was tempted to pick the Singapore Sling Matt Ngui fresh from his bronze medal successes
My Selection - Tepania/Brotherston
Ngui/Gill 14.71%, Mckenna/Bartel 22.79%, Tepania/Brotherston 60.29%, Ryan/Willett 2.21%

Section 36

Patrick Quinlan Jack East Osborne Park
Stephen Fewster Peter FlackComposite
Ruairi Kenyon Peter Madigan Bassendean
Gary Giblett Michael Spadaccini Bunbury
Tricky little section, I think the fight will be between Bassendean teammates, last years runners up though just to progress
My Selection - Fewster/Flack
Quinlan/East 36.03%, Fewster/Flack 58.82%, Kenyon/Madigan 4.41%, Giblett/Spadaccini 0.74%

Section 37

Murray Hulbert Peter Morgan Sorrento
Andy Elmer Grant StokesBassendean
Hugh Ward Greg Sarich Wanneroo
Jonathon Sharp Ashley Sharp Composite
Another Bassendean team and another father/son combination, I think the Sharps will be too good
My Selection - Sharp/Sharp
Hulbert/Morgan 2.94%, Elmer/Stokes 2.21%, Ward/Sarich 0%, Sharp/Sharp 94.85%

Section 38

Shaun Morris Del Evans Composite
Paul Walker Joe RollnikComposite
Arthur Bartlett Wayne Olive Kalamunda
Paul Gerdtz Darrel Hudson Dowerin
Our final group, 1 section more than last year indicating people aren't finding this time of year too much of an imposition, only the clubs, and I'm going tt go for my old clubmates at Kalamunda
My Selection - Bartlett/Olive
Morris/Evans 2.21%, Walker/Rollnik 87.5%, Bartlett/Olive 5.88%, Gerdtz/Hudson 2.94%
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