28th Mar 19 - Remember them? I had forgotten about them until a gentle push by an anonymous reader reminded me that I hadn't yet posted the tipping results. So here they are!

79 shane loftus
76 Terry Cranswick
75 JEFF EATON, Jeremy Thomas
73 Murray Beaker, Andrew Foster
72 Greg Reagan, Ash Sharp, Brad Gillingham, Kellie Nairn, Greg Taylor
71 keith strahan, Nick Reagan, Pat Caffell, Rod Z, Paul Sinden, Santa Claus, PAUL GERDTZ
70 Ross Bolton, Anthony Einfeld, Blake Nairn, Gareth Hill, Mark Wunnenberg, Travis Ingram, Gary Ashworth, Bruce Fullagar, Lloyd McKay, Saffronne Alden
69 Sally Wilke, Phil Hutchinson, Mac Hughes, Gavin Faulkner, john slavich, Drew Daley, Ted Alden, robert watterson
68 Grant Nicol, robert watterson, Shane Smith, Shane Boyd, David Newton, Brad Ball
67 Simon Alden, Marty Atkins, Luke Bolton, David Park, dave stanik, Aaron Goulden, Louie Beurteaux, Nigel Minchin
66 Tyrone Alberti, Dale Marsland, Kris Birch, Scott Walker, Dave Snelgar, jack sgarlata, Corey Bessant
65 Peter Wachmer, max carmichael, Nev Stevens, Wally Harvey, Cody Packer, Cam Harris
64 Bill Fraser, Del Evans, Jamie Coghlan, Shane Anning, matt bolton, Brett Tie, Jibba , James Stewart, Phillip Park
63 Richard Aitken
62 Debby Watson, Rawley Lang, Dean Calvo
61 David Malkin, Sean C, Jovan Krstic, Wayne Olive, Arthur Bartlett, Tarquin McElvenny, Warwick Neville
60 Ron Monge, ian cornthwaite, Wayne Molloy
59 Eddy Hammond, Peter Wachmer
59 Steve Diable, Daniel Brown, Mike Bessant
58 Paul Loveland
57 Eddy Hammond
56 Michael Rickard, Joe McGinlay
55 Arthur Cousins
54 Ray Povey
53 neil minchin
51 Beau Manton
48 laurie johnson, Steve Cavanagh
46 Kirsty Brown

State Singles 2019
Mens Winner selections
15 Adams
14 Brown
13 Trewhella
11 Knott
7 Mmitchell
5 Bates JSlavich
4 Walker Nairn Williams
3 Such
2 NReagan
1 Sharp Packer Bessant Foy L Bolton J Opie Harris Hayes Park Manton CSlavich
Womens Winner selections
46 Krstic
17 Morss
10 Merz
3 Featherby Abe
2 Hastings Adams-Packer
1 Poletti Chalmers Arndt Warburton L Smith
Total Tipsters - 102

Section 1

Rob Lipple - Leeming
Shane loftus - Sorrento
Mark Thomas - Kalamunda
Shane Loftus the recent State Triples champion should be too good in this section
My Selection - Shane Loftus
RLipple 0%,SLoftus 97.85%,MThomas 2.15%

Section 2

Glenn Yabuka - North Beach
David Reagan - South Perth
Peter Cole - Warnbro
Good little section but Peter Cole has a pretty good singles record and a really good chance to win here
My Selection - Peter Cole
GYabuka 1.08%,DReagan 7.53%,PCole 90.32%

Section 3

Matthew Mundy - Dudley Park
Chris Carruthers - Safety Bay
Glyn Vaughan - Thornlie
Sherro once called Glyn Vaughan the best left hander south of the river, I am going for a slight upset and will choose Chris Carruthers, a player on the rise from Safety Bay
My Selection - Chris Carruthers
MMundy 7.53%,CCarruthers 15.05%,GVaughan 77.42%

Section 4

Geoff Bovell - South Perth
Tod Weir - Osborne Park
Gareth Hill - Fremantle
Gareth Hill a member of the Development Squad will be learning heaps, but Tod Weir having a breakout season and I'll go for him
My Selection - Tod Weir
GBovell 10.75%,TWeir 79.57%,GHill 8.6%

Section 5

Mark Nuttall - Roleystone
John Slavich - Doubleview
Glenn Archer - Brunswick
Chevy a previous winner of this event will be too strong
My Selection - John Slavich
MNuttall 1.08%,JSlavich 97.85%,GArcher 1.08%

Section 6

Matt Ayres - Mandurah
Brett Baker - Dudley Park
Chris Lander - Sorrento
Our first tough section, Brett Baker goes all right but the winner will likely come from Ayres or Lander. Tipping suggest a flip of the coin, with the hot weather forecast I'll go for the durability of youth
My Selection - Matty Ayres
MAyres 51.61%,BrBaker 0%,CLander 48.39%

Section 7

Alan Andersson - Leeming
Blake Butler - Manning
Drew Daley - Bassendean
The section of the double letter initials. And a good section, I'll show my Bassendean bias and go for Drew Daley who has been bowling awesome for us leading and should crwod the kitty most ends
My Selection - Drew Daley
AAndersson 6.45%,BButler 49.46%,DDaley 44.09%

Section 8

Neville Woods - Eaton
Michael Radalj - Spearwood
Travis Ingram - Morley
Going to go for the country visitor here, Neville Woods played for a couple of years at Ossy Park and no slouch at the game
My Selection - Neville Woods
NWoods 49.46%,MRadalj 3.23%,TIngram 47.31%

Section 9

Scott Walker - South Perth
Grant Powell - Cockburn
Gary Keep - Collie
Gary Keep went very deep last year and surprised a few people, but he strikes a very good singles player in Scott Walker, should be a good game really
My Selection - Scott Walker
SWalker 95.7%,GPowell 0%,GKeep 4.3%

Section 10

Glenn Martin - Scarborough
Mark Ryan - Joondalup
Chris Owen - Safety Bay
Glenn Martin not been bowling for a long time but he already some singles scalps, he should win this section
My Selection - Glenn Martin
GMartin 79.57%,MRyan 6.45%,COwen 13.98%

Section 11

Alan Gee - Leeming
Jim Newton - Leeming
Ian Cornthwaite - Kalamunda
Bit stiff seeing to Leeming teammates playing each other, but that’s the luck of the draw isn't it. And unfortunately I don't know much about them but do know Ian Cornthwaite goes ok, so will go for him
My Selection - Ian Cornthwaite
AGee 4.3%,JNewton 41.94%,ICornthwaite 53.76%

Section 12

Mitchell Walker - Donnybrook
Ian Watson - Bedford
Barrie Starbuck - Halls Head
Starbuck has a lot of experience here and should see him win the section
My Selection - Barrie Starbuck
MWalker 22.58%,IWatson 10.75%,BStarbuck 65.59%

Section 13

Nick Reagan - South Perth
Chris Margin - Bassendean
Lindsay Pickles - Mundaring
Having seen Chris Margin first hand he is having a great season, but so is Nick Reagan, that first game will decide the section, Lindsay Pickles no mug but may just fall short. Tough game, being on the synthetic of Gosnells I will slightly favour Reagan
My Selection - Nick Reagan
NReagan 60.22%,CMargin 35.48%,LPickles 4.3%

Section 14

Warwick Neville - Roleystone
Peter Wachmer - Fremantle
Don Buegge - Cunderdin
Wokky runner up in the Mt Lawley singles a couple of years ago and a consistent singles player
My Selection - Peter Wachmer
WNeville 3.23%,PWachmer 81.72%,DBuegge 13.98%

Section 15

Les Onley - Leeming
Paul Walker - Mosman Park
Jim Welch - Sorrento
Walker is a jet and should win this one
My Selection - Paul Walker
LOnley 0%,PWalker 98.92%,JWelch 1.08%

Section 16

Warren Holt - Wagin
Colin Hayes - Quairading
Scott Edmonds - Doubleview
Chooka hayes beat Anthony Provost a few years ago now which makes this section one of the toughest around, lasy years winner Warren Holt playing the 2009 runner up Scott Edmonds who is also a Countryweek winner. Crikey what a section! I'm going to go for Edmonds, purely because of the draw, Holt will win the early game and then have to break for lunch and will score the second game. That break from morning to afternoon conditions is the only reason i will go for Edmonds who will be playing in the afternoon conditions with no break
My Selection - Scott Edmonds
WHolt 53.76%,CHayes 6.45%,SEdmonds 39.78%

Section 17

Ric Shinnick - Byford
Ian Quayle (withdrawn) - Thornlie
Neil Bolton - Cambridge
Haven't heard who has replaced Ian Quayle who won't be travelling to Gosnells, Neil Bolton should win from the 2 we know in this section
My Selection - Neil Bolton
RShinnick 2.15%,IQuayle 0%,NBolton 97.85%

Section 18

Ashley Sharp - South Perth
Bill Richardson - Civic Merredin
Mark Masel - Mount Lawley
Ash Sharp should win but if he is slightly off his game, Mark Masel a very capable singles player as is Billy Richardson, and ex-Bedford PL player from yesteryear. Will go for Sharp but won't surprise if we see an upset here
My Selection - Ashley Sharp
ASharp 86.02%,BRichardson 7.53%,MMasel 6.45%

Section 19

Joe McGinlay - North Beach
Rick Buckle - Byford
Matthew Ngui - Fremantle
The Singapore champ playing the Scottish champ. Which country will win? McGinlay a Scottish representative so will go for his experience
My Selection - Joe McGinlay
JMcGinlay 65.59%,RBuckle 0%,MNgui 34.41%

Section 20

Blake Nairn - Osborne park
Michael Vitale - North Beach
Graeme Cash - Bassendean
Nairn should win this one comfortably but look for ex-teammate Graeme Cash to get in his ear all day
My Selection - Blake Nairn
BNairn 97.85%,MVitale 0%,GCash 1.08%

Section 21

Phillip Park - Swan
Cody Packer - Osborne Park
Peter Nicolay - Halls Head
Phil Park still improving but Cody is a fav for the event and needs to win these games easily to show he is a winner
My Selection - Cody Packer
PPark 6.45%,CPacker 91.4%,PNicolay 2.15%

Section 22

David Downey - South Perth
Geoffrey Jones - Cambridge
Stephen Fewster - Wanneroo
Dave Downey had a sweet run in this event a few years ago before focussing on his studies. He'd back and playing well but you can't fault the recent form of Stephen Fewster, SF in the Triples and Finalist in the Pairs. Can he go 1 better here?
My Selection - Stephen Fewster
DDowney 33.33%,GJones 0%,SFewster 66.67%

Section 23

Neale Griffin - South Perth
Keith Willett - Joondalup
Shane Knott - Manning
Not an easy game for Shane Knott to win his section, Neale Griffin a very good singles player and in some form at the moment it would appear. You can't not go for Shane here but again won't surprise me to see Griffin win this section
My Selection - Neale Griffin
NGriffin 10.75%,KWillett 0%,SKnott 89.25%

Section 24

Mark Rollings - Osborne Park
Corey Bessant - Doubleview
Tom Mitchell - Manning
Phew another good section in a difficult area of the draw. Rollings will test but it is a battle in two. Tom Mitchell of course a previous winner in 2015 and his singles record is very good winning Mt Lawley a couple of times as well. He should win this and go deep inb the tournament
My Selection - Tom Mitchell
MRollings 1.08%,CBessant 17.2%,TMitchell 81.72%

Section 25

Rawley Lang - Rossmoyne
Jovan Krstic - Bassendean
Graham O'Brien - Manning
Joe Krstic was the recent runner up in the Mt Lawley singles and has continued that form into the season skippering in Blue. Not an easy section by no means though, Lang and O'Brien useful players
My Selection - Jovan Krstic
RLang 20.43%,JKrstic 76.34%,GO'Brien 3.23%

Section 26

Daniel Brown - Kardinya
John Fielding - Mount Lawley
Leigh Alden - Bassendean
Ah dear old Dad, playing awfully well but strikes someone who I think one of the form players around at the moment. Daniel Brown should win, but hope Dad pushes him all the way
My Selection - Daniel Brown
DBrown 100%,JFielding 0%,LAlden 0%

Section 27

Alan Southern - Swan
Brett Marron - Bedford
Matthew Bolton - Cambridge
Matty Bolton the former Australian billiards player known as "The Perth Mint" moved to snooker but now has taken up bowls like father, uncle and brother and will look for his name in the future, but for 2019 I will lean towards Alan Southern who is a very good singles players
My Selection - Alan Southern
ASouthern 70.97%,BMarron 3.23%,MBolton 25.81%

Section 28

Brett Parker - Lake Monger
Wayne Hough - Dudley Park
Scott Foran - Safety Bay
Don't know much about these players so will go for the crows favourite
My Selection - Wayne Hough
BParker 4.3%,WHough 82.8%,SForan 12.9%

Section 29

Warren Fairjones - Quinns Rocks
Bill Owen - South Perth
William Brandsma - Doubleview
Wow this will be a talkative rink, 3 guys who don't mind a chat. Brandsma will be far too strong on the field though, not sure who will the talking stakes
My Selection - William Brandsma
WFairjones 2.15%,BOwen 0%,WBrandsma 97.85%

Section 30

John Adams - Cockburn
Stuart Lofthouse - Lake Monger
Jason O'Brien - Mandurah
Jason O'Brien like brother Scott is a player to put in your red book, only recently taking up the sport. A real lottery this section but will for the promise of O'Brien
My Selection - Jason O'Brien
JAdams 7.53%,SLofthouse 8.6%,JO'Brien 83.87%

Section 31

Graeme O'Neill - Bedford
Travis Leahy - Melville
Jamie Mitchell - Safety Bay
Leahy is a name we see pop up every now and again with results, so should win this one
My Selection - Travis Leahy
GO'Neill 10.75%,TLeahy 82.8%,JMitchell 6.45%

Section 32

Ryan Havercroft - South Perth
Ray Howard - Cockburn
Colin Johnson - wanneroo
The Coach still puts down a mean bowl but Ryan Havercroft should take the chocolates here
My Selection - Ryan Havercroft
RHavercroft 90.32%,RHoward 0%,CJohnson 9.68%

Section 33

Brad Ball - Dudley Park
Matt Allen - Manning
Sam Perica - Cambridge
Lots of driving between these 2 fierce competititors, won't be too many bowls left on the pitch during this game, Matt Allen will be hard pressed stopping bowls all day. Perica seems to be in good form, although Ball did get named as a skipper in the Country Zone rep side. Tough choice, flip of the coin
My Selection - Sam Perica
BBall 53.76%,MAllen 1.08%,SPerica 45.16%

Section 34

Gary Ashworth - York
Terry Cranswick - Mosman Park
Ron Ansett - Lake Monger
I played against ron Ansett a few years ago and a nicer man you wouldn't meet in bowls, but he has his work cut out for him here against Terry Cranswick
My Selection - Terry Cranswick
GAshworth 18.28%,TCranswick 80.65%,RAnsett 1.08%

Section 35

Andrew Tennant - Doubleview
Butch Dinnison - Bassendean
Jed Shepherd - Civic Merredin
Butch Dinnison does well with 4 bowls in his hand but so does Andrew Tennant. Tough choice but will go for Tennant. Shepherd making the long drive from Merredin, hope he goes ok
My Selection - Andrew Tennant
ATennant 68.82%,BDinnison 25.81%,JShepherd 5.38%

Section 36

Lloyd McKay - Bassendean
Cameron Hoffman - Mosman Park
Ben Leggett - Joondalup
Lloyd McKay a good leader at Basso but Cameron Hoffman has notched up some good wins in the past 2 years and should win this section
My Selection - Cameron Hoffman
LMcKay 9.68%,CHoffman 75.27%,BLeggett 15.05%

Section 37

Paul Brotherston - Cockburn
Bob Dropulich - Spearwood
Ryan Moyle - Doubleview
Brotherston goes all right and a bit of an unknown for me in singles, Moyle however a very good player with all the shots should be too strong
My Selection - Ryan Moyle
PBrotherston 4.3%,BDropulich 1.08%,RMoyle 92.47%

Section 38

Glenn Pauling - South Perth
John Carter - Osborne Park
Greg Reagan - South Perth
Hmm, not an easy section at all for Glenn despite the tippers choices. I mean, I'll be picking Glenn Pauling as well, but Carter and Reagan handy players
My Selection - Glenn Pauling
GPauling 96.77%,JCarter 1.08%,GReagan 2.15%

Section 39

Bernie McNamara - Doubleview
David Hagen - South Perth
Simon Deering - Doubleview
Hearing lots of good reports out of Doubleview on the form of Bernie McNamara and he was selected to lead for the Over 60's state sidfe recently. David Hagen a good player but look for the leader to put bowls close all day
My Selection - Bernie McNamara
BMcNamara 86.02%,DHagen 12.9%,SDeering 1.08%

Section 40

Mike Wyndham - Joondalup
Paul Sinden - Mount Lawley
David Anderson - North Beach
Paul Sinden one of a group of good young players out of Mt Lawley, will favour him over the leading of Anderson
My Selection - Paul Sinden
MWyndham 1.08%,PSinden 72.04%,DAnderson 26.88%

Section 41

Brett Tie - Bassendean
Laurence Kelly - Mt Lawley
Jim Robertson - Middleton Beach
I know I'm going to cop some flak about my selection from Brett and he is in good form, finding that touch again from 15 years ago, but I'm going the roughy in this section, Laurie Kelly a good player but Jim Robertson also a very good player. It's a tough section and I'll predict each player to in 1 game
My Selection - Laurence Kelly
BTie 39.78%,LKelly 11.83%,JRobertson 48.39%

Section 42

Anthony Williams - Manning
Harold Christensen - Cambridge
Matthew Whitely - Bindoon
A future state skipper should beat Harold Christensen in a tight encounter
My Selection - Anthony Williams
AWilliams 89.25%,HChristensen 7.53%,MWhitely 3.23%

Section 43

Paul Davies - Kardinya
Justin Opie - South Perth
Wayne Heldt - Gosnells
Opie a prior winner in 1997 has been finding some great form in the past 12 months, wouldn't surprise me to see him make the quarter finals or deeper
My Selection - Justin Opie
PDavies 3.23%,JOpie 94.62%,WHeldt 2.15%

Section 44

Jeff Hewton - Wanneroo
Brad White - Doubleview
Wayne Butler - Victoria Park Carlisle
Santa Brad White is just improving his play every year and will be too good here
My Selection - Brad White
JHewton 2.15%,BWhite 90.32%,WButler 7.53%

Section 45

Mark Simpson - Mandurah
Dean Calvo - South Perth
David Irvin - Mosman Park
Mark Simpson when he is on his game is a very tough nut to crack
My Selection - Mark Simpson
MkSimpson 91.4%,DCalvo 6.45%,DIrvin 0%

Section 46

Miles Kemp - Manning
Lance Strahan - Cambridge
Simon Alden - Bassendean
My section, tough one at that, 2 PL skippers and PL Leader recently in the state squad. Must admit I thought the percentages for Kemp would be a bit higher, he has an equal chance like me and Lance, but I anticipate this section to be one of the last finished. Let's hope the long day will be worth the while for me
My Selection - Me of course!
MKemp 6.45%,LStrahan 37.63%,SiAlden 55.91%

Section 47

Matt McEwen - North Perth
Jim Barry - Doubleview
Peter Coyle - Kalamunda
Peter Coyle is a very good draw bowler but Jim Barry did make the semi finals here a couple of years ago and hasn't lost that much since
My Selection - Jim Barry
MMcEwen 3.23%,JBarry 80.65%,PCoyle 16.13%

Section 48

Gavin Crosthwaite - North Beach
Shane Anning - Swan
Henry Clifford - Kalamunda
I was overjoyed to hear about Harry Clifford winning his club singles 2 years at the ripe old age of 85, the heat may be a factor for him on Sunday, will plonk for Gavin Cristhwaite in a tight game over Shane Anning
My Selection - Gavin Crosthwaite
GCrosthwaite 65.59%,SAnning 27.96%,HClifford 5.38%

Section 49

Dale Marsland - Manning
Darryl Wagstaff - Warnbro
Charlie McKay - Victoria Park Carlisle
Dale Marsland looks the standout here but Charlie McKay has a habit of beating highly fancied opponents
My Selection - Dale Marsland
DMarsland 93.55%,DWagstaff 4.3%,CMcKay 1.08%

Section 50

Peter Morgan - Sorrento
Tony Regan - Kardinya
Nathan Smith - Bassendean
A trip to Bali for Nathan Smith means he hasn't touched a bowl since the State Pairs but he should account for Peter and Tony here
My Selection - Nathan Smith
PMorgan 6.45%,TRegan 15.05%,NSmith 78.49%

Section 51

John Berecz - Quinns Rocks
Peter Madigan - Bassendean
Justin Wright - Gosnells
It seems I am favoring Bassendean players a bit and am going for another here, Peter Madigan a semi finalist last year and still retaining that sort of form so look for another good tournament from him
My Selection - Peter Madigan
JBerecz 63.44%,Pmadigan 35.48%,JWright 0%

Section 52

Dave Stanik - Cunderdin
Tyrone Alberti - Leeming
Jerome Clayton - North Beach
Three very solid players here and like the majority will lean slightly towards Jerome Clayton to win, Dave Stanik can be unpredictable and if it works can be a difficult opponent to toss. Ty Alberti also a good player, tough section
My Selection - Jerome Clayton
DStanik 9.68%,TAlberti 25.81%,JClayton 63.44%

Section 53

Leo Fasolo - Bassendean
Dave Snelgar - Bassendean
Mick Palumbo - Mount Lawley
Bit hard not to pick a Bassendean player here. Or is it?? Mick Palumbo a very good draw bowler, Dave Snelgar a new bowler in the Development Squad and Leo Fasolo a very solid bowler. Will go for Leo
My Selection - Leo Fasolo
LFasolo 7.53%,DSnelgar 36.56%,MPalumbo 54.84%

Section 54

Ivan Perica - Spearwood
Keith Manton - Mosman Park
Peter Flack - Wanneroo
Perhaps I'll go for ex-Basso player here. Nah, Peter Flack had a good month in state events like good friend Stephen Fewster and all reports are he isa in super form.
My Selection - Peter Flack
IPerica 9.68%,KManton 29.03%,PFlack 61.29%

Section 55

Russell Bates - Dudley Park
Gavin Faulkner - Doubleview
Troy Kinnane - South Perth
Bates our carry over Everest champ played some awesome bowls in difficult conditions down there, promoted to the state squad on the back of it, Gavin Faulkner also promoted to the state squad and bowling pretty well in pennants. That's not to discount Troy Kinnane in good form at the moment. Will go for Bates but gee it's a tough section
My Selection - Russell Bates
RBates 72.04%,GFaulkner 24.73%,TKinnane 3.23%

Section 56

Stephen Patterson - Manning
Gary Caffell - Osborne Park
Alan Barron - Sorrento
Well I can see how popular Gary Caffell is to win this section, those Osborne Park people know how well he is going but Stephen Patterson won't give it away easily. Alan Barron also a very consistent singles player, will go for Caffell but without a lot of confidence
My Selection - Gary Caffell
SPatterson 6.45%,GCaffell 89.25%,ABarron 3.23%

Section 57

Jeffrey Bessant - Doubleview
Marcus Simpson - Bassendean
Jack East - Rossmoyne
2 under 18 teammates face off here, and throw in the Doubleview manager looks an enticing section. The fact Jack East represented WA in the singles will make me select him here
My Selection - Jack East
JBessant 17.2%,McSimpson 30.11%,JEast 51.61%

Section 58

Chris Booth - Kardinya
Scott O'Brien - Mandurah
Jeremy Thomas - Morley
Scott O'Brien a real player on the rise and only been in the game a short period of time.
My Selection - Scott O'Brien
CBooth 9.68%,SO'Brien 87.1%,JThomas 2.15%

Section 59

Ray Povey - Mt Lawley
Jack Edgar - Kardinya
Neville Stevens - Osborne Park
Neville Stevens in great form at the moment, a countryweek singles winner and holds quite a few club singles titles. Singles is his go and should win this one
My Selection - Neville Stevens
RPovey 2.15%,JEdgar 2.15%,NStevens 94.62%

Section 60

Steven Rushforth - Cambridge
Daniel Slavich - Doubleview
Keith Bowden - Fremantle
Difficult little section, don't know too much about these players, I know the names but not what they can do. Will go for Steve Rushforth, a PL player for Cambridge
My Selection - Steve Rushforth
SRushforth 59.14%,DSlavich 15.05%,KBowden 25.81%

Section 61

Daniel Trewhella - Doubleview
Ernie Richardson - Yokine
Steve Cavanagh - Quinns Rocks
My tip to win the event is Daniel Trewhella which would be amazing considering he doesn't play pennants, but singles he is very good at, will definitely win this section and go deep in the tournament
My Selection - Daniel Trewhella
DTrewhella 97.85%,ERichardson 0%,SCavanagh 2.15%

Section 62

Russell Ellis - Bassendean
David Von Horn - Bassendean
Steve Unsworth - Pinjarra
Another section of Bassendean hopefuls plus our Southern region Bowls Rep, Russell Ellis has been putting in some yards on the track and will go for him
My Selection - Russell Ellis
REllis 6.45%,DVonHorn 76.34%,SUnsworth 17.2%

Section 63

John Stojan - Spearwood
Marcus Sear - Dudley Park
Peter Callison - Innaloo
Marcus Sear got to the semis of the recent Mt Lawley and did ok down at the Everest, should win here
My Selection - Marcus Sear
JStojan 1.08%,MSear 96.77%,PCallison 1.08%

Section 64

Len Mazga - Busselton
Ken Cawthorne - Bedford
Lee Such - Manning
The dulcit tones of Lee Such playing in unfamiliar heat but has come over here from NSW and taken the Pennants team by storm, is currently the leading WA bowler in the Bowls Australia rankings, Len Mazga has won a Masters Singles but Such should be too strong
My Selection - Lee Such
LMazga 10.75%,KCawthorne 0%,LSuch 88.17%

Section 65

Mark Douthie - North Beach
Paul Kain - Sorrento
Beau Manton - South Perth
Mark Douthie and Beau Manton will fight this one out, both very good singles players but I rate Manton very highly but it's going to be a close game
My Selection - Beau Manton
MDouthie 30.11%,PKain 0%,BManton 69.89%

Section 66

Matthew Mitchell - Emu Point
Mattwin Dragicevich - North Beach
Clive Adams - Cambridge
Wow almost a game worthy of a grand final rather than a section, and friends with both so tough to pick. Clive probably with a better singles record but carrying a slight injury will sway my tip to Matt Mitchell
My Selection - Matt Mitchell
MMitchell 34.41%,MDragicevich 0%,CAdams 65.59%

Section 67

Ken Nadilo - Spearwood
David Mortley - South Perth
Bruce Eagles - Sorrento
Bruce Eagles fresh from marrying teammate Patrick Murray down south is having a super season so far and I think has either won or gone very deep in the Over 60's Singles
My Selection - Bruce Eagles
KNadilo 10.75%,DMortley 6.45%,BEagles 81.72%

Section 68

Bob Leed - Doubleview
Ray Wemm - Osborne Park
Milan Jokic - Kalamunda
Difficult section to select, Milan Jokica high level bowler back in the day and should win here but really a wide open section
My Selection - Milan Jokic
BLeed 23.66%,RWemm 3.23%,MJokic 70.97%

Section 69

Wally Harvey - Rossmoyne
Glenn Lynch - Gosnells
Grant Stokes - Bassendean
Grant Stokes is a very good draw bowler and recently adding some more tricks to his bow and if he brings his current good form will win this
My Selection - Grant Stokes
WHarvey 9.68%,GLynch 7.53%,GStokes 82.8%

Section 70

Grant Nicol - Osborne Park
David Heckingbottom - Warnbro
Terry Furler - Joondalup
The General Grant Nicol still throwing down a good bowl and should account for his section comfortably
My Selection - Grant Nicol
GNicol 97.85%,DHeckingbottom 2.15%,TFurler 0%

Section 71

Kenny Gavranich - Spearwood
Alan Heal - Manning
Cliff Wooldridge - Cambridge
AJ Heal the high favourite here but Cliff Wooldridge is a tricky 4 bowl bowler and won’t give AJ all his own way
My Selection - Alan Heal
KGavranich 0%,AHeal 90.32%,CWooldridge 9.68%

Section 72

David Croft - Mt Lawley
Tom Cabassi - Gingin
Del Evans - Manning
Tough section here, did hear that David Croft bought up 1000 games played for Mt Lawley so it's fair to say he brings a wealth of experience, but I'll go for the country visitor to win this
My Selection - Tom Cabassi
DCroft 11.83%,TCabassi 63.44%,DEvans 24.73%

Section 73

Shane Smith - Quinns Rocks
Matt Hosking - Leeming
Maurice Bevilacqua - North Perth
Another touch section only because I don't really know the players very well so will go for the player I know
My Selection - Shane Smith
ShSmith 78.49%,MHosking 15.05%,MBevilacqua 3.23%

Section 74

Neville Costello - Wanneroo
Cameron Harris - Cambridge
Natham Pain - Donnybrook
The first game will decide the outcome of this game, so who can rub the sleep out of their eyes quickest will win this one, Cam Harris putting down some good doogs at the moment
My Selection - Cameron Harris
NCostello 43.01%,CHarris 53.76%,NPain 3.23%

Section 75

Stuart Binnie - Wanneroo
Travis Lynch - Bassendean
Ian O'Neill - Bedford
Travis Lynch throwing down some close bowls at the moment and is really developing his game nicely
My Selection - Travis Lynch
SBinnie 2.15%,TLynch 91.4%,IO'Neill 6.45%

Section 76

Tarquin McElvenny - Mount Lawley
Brian Cranswick - Rossmoyne
Brad Gillingham - North Beach
Gillingham the winner of the Mt Lawley singles should open his campaign wth a win here
My Selection - Brad Gillingham
TMcElvenny 3.23%,BCranswick 9.68%,BGillingham 87.1%

Section 77

Ryan Castledine - Doubleview
Alan Pryce - Manning
Charlie Slavich - Doubleview
The unpredictable Charlie Slavich generallys gets a few wins in state events and I see no reason that it won't continue here
My Selection - Charlie Slavich
RCastledine 0%,APryce 29.03%,CSlavich 69.89%

Section 78

Derek Griffin - Wanneroo
Vince Hughes - Kalamunda
Mitchell Cranswick - South Perth
Cranswick is the runner up of the event last year, and took some big scalps along the way and we'll see how his form is early as Del Boy Griffin is a good singles player. I might go the upset here and pick Griffin
My Selection - Derek Griffin
DGriffin 30.11%,VHughes 3.23%,MCranswick 66.67%

Section 79

Christopher Parr - Quinns Rocks
Luke Bolton - Cambridge
Mitchell Biglin - South Perth
Three good singles players here and a really tough choice, who can handle the heat and outlast their opponent will win. Mitch Biglin returning to bowls after a few years off and he seems to be enjoying it and going well
My Selection - Mitchell Biglin
CParr 16.13%,LBolton 23.66%,MBiglin 60.22%

Section 80

David Park - Swan
Richard Aitken - North Beach
Richard D'Souza - South Perth
In the home stretch now, Richard D'Souza not playing pennants at the moment so will lean towards those playing every week, Swan boy David Park having a good season skippering against the out and out leader Richard Aitken. Will go for Park
My Selection - David Park
DPark 45.16%,RAitken 33.33%,RD'Souza 21.51%

Section 81

Timothy Hyatt - Dudley Park
Steve Kelly - South Perth
Kevin Pickering - Osborne Park
Tim Hyatt not well know but is a young player coming up through the ranks from Dudley Park, the country are finding some good young bowlers, but Kevin Pickering the old war horse should be too good here
My Selection - Kevin Pickering
THyatt 7.53%,SKelly 6.45%,KPickering 86.02%

Section 82

Rob Amos - Nollamara
Harold Whitman - Wanneroo
Stuart Gosstray - Kalamunda
Stuart Gosstray has found his form of old and qualified for the Everest and competed really well down there. Should win this
My Selection - Stuart Gosstray
RAmos 7.53%,HWhitman 2.15%,SGosstray 90.32%

Section 83

Lou Moretti - South Perth
Eddie Gollan - Rossmoyne
John Carlsen - Bedford
John Carlsen can be a very good singles player so it will be a good game between him and Eddie Gollan who has really improved his game and very competitive at the top level now
My Selection - Eddie Gollan
LMoretti 8.6%,EGollan 53.76%,JCarlsen 37.63%

Section 84

Shane Boyd - Wanneroo
Peter Roberts - Mt Lawley
Norm Kirkup - Bassendean
Three front end bowlers here, will show my bias a bit and go for Norm Kirkup who is bowling very well at the moment
My Selection - Norm Kirkup
SBoyd 31.18%,PRoberts 9.68%,NKirkup 58.06%

Section 85

Geoff Watson - Boulder
Murray Hulbert - Sorrento
Derek Boardman - Wanneroo
Murray Hulbert the PL player in this section and a good 4 bowl bowler will win this section
My Selection - Murray Hulbert
GWatson 13.98%,MHulbert 81.72%,DBoardman 4.3%

Section 86

Rob Foy - Kardinya
Anthony Einfeld - Mt Lawley
Ron Magerl - Osborne Park
Phew, 86 sections done, and Ron Magerl wins the reverse raffle, but I don’t think he'll win this section, Anthony Einfeld qualified for the Australian Open a couple of years so knows how to get them close in singles
My Selection - Anthony Einfeld
RFoy 88.17%,AEinfeld 10.75%,RMagerl 1.08%

Section 1

Lisa Featherby - Mosman Park
Larraine Heckingbottom - Warnbro
Kay Gee - Leeming
Larraine and Kay have their work cut out for them in this first section.  Playing at Wanneroo so Larraine in particular needing a cut lunch just to get to the venue.  Wanneroo do have some fabulous grass greens though, and I reckon Lisa will be in her element there.
Hattie's Selection - Lisa Featherby
LFeatherby 94.62%,LHeckingbottom 1.08%,KGee 1.08%

Section 2

Therese Hastings - Manning
Denise Kelly - Mosman Park
Sandra Hemphill - South Perth
I think Denise and Therese will be the match up here, both Premier players and Therese's ability has not diminished with her coaching obligations.  Denise will take it right up to her though, but I think Therese will get over the line.
Hattie's Selection - Therese Hastings
THastings 93.55%,DKelly 2.15%,SHemphill 1.08%

Section 3

Donita Davids - Manning
Karen Miller - Albany
Shaan Saunders - Osborne Park
Not a bad little section here, going by Donita's Semi final appearance in the Mt Lawley Consistency, she is an up and comer to watch.  Will she cope with the super slick greens at Wanneroo?  Yes, probably, coming from Mannning who also have super greens.  However, Shaan didn't just make Mt Lawley finals, she has won the comp a couple of years ago.  I think her experience will get her through.
Hattie's Selection - Shaan Saunders
DDavids 18.28%,KMiller 6.45%,SSaunders 72.04%

Section 4

Nerrida Porteous - Sorrento
Lyn Colmer - Busselton
Pam Chalmers - Osborne Park
I see that some tippers so far have tipped Pam to win the whole thing, so it may come as a bit of a surprise that I will be tipping Nerrida to win this section.  Nerrida is a very steady bowler and I reckon she just might roll Pam in their game.
Hattie's Selection - Nerrida Porteous
NPorteous 12.9%,LColmer 2.15%,PChalmers 81.72%

Section 5

Jenny Parker - Mosman Park
Kerry Andersen - Mosman Park
Jennie Bruce - Busselton
Jenny Parker will be wanting to get some runs on the board to help influence her State Team selection, it's not the be all and end all certainly, but going deep might help to get any Squad member over the line.  It's tough that she drew her team mate in Kerry Andersen mainly because I think Kerry will probably get through.  However I wouldn't be surprised if I got this one wrong.
Hattie's Selection - Kerry Andersen
JParker 2.15%,KAndersen 91.4%,JBruce 2.15%

Section 6

Renate Coote - Mosman Park
Lee Bunney - Mundaring
Jenni McLaughlin - North Beach
Renate will most likely take the chocolates here.  She often gets through a couple of rounds of any comp she goes in and I can't see that being any different this time.
Hattie's Selection - Renate Coote
RCoote 86.02%,LBunney 2.15%,JMcLaughlin 8.6%

Section 7

Dorothy Glass - Northam
Gail Botting - Busselton
Julie Savell - Osborne Park
A couple of country players here and I think Dot Glass is the one to watch out for.  She was selected to play in some of the Inter Leagues comps this year, Pairs from memory and went all the way to the finals.  Julie will try to get in her way and as she is a lead specialist will certainly give her a run for her money.  But Dot will get through.
Hattie's Selection - Dorothy Glass
DGlass 25.81%,GBotting 6.45%,JSavell 64.52%

Section 8

Liz Matthews - Manning
Beverly Baker - Mosman Park
Kathy Gobbart - Gingin
Phew, what a section.  If I had the space, I would list all the of the accomplishments these ladies have achieved but there seriously wouldn't be enough room.  Over 60's titles, State titles, too much.  So I feel like throwing a dart would be the only way to choose between them.  I am going to go with Kathy Gobbart over North Beach Masters Pairs team mates Bev and Liz, merely because she went further in that competition.
Hattie's Selection - Kathy Gobbart
LMatthews 12.9%,BBaker 45.16%,KGobbart 38.71%

Section 9

Amanda Masters - Osborne Park
Noelene Abe - Corrigin
Elizabeth Marshall - Sorrento
I think the tipsters might have it right here, Noelene I would imagine will get through her section.  Will she win the whole competition?  Well, that's less clear.
Hattie's Selection - Noelene Abe
AMasters 1.08%,NAbe 95.7%,EMarshall 0%

Section 10

Hailey Adams-Packer - Osborne Park
Lee Poletti - Mosman Park
Joanne Lancaster - Beacon
This is quite a tricky little section too.  Jo will have something to prove as a Squad member but she has got not one but two formidable opponents here.  It feels like Lee is on a bit of a roll, so I am going to tip her this time.
Hattie's Selection - Lee Poletti
HAdamsPacker 19.35%,LPoletti 72.04%,JLancaster 4.3%

Section 11

Jillian Adam - Osborne Park
Shirley Johnston - Melville
Jenni Rogalski - Dudley Park
Shirley has shown that she is a good Singles Player, winning through to the Aus Indoors last year.  However Jenni is also a fantastic player, been just on the edge of State Selection for a couple of years now.  Jenni will go through and I predict, will go a bit further as well.
Hattie's Selection - Jenni Rogalski
JAdam 8.6%,SJohnston 5.38%,JRogalski 81.72%

Section 12

Sian Smith - York
Liz Ritchie - Wanneroo
Elizabeth Brooke - North Beach
Elizabeth Brooke had a good North Beach Master Pairs campaign this year and also, if memory serves me, also a good State Triples tournament too.  Can that translate to a good Singles tournament too?  Sian Smith might have something to say about it, and I think she will take it right up to Elizabeth and prevail.
Hattie's Selection - Sian Smith
SiSmith 51.61%,LRitchie 8.6%,EBrooke 36.56%

Section 13

Kerry Hutchinson - Sorrento
Cholnan ( Nie ) Archer - Brunswick
Sally Wilke - North Perth
I believe that Nie and Sally were team mates in the State Triples this year and went all the way to the Quarters.  So who will have the upper hand this time?  I think it will all depend on who can handle the synthetic at Gosnells.  It feels like quite a while since a state event was on synthetic for the ladies, I think it could cause some upsets.  Anyway, previous experience at  South Perth will help Sally get over the line here.
Hattie's Selection - Sally Wilke
KHutchinson 12.9%,NArcher 4.3%,SWilke 79.57%

Section 14

Saffronne Alden - Manning
Lee-anne Green - North Beach
Valerie Still - Manning
This section seems like it's pretty evenly matched up, these ladies all have the ability and again I really think it is whoever gets a feel for the synthetic first that will go through.  Valerie Still has some form from reaching the Quarters in the Masters Pairs and seems to be the one to go for.  But do the tipsters know something that I don't?  Probably, but I will go for Valerie going by recent form.
Hattie's Selection - Valerie Still
SaAlden 67.74%,LGreen 16.13%,VStill 12.9%

Section 15

Julieanne Summers - Belmont Park
Pauline Bourne - Sorrento
Margaret Anderson - Melville
I think Pauline is the pick here straight off the bat.  I cannot forget that she won the Champion of Champions a couple of years back which shows her ability with Singles play.
Hattie's Selection - Pauline Bourne
JSummers 12.9%,PBourne 31.18%,MAnderson 50.54%

Section 16

Kristina Krstic - Manning
Robin Higgins - North Beach
Chris Ace-Watson - Boulder
I see that people are really going for Kristina to take out this whole tournament, she is certainly a good tip to make and if I was going to go for an overall winner, she would certainly be one of the ones to choose.  That being said, yep, she'll win through this section again her fellow squad members, synthetic will not be a worry for her at all.
Hattie's Selection - Kristina Krstic
KKrstic 94.62%,RHiggins 1.08%,CAce-Watson 0%

Section 17

Debbie Smith - Kukerin
Sharon Lyster - Gosnells
Brooke Newstead - Manning
Brooke was certainly one of the up and comers at one stage a couple of years ago, however I haven't seen much of her around the traps lately.  Normally I would choose her anyway as her ability is probably still there, however I am going to go with the lady who has the home ground advantage, Sharon Lyster.
Hattie's Selection - Sharon Lyster
DSmith 40.86%,SLyster 11.83%,BNewstead 44.09%

Section 18

Rinske Butcher - North Beach
Linda Warburton - Mosman Park
Kerry Reagan - South Perth
Rinske and Linda will be the game to watch for this section I think, but I reckon Linda will keep her winning form going and get through.  After all, she has a Triples win to her name, why not a Singles too?
Hattie's Selection - Linda Warburton
RButcher 7.53%,LWarburton 88.17%,KReagan 1.08%

Section 19

Isobelle Davies - North Beach
Pamela Bayliss - Yokine
Helen Morss - Manning
Helen seems to the next person on the tipping list that tipsters are liking to win this whole shebang.  Isobelle had a cracking good tournament last year however and she will be wanting to go just as well and better this year.  She will make it difficult for Helen, however Helen should be able to knuckle down and go through it.
Hattie's Selection - Helen Morss
IDavies 2.15%,PBayliss 2.15%,HMorss 92.47%

Section 20

Lisa Brannan - Melville
Robyn Marland - Bayswater
Shari Solly - Manning
Here we have another State winner, Shari being part of the successful team for the Triples.  Lisa made the state squad this year and will be also looking to have a good win.  Not sure to be honest, but Shari also made the finals of the Mt Lawley Consistency so I think she will get this one too.
Hattie's Selection - Shari Solly
LBrannan 9.68%,RMarland 2.15%,SSolly 84.95%

Section 21

Rhonda Prosser - North Beach
Cathy Taylor - Osborne Park
Alexandra Harris - Busselton
Again I think this section is pretty evenly matched, Cathy has been on the scene for quite a long time and definitely knows what she needs to do.  However I think Alexandra will win through this section, from what I've seen she is a good solid bowler and can handle her opposition quite convincingly.
Hattie's Selection - Alexandra Harris
RProsser 83.87%,CTaylor 3.23%,AHarris 7.53%

Section 22

Maggie Newton - Leeming
Maureen Cooney - Thornlie
Helen Heal - Manning
And here we have one of the winners of the Masters Pairs.  I forgot to mention Kristina, she has so many accolades it's easy to forget.  Sorry about that.  But Helen not only came through with the win but we have to remember that she is a super lead in Premier division, also represented our state last year.  With a build up like that, I just have to tip her
Hattie's Selection - Helen Heal
MNewton 4.3%,MCooney 3.23%,HHeal 89.25%

Section 23

Jocelyn Butler - Victoria Park Carlisle
Nancy Sutton - Joondalup
Lisa Smith - Perth and Tattersalls
Of course Lisa has form, part of the winning team for the Fours.  Can she carry it through to a singles tournament?  We shall see after this section.
Hattie's Selection - Lisa Smith
JButler 19.35%,NSutton 3.23%,LSmith 74.19%

Section 24

Robyn O'Brien - Manning
Irene Arndt - Safety Bay
Kaitlin Tyrrell - Osborne Park
Tough looking section here, we all know the quality of Irene, however anyone who watched the games from Merimbula last November will know that Robyn is no slouch when it comes to draw bowling.  I think unfortunately Kaitlin will be outdone here but by whom?  Hmmmm, will it be a small upset if I went for Robyn?
Hattie's Selection - Robyn O'Brien
RO'Brien 17.2%,IArndt 67.74%,KTyrrell 11.83%

Section 25

Anne Crabb - Gosnells
Noeleen Keeffe - Gingin
Irene Kozak - Port Bouvard
All of these games will be close, it's very hard to choose a winner here.  I think that Noeleen will get over the line but gee, it's really anyones game to win.
Hattie's Selection - Noeleen Keeffe
ACrabb 33.33%,NKeeffe 63.44%,IKozak 0%

Section 26

Karina Gale - Manning
Annette Campbell - North Beach
Laura Merz - Manning
Last but not least.  The match up between Manning members Karina and Laura will probably be the decider.  Laura has not played a lot of pennants this year, will this make a difference to her game now?  Doubtful, I think she will still win through.
Hattie's Selection - Laura Merz
KGale 2.15%,ACampbell 3.23%,LMerz 91.4%
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